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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

A True, Tried and Tested Horizon

New-Horizon The World is more important than the end piece of Eurasia.

Whatever the choreography we have a clog dance not a ballet. Sunak's 'deal' is yet another fudge. Involving the King in politics and the manipulation, copied from the EU, demonstrate a cynical disregard for probity. The Northern Ireland Protocol is a travesty. No Independent nation can agree to be ruled by a political court (The ECJ) whose sole remit is to advance the interests of the EU. A role that Mrs von der Leyen insists must remain. Common sense states that one cannot make a deal with an unwilling partner. To make one with an entity that is not only unwilling, but has a track record of breaking contracts is foolish, perhaps criminal. Sunak's deal with all its breaks, checks and balances does not free this country from the ECJ. In the final analysis it asks us to rely on the goodwill of an entity that has consistently demonstrated that it has none.

Since the referendum the EU has, with malign intent, done all in its power to frustrate democracy and damage this country. They have been helped by governments and a civil service who deplore democracy and have done nothing to counter the attacks. Indeed, they seem to have welcomed them as a means of overturning the peoples' will. In July 2018 I wrote an article detailing the Electronic customs system used in non-EU trade that was ready to deal with cross-border trade on the island of Ireland. May ignored the facts as they did not fit her desire to stay in the single market. The Johnson governments agreement was deeply flawed and seemingly influenced by those who wished Brexit to fail.

The 2020 the UK/EU and EAEC: Trade and Cooperation Agreement, provided amongst other matters, access to a range of EU science and innovation programmes. In 2022 the government launched dispute resolution procedures. The foreign secretary stated. "The EU is in clear breach of our agreement, repeatedly seeking to politicise vital scientific cooperation by refusing to finalise access to these important programmes." Why was that a surprise? Now, as part of the N I deal von de Leyen says once it is ratified the EU will begin "work on an association agreement, which is the pre-condition to join Horizon Europe." The money we will contribute to Horizon would easily fund our own program. Yet again, it seems, the government prefers the promise of jam tomorrow to self reliance and a dependable future.

In the hope of damaging London's pre-eminence the EU refused to complete the single market in services when we were members. The EU has a well-documented record of ignoring and overturning democratic votes. Its record in terms of honouring contracts is just as bad. Either successive UK governments have been criminally negligent in defending our interests or they have acquiesced because they agree with the EU's desire to destroy our union and major businesses. Whatever the reason, it is time to change. It is time for those who respect democracy and believe in an independent future to join together and seek a horizon that is not tied to the EU.

Bloody Mary's loss of Calais was the keystone of a new future. It forced us to look away from Europe. The new horizons of the first Elizabethan age saw our emergence as a strong, independent nation. It also witnessed attempts by the Spanish Empire to crush us. They had the Inquisition to enforce their doctrine. Centuries later the EU has the ECJ to enforce theirs. Over the centuries we faced threat after threat from European powers. From Spain, France and Germany. Each tried to damage us in terms of trade and political freedom. The Irish and Scots were supported financially and militarily when it seemed a way of ending our independence. French support for the the breakaway American colonies had nothing to do with a love of democracy. It had everything to do with trying to destroy a commercial rival whose law and growing democratic traditions posed an existential threat to the French regime. Despite this history we intervened in European conflicts to protect the weak. In return we asked for no territory save Gibraltar. The first and second world wars bankrupted us. Despite that we repaid every cent we had borrowed in defence of a free Europe. In contrast, Germany had her debts written off. Whenever European powers threatened we sought new Horizons. New markets, new friends. We prospered by not being part of Europe and its petty squabbles. When Heath stabbed the commonwealth in the back, it was a shameful aberration. We now have the opportunity to redress that, to make amends.

Our future, like our past is not European. We need to face simple facts. The major countries that are the drivers of EU policy have a historical enmity toward us, our laws, and democracy. The EU's repeated anti democratic acts and its determination to harm our country must be seen in this light. It is a reflection of their history and above all of the way in which they wish to live and organise their states. It is the absolute opposite of our tradition and the stated democratically expressed view of the British people. Of course, many politicians, civil servants and the blob find the European model attractive, inspiring, desirable. After all, what can be better than rule cloaked in a cloud of faux democracy. Sunak's behaviour during his 'negotiations' his obvious willingness to manipulate the public by pretending he has achieved a sensible outcome shows how deeply rooted are the perverse European attitudes.

To ignore the past is to imperil the future. This is a time to be bold. To build on the worldwide goodwill we have. To return to our roots and pursue a new Horizon that is in keeping with our legal and democratic traditions. Rule by 27 unelected democratically unaccountable apparatchiks whose diktats are enforced by a political court is the antithesis of our tradition. Democrats must band together to restore the common sense prosperity that was our hallmark.

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