The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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What people say about the group

Andrew Roberts, Historian, wrote of the referendum victory in The Daily Telegraph published on 24th June 2016,
He stated that 'Brexit is a more impressive achievement than the French Revolution.' Prasing people and organisations, that through their tireless work made the referendum victory possible, naming both Robert Oulds and the Bruges Group who did 'much to keep the popular insurgency alive...
'And when that history of the Brexit movement comes to be written later this century, there will be a number of people who are by no means household names but who kept alight the torch of British independence ever since it was so nearly extinguished by Ted Heath in 1973...
Their contribution should not go unmarked...'

The Rt. Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1990-93, says,
"The Group has become the most authoritative, thoughtful, and occasionally provocative of all the many different groups on European issues. Bruges Group publications are always characterised by clarity, and a willingness to think the unthinkable.

"I have been proud to be associated with the Bruges Group. I believe it has a vital influence on the European debate and I hope others will support it enthusiastically."

The Rt. Hon. John Redwood MP, states that,
"The Bruges Group has a vital role to play in setting out the case for a common market rather than a common government in Western Europe. The Bruges Group has built on the original Bruges speech of Margaret Thatcher and has set out many important points in the debate about the way Europe is careering towards a superstate and the way in which Britain needs a different and better relationship with our European partners."