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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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A Mission Impossible


 I have become seriously concerned about green issues. No, I have not suddenly become a tree hugging greenie wishing to revert back to the days of horse and carts and candles to light our homes, my concern is with the measures coming our way to enforce a Stasi like, totalitarian green regime upon us.

Many people are living in ignorant bliss of the green fascism which is about decent upon the UK from as soon as 2025. That is the cut off date for new gas boilers to be installed in homes. Unfortunately, for the majority of people gas boilers are the most reliable and effective way of providing heat and hot hot water. From this cut-off date people will have the option of going for all electric heating, which is never as good as gas, or paying around £10,000 to £15,000 to install a heat pump. In just a short time from now when this green madness hits there are going to be wails of anguish from freezing cold homes across the country.

Green jackboots are marching towards us at a frightening rate, we are all ready seeing their footprints as councils, under the instructions of Grant Shapps the Transport Minister, enforcing green neighbourhoods. This is yet another example of the madness of the green fascists as, instead of reducing pollution, these schemes have increased pollution and created great inconvenience to those living in these green blighted areas. With the closure of many roads, cars, buses and lorries have to use alternative routes, adding considerably to the length and time taken for journeys and vastly increasing congestion which, as everyone knows, creates pollution.

Birmingham has joined the list of insane councils taking part in green totalitarianism. Anyone who has driven from north to south, or vice versa through Birmingham from the M6 to the Bristol Road knows this journey can be done quickly by using the A38M, then the Queensway tunnels through the city centre and out onto the Bristol Road, it is a fast and convenient route. Sadly, many vehicles will now be hit by Birmingham's new pollution charges if they wish to drive within the inner ring road. Naturally, this means the great majority of vehicles that fall foul of the city's green diktats will, to avoid being screwed out of money by Birmingham City Council, be forced to use the inner ring road which will add additional journey times and miles to all who want to travel across the city. As the inner ring road has many traffic lights, crossings and other obstacles, it will for most of the time, be clogged solid with congested and polluting traffic creating a whole circle of traffic fumes around Birmingham city centre which, whichever way the wind blows, will direct fumes into the centre making Birmingham city centre a highly polluted area in complete contrast to the aims of those who dreamt up this mad scheme.

For many of us who have lived on this planet for a good number of years, we have seen seasons come and go and each one, someway or other, has varied. Since the year of my birth in December 1947, which was the year of one of the coldest winters of the 20th century, I have seen hot, as well as cold wet summers. The same too with winters, some mild and some bitter, but that is the nature of the climate, it is constantly changing and has done so since the creation of the planet. By forcing people to use inadequate heating or to pay a fortune to purchase electric vehicles that will not be as convenient as petrol or diesel cars, will make little or no difference.

Over the last century we have seen vast improvements to engines and heating systems. Since the Clean Air Act of 1956 fogs and smogs disappeared, heating systems have become cleaner and more efficient. This is something I have experienced when some years ago when my old gas boiler was replaced, my gas bills plummeted, and once again last year when I updated to a new combi gas boiler. Cars too are more efficient and cleaner than ever with the use of catalytic converters, their engines perform better by returning more miles per gallon. We are actually living in cleaner times now than any period of my life. Despite this the iron grip of green intolerance is about to create havoc to our lives.

The insanity of all this is the fact the UK produces a tiny percentage of the worlds, so-called, greenhouse gasses or pollution. The worst offending countries will take little notice and carry on as they are using gas, oil and coal to provide for their energy needs yet it will be the British people who will suffer the brunt of this green onslaught.

Soon with the closing down of coal, gas and oil power stations, added the need to increase the output of electric generation due to increased usage of electric vehicles and home heating, there will inevitably be blackouts and generating failures. The nation is heading towards a green generated miserable future in the hope of the Utopian target of 'net zero', which will never happen as it is nothing more than a mission impossible.

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