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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The Workers of England Union: defending NHS staff against mandatory vaccination


On 7th January 2022, as the new law requiring NHS staff to be 'fully vaccinated' against covid-19 came into force, Health Secretary Sajid Javid was visiting King's College Hospital in London. Meeting some clinical staff, he was challenged by consultant Steve James, who calmly and rationally explained why the 'no jab no job' policy is nonsensical.

Doctor James told Javid quite frankly that he would not be taking the vaccine, because he has had the infection and thus has natural immunity. This, he asserted, was scientifically proven to be more protective than the vaccines that the government is pushing for the whole populace. Indeed, the latest data indicate that the so-called 'booster' (the third injection foisted on citizens in about eight months) lasts for no more than ten weeks. Consequently, James explained, boosters would be needed on a monthly regime.

'That's your view', replied Javid, looking uncomfortable in the face of an authoritative questioning of his drastic policy. Having no answers to hand, he hurriedly turned to other clinicians in the group, asking 'what's your view?' None of the nurses or other clinicians gave him the desired reinforcement of the narrative.

Doctor James said that one of his colleagues has the same stance, averring that it was unconscionable that they would be sacked for refusing a needless medical intervention. If Javid had stayed for any longer, James would probably have enlightened him on the Nuremberg Code, staffing shortages and the need to invest in treatment rather than acting as a sales rep for Big Pharma pricks (pun intended). But in a patronising and dismissive exit, Javid told James that he is talking to real experts.

This exchange was cheered by campaigners against vaccine coercion. Some were optimistic that the law might be overturned before April Fools' Day, when the sacking of unjabbed practitioners is due. Perhaps the forty thousand dismissed care home workers, who fell to the first occupational mandate, would be given their jobs back. However, a U-turn by the government is not likely unless more rigorous opposition arises.

Sadly, the large trade unions and professional associations have failed to protect their members from the threat of dismissal. In fact, Unison and the Royal College of Nursing support vaccination in the belief that it protects patients and staff. This is despite mounting evidence that infections occur as frequently in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated.

Only one trade union fought for care home workers. The Workers of England Union, led by Stephen Morris and Robin Tilbrook, with a small band of assertive representatives, took managers to task for harassing workers who exercised their bodily autonomy. The Achilles heel of 'no jab no job' is the Equality Act (2010), which cannot be swept aside by secondary legislation. Exemptions for health reasons were supported by the union through a self-certification, thereby using the provisions of the law to enable members to keep their jobs.

In October 2021, approaching the 11th November deadline for vaccination, the government responded to the Workers of England's spanner in the works by introducing its own exemption process. Guidelines were issued to the effect that by 24th December the only exemption permitted was the 'official' form. However, this is not written in law; indeed it could not be due to clear contravention of the Equality Act. The government's process is deliberately and dangerously restrictive, with a narrow set of eligibility criteria. From the 24th December (later extended to 31st March 2022) the worker would need to be in terminal care, have a severe learning disability or an extreme reaction to a previous vaccine.

Any employee applying for the government exemption is automatically entered on the Covid Pass scheme. In hearings, WEU representatives explain to managers that we are not only defending workers against a series of unwanted injections, but also against digital surveillance. The Covid Pass is a vaccine passport, or really a digital identity system, brought through the back door. This fundamentally changes the status of the citizen. Managers are asked whether they want to contribute to a society of segregation and control, as already imposed in France, Italy, Israel and other countries. It is not a legal requirement for carers to use the Covid Pass whenever they arrive for a shift.

The Workers of England is growing exponentially, with a vast influx of NHS workers who fear that their careers will be terminated. The union is developing a robust strategy including a bolstered exemption process taking advantage of the professional expertise in the NHS. Large support networks are forming in every NHS trust throughout England. We hope that there will be many more courageous clinicians like Steve James, who can tell truth to power with appeals to science and ethics. This is not just a battle to protect jobs but a cause for humanity against a global corporate coup aided and abetted by governments that have forgotten who they serve.

The union is apolitical but it is worth pointing out that some of its officers were advocates for Brexit. Many who voted Remain are now realising that the EU is a key part of the globalists' power grab. Clearly the covid regime is not countries acting independently based on national circumstances but an internationally coordinated programme of lockdowns, mask enforcement and vaccine passports. In Europe, vaccination is increasingly required for basic activities of living; Austria has already passed a law to fine or imprison refuseniks, and the EU has declared its intent to make such oppression continental. Big Pharma appears to have more than a lobbying influence.

The Workers of England is determined to support any member against unethical, unscientific and frankly unBritish vaccine coercion. Autonomy, so crucial for the collective of democratic societies, is indivisible at the level of individual human beings. 

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