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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The Conservative Party is Mr. Hyde

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The Conservative party is in trouble. The problem is that most of its supporters and a few of its MPs don't understand its ethos. During most of the last century, fear of a rabid socialist party (Atlee's 1945 party was really communist) has conspired to keep the wool pulled over most voter's eyes. If Brexit had never happened this situation may have continued. Brexit changed everything.

The majority of Conservative voters are democratic nationalists. They believe in their country and want the best for it. They see socialism as the antitheses of democracy and their aspirations. The Lib Dems provided a 'safe' way of protesting, or did, until they fought so hard to deny democracy after the referendum.

Brexit required change. It required politicians to accept the democratic will and ambition of the people. With all other political parties, supported by the Civil Service the BBC and most broadcast media, openly seeking to overthrow democracy, only the conservative party appeared to respect the people. Mrs. May, so everyone thought, was an aberration. Boris was the real deal and people who support democratic values and their country flocked to support him. The parliamentary opponents of democracy had done their work. The resulting exit from the EU was not much better than the BRINO many feared. A political Hokey Cokey where often both the right and left hands and legs are alarmingly in and out, shaken violently about. Whether, if Covid and Ukraine had not happened we would have had a different result is one of those puzzles without an answer. If Johnson had not fallen for the Green Net Zero agenda he might have acted differently.

Historically, Theresa May represents the real Conservative party. Not the grass roots, councillors, members and supporters, but the controlling elite. For most of the last hundred years Tory voters have been following a non existent Disraelian dream, a false flag. Churchill and Thatcher were blips in a history of globalist corporate group thinking and contempt for 'ordinary' people. Macmillan, Heath, Major, Cameron and May, represented the patrician management elite. All were marked by a lack of patriotism, disbelief in an independent future and managed decline as a policy choice . Of course, it's not what they said or talked about, but it's what they believed. The people saw and heard what they wanted to hear because it was wrapped in the Union flag.

Margaret Thatcher's downfall followed her October 1990 commons speech when she said. "The President of the Commission, Mr. Delors, said at a press conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the Community, he wanted the Commission to be the Executive and he wanted the Council of Ministers to be the Senate. No. No. No." Geoffrey Howe and others in favour of integration and adopting the Euro mounted a coup. A month later, in November 1990 she was gone.

The witch-hunt that led to Johnson's ousting was based on fear. Fear that he might actually deliver a full Brexit, rather than the tentative one forced by a Remain dominated parliament. His supposed crimes were no worse than those of Starmer or Kinnock, (to mention just two), but orchestrated by the conservative party elite it succeeded. It was vicious and designed to destroy his political future. When members elected Liz Truss, the elite and its blob friends were apoplectic. Truss was Johnson on steroids. A patriotic disciple of low tax, light touch regulation and growth. She not only believed in us, but set out at breakneck speed to alter course and provide us with the benefits of Brexit. What is certain is that the Civil Service, the wider Blob, Bank of England and the party elite made sure she would fail. It can be argued that she went too fast, but the aforementioned did not lift a finger to help.

Thatcher, Johnson and Truss were brought down because they were patriotic. Because they believed in the UK, its people and an independent future with the world as its oyster. Just as Thatcher was replaced by the men in 'Grey Suits' so were Johnson/Truss. Rishi Sunak and his henchman Hunt. Both had been rejected in elections. Nevertheless, as the continuity globalist 'managed decline' candidates, they were foisted on the country. In a few short months Sunak has abandoned Northern Ireland and bent the knee to the EU. Together with Hunt, he's raised taxes to a level last seen under Hard Left Healey. Certainly, their actions seem deliberately intended to lead to terminal decline and eventually rejoining the EU. Emboldened, the unholy alliance of Civil Service, Blob and the Tory elite are now targeting Brexiteer ministers. There is no doubt that those who assume the right to rule, to deny democracy, feel comfortable with the EU system. Rule by a Politburo is their preferred option.

It need not be so. We are rich in Natural Resources. Increased North Sea oil extraction combined with fracking and small modular nuclear reactors would not just make us energy independent. It would supercharge industry by providing the cheapest energy in Europe. Growth is not a mystery. It is attainable provided the correct decisions are taken in a timely fashion. We could emulate Singapore if we had a Liz Truss in charge, prepared to remove the treasuries dead hand from the tiller. It is beyond argument that low taxes equal growth. How on earth the Treasury and its chancellor can pretend otherwise is ludicrous.

The few Tory MPs who believe in the UK and democracy are busy talking and holding conferences. It's a waste of time. The Dr. Jekyll party so many believe in is a facade. The Conservative party is Mr. Hyde. Its treatment of Thatcher, Johnson and Truss has demonstrated that it's not going to change its spots. Cameron granted the EU Referendum because Farage forced him too. With the backing of the BBC and Civil Service, he did not believe he'd lose. When he lost, he ran away rather than obeying the people. The conservative party cannot be trusted to respect democracy. The fact that other parties are worse, (or is it more honest?) is a situation that requires a radical answer.

As a lifelong Conservative it pains me to say so, but rather than seeking to reform the unreformable we must have the courage to back the new. Both Reform and the SPD are Brexit supporting parties that believe in the UK and its people. Those who respect democracy must have the courage to overthrow the established order. It is time to vote for a positive future, rather than backing a party just because they are not the other one. Brexit was a coalition of people from different backgrounds and political persuasions. The Brexit coalition required courage to overcome the forces that continue to defy democracy. Changing the political face of this country is vital if we are to enjoy a democratic future. It is time for democrats to put aside differences and use their vote to bring about the change they voted for. We cannot leave the job half done. The rewards for the final act of faith and courage will be spectacular. 

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