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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The Blob Triumphant

pressure-3026568_128_20231114-115315_1 Contempt for the people

I have no idea whether Rishi Sunak worships Kali among his pantheon of Hindu Gods. His betrayal of Johnson and coup against Truss and the membership of the Conservative party certainly bear they hallmarks of the Thuggee sect that worshipped her. The word 'Thug' comes from the Hindu word 'Thag' which means 'swindler' or 'deceiver'. Certainly it seems that those who voted Yes in the referendum and backed Boris Johnson's promise to get it done have been deceived.

Sunak has appointed a government of mostly TINO (Tory In Name Only) LibDems, reportedly to stop the real Lib Dems decimating the Home County Tory seats. In doing so he insults those, throughout the country who voted for sovereignty and change. The most extraordinary appointment is that of David Cameron. Cameron the architect of 'Wet' Conservatism. The man so inept that his friends in the EU treated him like a joke when he begged for a few crumbs to win the referendum. Notwithstanding their contempt, he set about trying to convince us that the EU was good for us. Together with Osborne he used the Civil Service to launch project fear. He misused taxpayer money to produce a booklet, sent to every home that repeated the remainer lies.

He promised to respect and implement the result. Having failed to win he ran away. Now he's rewarded. Michael Heseltine greeted the appointment with glee, commenting "Among many of the benefits of David Cameron's return to frontline politics is the fact that he is patently sympathetic to Britain's position in Europe and that, I think, will be helpful politically to the Conservative Party but right for the best interests of this country and particularly the younger generation know that the severing of our relationship to Europe has done significant harm to their prospects."

Seven years on and the anti democrats are still trying to undo the people's decision. On the face of it, Sunak's mask has slipped and he has openly joined those whose contempt for democracy and the people has resulted in the broken society we see marching on our streets. Reportedly Sunak has been planning his latest coup for weeks. Typical of the man he fired Braverman with a phone call, scared to meet face-to-face.

Suella Braverman was under fire for calling marches in support of a ceasefire in Gaza 'Hate Marches'. In the strange world of woke political correctness one is no longer allowed to call an apple an apple, even if the fact is obvious to all who know that apples can never be lemons.

It is obvious that a ceasefire will reward HAMAS. Whatever the historical rights and wrongs, the HAMAS massacre of innocent people ought to be condemned by all. By that I don't mean lip service, I mean support for Israel's crushing of terrorists.

The BBC interviewed Chris Nineham the upper class public school and Cambridge educated founder member of Stop the War Coalition. He organised the Armistice day march and said there was no reason to cancel it. Nineham resigned from the Socialist Workers Party, but is a frequent contributor to the Morning Star, Britain's communist newspaper. He gushed over meeting Hugo Chávez, Venezuela's Socialist Dictator "In the event, we discussed the nature and fortunes of US imperialism for two hours. Talking movement strategy with a head of state was a novel and slightly disorientating experience, but Chávez was completely at ease with activists." (The World Social Forum in Chávez's Venezuela 2006 reported in Radical Philosophy)

In common with his hard left comrades he rages against imperialism. In 2013 he wrote: "Collectively (the coalition of 'peace demonstrators') we have managed to create an anti-war majority in this country that has held over Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and extends now to a widespread solidarity with the Palestinians. More Britons hold the Israelis responsible for the problems in the Middle East than the Palestinians – a huge and historic turnaround."

The movement is not just opposed to Israel. The Morning Star newspaper in an editorial on Ukraine wrote: "We are urging trade unionists to take a stand for peace, and against Tory warmongering, by voting against this resolution." (Labour Party Conference in support of Ukraine)

The Stop the war marches are a coalition of strange bedfellows. The hard left like Nineham and the Socialist Workers Party. Muslim supporters of HAMAS and other terrorist groups who aim to create a worldwide Caliphate. Moderates of all religions and none who naively believe that those with murderous intent are open to reason.

To put the issue beyond doubt one needs only to read the Socialist Worker's declaration on the Armistice Day march. "On Saturday, whether it is banned or not, everyone needs to defy the Tories and march in enormous numbers for Palestine. And we need to keep marching, occupying and striking until Israel is beaten.

We need to bring together all the fights against capitalism. Defeat the murderers in Tel Aviv, tear down the dictators in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East—and smash the class enemy in Downing Street."

Suella Braverman created a storm because of her Times article. The storm is very much an affair of the Westminster bubble and the so called Liberal left including Tory wets. They claim she should have quietly spoken to the Met Commissioner. I'm sure she has, on many occasions and been ignored. It was time to shine a light. The police, it seems, were incensed. Typical is the reaction of Neil Basu the former head of UK counter-terror policing. He claims that Braverman's article heralded "potentially the end of operational independence of policing" and that policing "is not done on the basis of who we like". That's the problem with the police. They do police according to who they like (BLM, Far Left, Terrorists) and seem to think that those who pay their wages agree with their choices. The overwhelming support by the general public for Braverman's comments tell a different story. What the majority want is a police force that does not take the knee, beat up women and arrest people for having our countries flag.

When does free speech equal hate? When is it reasonable to allow those who want to destroy our way of life and freedom, the freedom to organise for that purpose? Maggie Thatcher used to call the Socialists masquerading as Tory MPs 'WETS'. They are beyond wet. They seem determined to go down in history as the midwives of revolution. A revolution determined to put an end to 1,500 years of English and British history. The overwhelming majority of British people expect our government to respect their desire for freedom and security. Sunak's government is beyond wet, it is now a spineless blob.

Sunak has demonstrated contempt for democracy and the people of this country. He is aligned with Starmer and Davey in that contempt. We face an existential crisis. A cabal of the self appointed elite have subverted democracy. How the few real Tory MPs can continue to believe they must 'save' the party rather than fight for the country is beyond understanding. 

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