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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Predictable Panic and Populism

person-41402_1920 Panic

The by-election results have had a predictable effect on MPs of the two main parties. The real story is that because there is not a Conservative party to vote for, Tories stayed at home. With the exception of a minority of democrats still fighting to implement Brexit, the conservative party is now Labour-lite.

The real Labour party in full throated control freak mode, has decided to expand its ULEZ area to cover outer boroughs. Those threatened with a loss of livelihood were angry enough to vote Labour-lite and return a conservative. This has led to Labour MPs calling for the ULEZ expansion to be halted.

Tory MPs think the other two seats were lost because Green policies are going to quickly. Except for a minority, none of them questions the dodgy science that is driving our country into poverty.

The world over, companies and individuals grown fat on Green subsidies spend part of it to fund research. One of the first lessons of business is to look at who pays for research. It's an old truism that the main purpose of consultants is to confirm decisions already taken. So it is with Net Zero. Those who believe in climate realism are denied funding. Question the renewable subsidy funded consensus and your career will be over before it starts.

The UN's IPCC has a clear agenda. Return the world to preindustrial levels. By that they don't mean to the age of Dinosaurs, or tropical seas or one of the ice ages. Even when a green and pleasant Sahara became a desert due to the weather. No, they mean a time when the world's population was one billion. They have, it seems, no interest in the additional seven billion souls that live and eat thanks to science, medicine and fossil fuels.

They ignore facts. That their plan will make the whole world dependent on quickly depleting minerals, mined in unstable countries. That wind turbines and solar panels are almost impossible to recycle. It is projected that by 2050, 43 million tons of turbine blade waste will be produced every year. Solar panels waste will add to that ecological nightmare.

Quite why the world has fallen under the spell of school children and anarchists is only understandable when one considers the malign influence of the UN. It has become an extreme organisation promoting radical far left views. However, because it's supposed to be 'good' no one will challenge it. It's climate scam is supported by subsidy rich industry. An industry increasingly involved in funding anarchist disruption, disruption that swells their coffers and hurts our economy.

Tory MPs made a huge mistake in attacking Johnson over party gate. Only a few were prepared to defend him, then and subsequently, from the Kangaroo court. It is appalling that only the ERG now supports fair play and democracy. There were legitimate concern about Boris. His green agenda being the most important.

Not eating cake was not an issue. It was confected to get rid of him. Harman's Star Chamber was the silver bullet that was to lay low a popular hero the blob wished to demonise. Truss had a Damascene conversion, supported BREXIT and 'real' conservatism, and she had to go too. We are now ruled by two Treasury Boys. No one voted for them, but they've been imposed. Imposed because the blob despises 'Populism'. Like a pantomime evil step mother they despise that which the vast majority know is true. To them 'Truth' is Popular' and therefore must be purged with regular doses of metaphorical Caster Oil.

Think about that. According to the elite and their massive superiority complex, only they are fit to rule. Democracy is a nuisance they hate. They would prefer the kind of latterday feudalism that the Chinese created. If these self appointed intellectuals had common sense they'd see that it is the world they have constructed that is unpopular.

Impugning the motives and intelligence of those who criticise government (or party) failures, is a Goebbels's tactic and demonstrates a lamentable lack of intelligent self-awareness. The real problem is that the self appointed elite are the ones out of step, which is why they continually deride 'Populism'. The aspirations of normal people are not wicked. To brand concern over immigration and spiralling costs 'Populist' is the language of a bankrupt mainstream political class that no longer deserves to rule.

We should be the richest country in Europe. The answer to growing our economy is cheap, reliable energy. We have the resources under our feet, in vast quantity. We are not using them. The Net Zero religion pursued by the elite says we should shiver. If extremists like Rutte have their way, we'll go hungry too. Net Zero is an extreme example of elite arrogance. One can almost hear them chortle "Let them eat cake".

The Conservative Party is blighted by the dead hand of CCHQ that has stuffed government benches with faux Tories. The dead hand of the Treasury is determined to see us fail. That Sunak and Hunt meekly follow orders, makes one wonder if they know who pays their wages. The vast majority of Conservative members are in despair. They have been sidelined and the future they voted for has been snatched away. If members do not act to force change the party will be terminally harmed. So will the country.

The first duty of Government is to protect and create conditions for improving conditions and wealth creation. This government is failing. It is no longer enough to say "Vote Tory to Stop Labour". The choice is between Labour and Labour-lite. It's not a choice, it's a cul-de-sac of despair.

Rather than sit like frightened rabbits in the glare of an oncoming disaster, members need to take pre-emptive action. Everyone will have noted how both Labour and Tory leaders are pretending to row back on what they think may cost them their jobs. Of course they are weasel words that will be forgotten when polling booths close. However, the threat, and implementation, of deselection of those responsible for stabbing, Johnson, Truss, Members and the country in the back, is a tool in members' hands. Time is short. Use it.

An example of the way the blob can be defeated is the Coutts banking scandal. The woke self righteous bosses of Nat West and its subsidiary picked on the wrong man. Nigel Farage has a track record of winning big fights. This fight, like Brexit is for the freedom of all. He deserves support. That support should include the government using the taxpayer's shareholding to dismiss those responsible. There are too many people in charge of essential services who believe they can impose their minority views. Many civil servants do too. We need to reclaim our country. We must stop the minority and their totalitarianism destroying our nation.

If the Conservative party wants to survive it must demonstrate it's worth it. A fish rots from the head. It's time for a revolt. For heads to roll. For a new guard in touch with the vast majority to take charge. We need Popular Government. 

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