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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Morality and Respect for Democracy


Being ambushed on his birthday to listen to a small group singing 'Happy Birthday' and sip a glass of wine may have been foolish of the PM. It does not count as crime in rational people's book.
10 Downing Street is a huge office. The Police issued 126 fixed-penalty notices naming only three recipients. The other 123 were presumably issued to special advisors and the majority to Civil Servants. Why the secrecy? Is the Civil Service immune? Does it not have to obey rules? These questions are important because they highlight the real issue. Partygate has almost nothing to do with wine and cheese. It is the result of an unholy alliance between disaffected MPs, MPs who refuse to accept BREXIT and a media (especially Broadcasters) determined to reverse our exit from the EU.

Those now overjoyed by the prospect of having fatally wounded the man they see as the arch enemy dare to hope that their plot to reverse democracy can now be achieved. Starmer, who claimed the failings at the DPP were not his fault because he could not be aware of everything, demands a different standard of behaviour from Johnson. Loyally supporting a Neo-Communist anti-Semite raises serious concerns about his judgment. That he played a major role in trying to overthrow democracy and reverse the referendum result should exclude him from playing any part in our National life. The same is true of leaders of other parties. That these issues do not concern most of the media and many MPs is the result of a culture shift on the left. Here, and in the USA democracy is something the left respects only when it wins. When it loses it refuses losers consent (without which there is no democracy) and vows that the result is "Not my result". Of course throwing toys out of a pram is childish. Throwing democracy away is a danger to us all. The press claim they are one of the guardians of liberty. Some Guardian!

Having survived a vote of confidence will Boris Johnson now finally wake up? Ranged against him are an alliance of interests determined to destroy democracy and by rejoining the EU replace it with rule by diktat. Trying to support him, are those who so enthusiastically voted for him at the last election. They come from all walks of life, from, all parties and are bound together by a simple belief in democracy and love of our UK. Well wishers have been seriously challenged. The governments fixation on Net Zero, High Taxes and general wokery goes against the beliefs and interests of the majority. Democrats, starting with Boris have to realise that there can be no compromise with those who wish us ill. Johnson is being hounded, not because of Partygate, but because he dared to accept the democratic decision of the British people. Boris Johnson is not the UK, but all our futures are bound up in resisting those who seek by destroying him to destroy our freedoms too. This government was elected to do a job. It has not delivered. It ought to be obvious by now that their only hope is to complete the task. By respecting the wishes of those who elected them and of democrats who, despite voting against now accept the result, they can set the agenda for all our futures. Failure will be catastrophic. Completing BREXIT is the first priority. If Johnson is too timid to get the project over the line he must step aside for someone who will. Not for the sake of the Tory party, but for the sake of this Country's democratic future. The confidence vote was a figurative lightening bolt. Lets hope it's knocked some sense into the man it struck.

Yet again the government says it will deal with the Protocol, but does it mean it? The chosen method smacks of obfuscation. Subjecting the process to lengthy parliamentary battles pleases Rejoiners. Lord Patten, a member of the unelected pro EU lords is already licking his lips at the prospect of another chance to overthrow democracy. There are alternatives. Triggering Article 16 is obvious. Less obvious and more certain is to give 12 months notice that we are withdrawing from the withdrawal agreement. Perfectly legal and a wonderful way to concentrate minds.

There is, however, an insoluble problem that, even now, the Johnson government refuses to confront. The problem is the purpose of negotiations. Basically there are two types of negotiation. Firstly, between parties interested in a positive, mutually beneficial outcome. The second normally reserved for surrender terms between victor and vanquished is a diktat. As we approach the sixth anniversary of the BREXIT referendum it is obvious that the EU chose the second way. To them, the UK is a rebel province run by renegades. The current French Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune in celebrating the 36th year of raising the EU flag stated, "Against those who want to leave or disobey, I am proud of the European flag, which enriches our identity and strengthens our country."

At the start, the EU chose a team of anti-British and anti democracy 'negotiators' led by Michel Barnier. He made his intention clear by stating "I'll have done my job if the exit terms are so bad that, in the end, the British would rather stay than accept them". That suited May and her pro EU clique. It was not what the people voted for. The parliamentary antics that threatened, and shamed, our democracy were brought to an end by a deal. Except, it was not really a deal because the EU had no intention of changing their stance. Elected with a large majority to 'Get BREXIT Done' Johnson set about creating, what is, in effect, BRINO.

The EU has frustrated us at every turn. Appointing hard line Communist Maroš Šefcovic as the EU's BREXIT negotiator should have opened eyes. He studied at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, between 1985 to 1990. He served as a Slovak diplomat and in 2000 obtained a PHD in International Law from Comenius University in Bratislava. His dissertation subject was 'Sources of the EU law and respective legislative procedures'. He is typical of the 'ex-communists' who have found a welcome in the EU. Their rigid adherence to the party line supports the EU's ethos. Šefcovic hasstrictly adhered to the EU position that the Protocol cannot be renegotiated. A position confirmed by João Vale de Almeida the EU's Ambassador to the UK.

In response to the government's planned legislation the EU has warned of repercussions. According to press reports they will use targeted sanctions against ministers, BREXIT supporting MPs and Red-Wall Constituencies. They boast that these tactics will 'change minds'. It should never have come to this. With a huge majority Boris is scared to act. He is breaking faith with those who supported him. Those who voted Leave did so to restore our right to rule ourselves. That was on the ballot paper. Dismembering our Country and Kowtowing to the EU was not.

Recently, Sir Bernard Ingham wrote "In the absence of an Opposition that can't even define a woman let alone its mission in life, the Tories have a responsibility to set an example to the nation". Wise words that the whole Conservative party should heed. Not just heed, but take action. Time is running out. 

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