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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Making the Impossible Happen


Since becoming an active anti-EU campaigner in 1996 when I joined and was selected as a Referendum Party candidate, along with many of my fellow Eurosceptics, I have been called by the EU supporters of being: 'A little Englander', ' a xenophobe', 'swivel eyed','far right' a 'racist', and somehow or other even a 'monetary xenophobe'! None of these insults really bothered me as they were all untrue for both the vast majority of those of us standing up for the protection of our UK freedom, democracy and sovereignty. However, the least untrue of the insults thrown at us was that we were 'anti-European's'.

Apart from the fact there is no logic of being against a vast continent such as Europe, of which a number of its nations had locked themselves into a legal and bureaucratic straight jacket known as the European Union, those campaigning against EU membership were extremely good Europeans as they believe in the independence and freedoms of Europe's nations which is being destroyed by the EU. It was ironical that someone once pointed out to me that many Eurosceptics spoke more foreign languages than those who proclaimed to be pro-Europeans.

Now we have set ourselves mostly free of the EU, apart from the matter of fishing and Northern Ireland, if we really care for our friends in Europe we have to look to helping them set themselves free of the EU too.

Despite pro-EU propaganda put out by the BBC and other media, there are groups and political parties across Europe who are anti-EU, it is just that we in the UK do not hear of them. This does not mean we should either ignore them now we have saved ourselves or the fact we are not fully up to speed as to who many of these European anti-EU groups are. In the past I gave my support to the Maltese CNL Group who unsuccessfully campaigned against Malta joining the EU, although a small group they are still there working, as we did against the EU, to save Malta's democracy and sovereignty. When on holiday in Sardinia in 2017 I got chatting to a Swedish man who was very supportive of Brexit, he mentioned that if they were given a referendum on EU membership the majority of Swedes would vote leave like us.

It is in our interests to be there and do what we can, we all know in our hearts the EU cannot survive and at some time, like all overstretched empires, it will come crashing down as did the Roman empire and the Soviet Union. Such grand schemes are always unsustainable and become detached from the needs and wishes of the people. By not recognising and respecting individual nation states the EU is creating it own downfall - it would not do us any harm to help push it on its way to oblivion and thereby help our friends in the nations of Europe to regain their freedoms as we have.

Within a short time of the UK being free of the EU that old extreme pro-EU fanatic, Lord Heseltine, was reported as saying how leaving was mistake and we should now apply to rejoin the EU. These pro-EU fantasists are still around and will be doing their treacherous worst to try to undermine Brexit and get us back in the stranglehold of the EU's domination. The only sure and certain way these people can be thwarted is to help other nations leave the EU leading to its inevitable demise. When the EU is no longer there it will not be a threat to us and all the other democracies across Europe and the 'rejoiner' mob will have nothing to rejoin.

Sadly, for the majority of countries leaving the EU will not be as easy for them as it was for us due to them sacrificing their sovereign currencies for the EU's euro. When on holiday to Rhodes in 2019 one of the staff in the Socrates Bar in Rhodes old town gave his support for us leaving the EU and wished for Greece to be free too. He then sadly said that as they were in the euro and because of the debt they were in made it impossible for them to leave. However, when I joined the Referendum Party, as mentioned in 1996, people also said then it was impossible for us to leave the EU yet twenty five years later, after a lot of effort, we made the impossible happen and it can also happen for our European friends too.

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