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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Liberal Fascism's Last Hurrah?


As we approach December 31st and our exit from the EU, anti democrats are using the COVID pandemic as their last ditch assault on democracy. We should not be surprised. The so-called liberal left both here and in the USA have damaged democracy and restoring it is a monumental task. In the US the Democrats waged a four-year guerrilla war against Trump. In the UK EU supporters waged (and still are) a guerrilla war against the democratic instruction of the people.

An ex ambassador warns that President Elect Biden will punishing the UK because of Brexit. If true, it is simply another 'liberal' voice added to that of the EU and its acolytes threatening damnation for the UK. But, what all these people have been and are saying (if they were honest enough) is that only their view matters - that democracy is just a joke façade for liberal fascist totalitarianism.

We have been in a war since 1945, a war with the liberal totalitarians, a war we never fully understood. There is no excuse now, either we fight back or Lenin's vile plan for humanity will triumph. The liberal left anti democrats are seized with a religious zeal that convinces them that they are right on everything - there can be no room for dissent, which means no room for democracy. Until that is fully understood true liberal democracy will die.

The liberal left have come close to destroying democracy in the US and UK by refusing losers consent. They have triumphed in the USA. Here, in the UK it is imperative that Johnson sticks to his word. We may be the last outpost of democracy for the next four years, and whatever the pressure - we must not falter. The fact that we are still talking to the EU is worrying. The idea that that is so, because no one wants to be responsible for failure is absurd. The people have spoken clearly three times instructing the British government to leave the EU. The idea, implicit in the suggestion that obeying democracy is a failure is beyond risible.

Events of the last few days have provided the media and pro EU democracy deniers with an opportunity for a last hurrah. Dire warnings heap on dire warnings and always it is the UK that is, and will suffer. With glee broadcast media report that we are 'cut off' from Europe (or most of it). The fact that EU countries have restricted movement between their own states or provinces for months is not reported. Nor have the closing of borders between EU countries. The fact that the UK's World position of Covid cases per million currently stands at 45, well below most EU countries is likewise ignored. In the game of anti democracy, truth has no place.

When I first started in business I was impatient. 'cut to the chase' was my motto. An old hand told me that that tactic only worked with a partner who wanted a deal. "A deal" he explained, "is only good if it benefits all parties". Sage advice that I have always followed. The EU has never been interested in a mutually beneficial deal. To deal with that I offer something I learned in negotiating with a variety of corrupt countries' representatives. Let them talk. In the end they will put their foot in their mouths or, better yet shoot their own feet.

A case in point is the joyful salivating by democracies enemies over food shortages. According to them, we are all going to starve outside the EU. Quite why EU producers would want to damage themselves is something known only to EU fanatics. What is knowable to those of rational mind is that there are alternatives. Egypt and Morocco could between them replace EU exports of fruit and vegetables. Faced with the quota and tariff restrictions they face with the EU (Detailed in my article they will welcome a new vibrant customer. There are many other countries waiting to take advantage of a liberalised UK. The EU's intransigence, and its supporters gloating threats simply demonstrate that they are unreliable as trading partners. Especially unreliable as suppliers of essentials.

Provided Johnson delivers his promised clean break, the UK has a great future. 2020 should be the last hurrah of the UK's liberal, anti democrats. Let 2021 herald a renewal for our our country and, perhaps more importantly, the first shot in democracies fight back.

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