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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

A Moment so Brief it Never Happened

businessman-2798560_1280 Five Minutes to Midnight

Women seem to provide us with consistently better common sense leadership than men. Leadership that reflects the values of the majority rather than a self-indulgent minority. Elizabeth 1, Queen Anne, Victoria, Margaret Thatcher all reflected the hopes and wishes of the people. All were proud of their country and their pride was matched by the people.

Listening to Suella Braverman speak at the Tory Party Conference was at once a reason for hope that just maybe the Conservative party could be reborn, and despair. Despair, because the surety that comes from ordinary folk exercising their democratic right to elect a woman leader, who represented true conservative and patriotic values has been snatched away. Braverman's condemnation of the progressive elite was met with howls of rage from those whose greed and contempt for others is destroying society. She summed them up. "The luxury beliefs brigade sit in their ivory towers telling ordinary people that they are morally deficient because they dare to get upset about the impact of illegal migration, net zero, or habitual criminals".

The Social Democrat wing of the Tory party is stuffed with Luxury Believers. In cahoots with much of the Civil Service they put their narrow pro EU and Globalist interests first. They imposed a man, who confronted by huge challenges seems capable of only whimpering in the blinding headlights of destiny. Managed decline, the Luxury Mobs go to position, was back. Trussenomics falsely blamed for a problem caused, in fact, by Bank of England and Treasury incompetence. Her program was a tested method of getting out of the rut. Poorly planned and executed I grant, but the gleeful condemnation of it and the potential growth and low taxes it promised is a warning to democrats.

Sunak's announcement delaying the net zero date, was I thought a glimmer of common sense. Could one hope that at last the Tory party was going to become conservative? Was delay the first step on the road of abolishing the net zero fallacy. Had someone explained that without carbon, plants cannot produce the food we eat? That the fertiliser required to feed the world's growing population is 50% produced from fossil fuels. Had someone managed to explain that Fracking, drilling and using our own natural resources would transform this country. That we would enjoy the cheapest energy in Europe. That industry would be revitalised. That we could see a boom leading to lower taxes. It was a short glimmer and then I woke up.

During a conference speech that was more noteworthy for its omissions than content, Sunak announced a tobacco policy based of Jacinda Ardern's Socialist control-freak New Zealand law. Ardern is an ex advisor to Tony Blair. Should we be surprised? Sadly not, it seems that politicians have become drunk on power. All and everything that moves can be legislatedA commission appointed, a new Quango set up to oversee it.

If tobacco is a dangerous drug, ban it. If it is the government's job to control every aspect of our lives, ban alcohol, dangerous sports (Conkers are effectively banned already) Then ban the real elephant in the county. Fast and Junk Food not to forget confectionery too. Follow a group of obese wobblers down a street. Note that their weight has caused their foot arches to drop. The result? Legs that splay out from the knees. How much does that cost the NHS?

Then of course advertising. Tobacco banned, Alcohol so severely regulated that it's hardly worth bothering. Gambling? That's fine, lots of adverts across all media accompanied by the Woke get out 'Gamble Responsibly'. Personally, I believe that bans on legal substances and pastimes are wrong. The ban on tobacco, will without a doubt lead to a surge in smuggling and criminality. The government's refusal to deal with illegal migration has spawned a huge criminal industry supported by unscrupulous NGOs and Lawyers. It is as if the UK is a branch of Cosa Nostra Inc., a land guaranteed to have stupid rules that even a third rate hood can make money out of.

Political strikes are now endemic. The NHS, basking in being 'Saved' now demands more, more money, more idiotic rules, more managers, well just more. Doctors have become militants that must warm Scargill's heart. Forgotten are, duty of care, decency, pride in a profession. All replaced by self centred greed that blithely uses the public's health as a weapon. A great profession sunk so low that it uses blackmail to squeeze a few extra pounds that they know their employers cannot afford.

Sunak's declaration that men are men and women are women is a statement of the blindingly obvious. However, the reaction of a student was that 'biology lacks empathy'. The lunatics have created an asylum in their own twisted image. An asylum where a grammatical construct is twisted to provide inmates with a choice of 'beings' irrespective of biology. With Starmer's announcement of compulsory tooth brushing in junior schools we are reaching the endgame. Parents without responsibility and children taught by a hard left state 'Right Think' and 'Right Speak'. The only thing Orwell got wrong, it seems, is the date.

The conservative party in government has refused to act. It has allowed the pernicious culture of Luxury Belief to dominate. It has deliberately marginalised the vast majority of decent citizens who believe in democracy, common sense and reward for hard work. Of course that would not matter if the alternative were palatable. Labour makes great play of being Blairite. Troublesome unions are moved to the back of the hall (although their money is still grabbed). Corbyn is banished and he and his ilk have, we are told, no place in the Party. This, despite Starmer's own enthusiastic support for Corbyn, anti-Semitism and all. Thirteen years of Labour under Blair/Brown left this country bankrupt, coming to terms with an illegal war, an NHS burdened with the Private - Public - Partnership scam. We were denied a promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, because according to David Miliband 'It didn't really change anything'. Blair also drove through 'Reforms' to make us a fit province of the EU. A Supreme Court, Devolution, Mayors. All an obvious attack on our tried and trusted systems. All allowed to continue.

And so we have a choice. Labour, in hock to radicalised unions and overwhelmingly hard left members who are behaving like moderates until they get power. A conservative party that has a record, mostly, of crushing incompetence and refusal to act in the interests of the country. Many Tory MPs are refusing to fight the next election. Is there any hope that the dead clammy Social Democrat hand of Central Office can be removed? That constituencies can once again choose candidates? We are in desperate straits. Is there really no one prepared, even at this late stage to provide leadership and hope for a future for all, not just those in the cosy metro bubble.

Not wishing to be one of those who just lists what's wrong, here are some possible answers;

Þ Illegal immigration: take all of them to an offshore British sovereign territory for processing. We have plenty and that includes in the Atlantic above Scotland. Our troops have to live under canvas. It's a choice, those who don't fancy tent life can stay away. Leave the ECHR and prosecute immigration lawyers who have helped illegals to game the system.

Þ Planning rail and roads; The government through it's agencies owns rail and roads. Rather than fight endless planning disputes use what we own. Overhead (Maglev) trains down the centre of motorways. As rail traffic is declining, why not put them down the centre of rail tracks and turn the rail tracks into roads? The latter would ensure fast train services into the centre of towns and cities.

Þ Drill and Frack. Abolish Net Zero. Appoint a commission of 'proper scientists' (Those not bought by the Green Industry) to exam the benefits or otherwise of carbon. Having lived long enough to recall government instruction to use Asbestos in building and have an Asbestos fire blanket at strategic points. Then, told to switch to diesel. I have zero faith in so-called experts. Indeed, I fully expect that if we are all bullied into buying electric cars we will quickly be told that electric force fields are damaging our brains, reproductive systems and more.

Þ Build houses and flats. It is absurd that hard working people cannot afford to buy or rent a home in their own country.

Þ Give tax breaks to companies prepared to invest in small modular nuclear reactors.

Þ Reform the NHS start by using their privileged pension entitlements. Make it illegal to strike and if they don't agree cancel their pensions so that they are in the same boat as their employers. The same goes for the Civil Service too.

Þ Get rid of the OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility) it is consistently wrong and its sole purpose is to shield incompetent treasury officials, the Bank of England and politicians. Time for someone to take proper responsibility.

Þ Ban Black History Month unless at least half the curriculum is devoted to Black and Arab slave owners and traders and Britain's heroic stand against slavery and its abolition. A further quarter should be devoted to the fate of over a million Europeans taken by the Arabs. The use of castration and infanticide ensures that there are no descendent to demand that 'White Lives Matter'.

Þ Give the EU notice to terminate the withdrawal agreement and tell them that if they want an Irish border they can build it. Get rid of all residual EU laws that impinge on our sovereignty.

Þ Create enough new Peers to pass urgent legislation in the House of Lords and then to vote to abolish it. There must be a few thousand of us who would happily be a Peer for a year. I volunteer for service.

Þ Break up and sell the BBC and Channel 4. We could do with the money and we really cannot do with more of their endless snivelling woke propaganda.

Þ Cut taxes, starting with Corporation tax. Index link reduction in personal tax to a productivity index.

If anyone can be bothered I've just set out an election winning agenda. Labour promises much. According to them, it's going to be paid for by taxing the rich and Non Doms. Denis Healey tried that. All who could left the country and those that stayed stopped bothering. The result was that the IMF were called in to save the country. Labour has failed in every single government they have formed. Despite that Labour is using 1945 as a rallying cry. They claim that like then the country needs renewal. The 1945 Labour Party Manifesto was not about renewal. It was a communist manifesto to impose state control on every aspect of British life. They have not changed.

We deserve better. For heaven's sake someone, anyone, stand up and be counted. 

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