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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Wake Up!

tact-3036245_1920 Wake Up to the Woke Threat.

 The values that have nurtured our law and democracy are increasingly under attack. Keir Starmer endorsing the move to enable people to declare that they are not the sex they were when born. He claims women can have a penis. He also, unsurprisingly was unable to define a 'Woman'. Supporting this idiocy, media reports of a rapist who claims he is a woman refer to her penis. In the interests of Trans equality are we soon to hear about his vagina? After all, trans men claim they have period pain. Perhaps, for those who cannot decide what they are, we will hear of anal birth. Those who state that biological truth is just that, a truth, are subjected to vitriolic attack by a vocal minority. These attacks on women undermine our society. The pernicious minority should be laughed at, scorned for their dangerous version of 'White is Black. Instead, politicians and the media support a deranged perversion of the truth that has resulted in dangerous assaults. Men claiming to be women demand that they can compete in women's sport. Perhaps requiring that they compete naked, as did the ancient Greeks, would expose how ludicrous it is to suggest that a wig and lipstick equals a biological sex change.

Much of teaching seems concentrated on supporting an agenda that denigrates normal values. It is an agenda that questions all our country has achieved without providing pupils with the tools necessary to question the narrative. We are judged by a minority who believe that their subjective opinions are, in fact, objective. We are fast approaching a position where ordinary people holding views that probably over 99% of the population find 'normal' are becoming frightened to speak. Scared to support the very values that our forebears fought to obtain and defend. Rather than defend the rights of those who elect and pay their wages, politicians bend the knee to a coterie of ill-informed mostly malicious anarchists.

They are blind to the damage being done by the climate cult and refuse proper scientific debate. Jeremy Hunt in his speech to outline the governments growth plan ignored oil, gas and Rolls Royce SMNRs. According to him, the future is wind and solar. A remarkable statement coming a few days after the Grid ordered coal fired generators to warm up because of renewable failure during yet another low wind period.

We face demands for reparations to the descendent of slaves and to apologise for our part in slavery. No demands are made that African and Arab countries and people pay reparation. In the case of Arabs their treatment of slaves was so brutal that descendent are almost non existent. It is a key element of the attacks on our culture that we should look at the past as if it were the present. To judge the conditions of the past by today's standards and beliefs is absurd. These attacks are supported by the propaganda that is the annual Black History month (BHM). The contribution of other ethnic groups is worthy of celebration and their exclusion smacks of racism. Or is it fear? Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a radical organisation that has amongst its aims the defunding of the Police and destruction of society. They do not hide their aims and yet Politicians, Police and Sports people continue to kowtow to them.

Although claimed to be a celebration of Black contribution to Britain the syllabus paints a different picture. A government website explains what children should be taught during BHM: "There is a statutory requirement to explore ideas, political power, industry and empire in Britain between 1745-1901. This is so that every child has an understanding of the history of Empire and its consequences. Teachers could, for example, look at Britain's transatlantic slave trade......" Oddly, the suggested comparative study of African history is: "Benin (West Africa) from 900-1300 AD. It is used as a contrast to British history at this time (Vikings in Britain, the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England). In the tenth century the Edo people began to settle in the rainforests of West Africa, who went on to form an affluent civilisation led by a strong ruler called the Oba." So early medieval history chosen presumably because the Vikings were a pretty rotten lot of marauding slavers compared with civilised Benin?

Looking at the BBC's 'Bite Size' The kingdom of Benin teaching module there is no mention of its imperialistic and colonial expansion. A tiny pop up box on slavery, but nothing about its god king, religion and human sacrifice. Those who seek to destroy our history adhere to the Critical Race Theory that guilt is white. Even those who do not think they are guilty, are because sin is unavoidable even if subconscious.

Slavery has existed since recorded time and almost certainly before that too. It has been supported by religion for example Leviticus 25:39-54 sets out God's rules on slavery and distinguishes between Jews and foreigners. The latter may be inherited as property, but Jewish slaves may not. Slavery was big business long before Africans were sold to be transported to the Americas. Sadly it still is. The Trans Saharan Arab trade spread Islam as far as West Africa exchanging goods for, amongst other things, slaves. Indeed, on a simple measure of inhumanity and ill treatment the Arab slave trade is considered by most scholars to have been the worst in history.

From coastal areas of England, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Spain and Italy up to 1.25 million people were captured by Barbary pirates and sold into slavery. These white slaves suffered the same fate as East and Central Africans. It has been estimated that about 14 million Africans were enslaved by and for Muslims in both North Africa and the Middle East. Tidiane N'Diaye the author and anthropologist puts the figure at 17 million. It may have been more. No records were kept and there are few descendants to demand compensation. Male galley slaves were chained to their bench and stayed there until they died. Males destined for other work were castrated, an operation from which many died. Female captives were used for household and agricultural work as well as sex. Infanticide was widely practised avoiding the problem imposed by Islamic law that the child of a Muslim could inherit.

Africans sold people into slavery. Those defeated in war or simply captured in raids. Without African and Arab dealers there would have been no African slave trade. One does not excuse the buyers, but it is a simple fact that if no one is offering a commodity, be it human or otherwise, no one can buy. There can be no trade without a seller. It is perhaps uncomfortable for those of African descent to confront the fact that it was their own who sold them. Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani an Igbo writer described her feelings about her great-grandfather Nwaubani Ogogo Oriaku in a New Yorker article . He was a 19th century slave trader. As an important man, when he died a leopard was killed, and six slaves were buried alive with him. The article is an honest account of slavery and the Igbo cast system. Inexplicably, two years later a different version was published by the BBC in which Ms. Nwaubani describes her ancestor as 'a businessman', certainly a more pleasing description for the British hating corporation.

The BBC, much of the media and self appointed elite's acceptance of critical race theory and white guilt explains the ridiculously woke reaction to Lady Hussey's entirely reasonable question. Marlene Headly now known as Ngozi Fulani attended a reception dressed in a costume and wig. I lived in West Africa. The ladies I knew were elegant and fashion conscious. I never saw anyone dressed like Ms. Fulani. I am not alone. Esther Krakue the writer and broadcaster wrote "Upon seeing the picture of Fulani at Buckingham Palace, my Ghanaian mother thought she was dressed as a fetish priest." Anyone with experience of Africa would have asked the same question. Why Ms. Fulani chose an Igbo (Ngozi) and Fulani as her names is unclear. The Fulani are an African people who were infamous and feared slave raiders and traders. Their activities only stopped in 1920. One hopes that Ms. Headly chose her African names because she likes the sound of them rather than admiring their history and culture.

Surely an honest history of African slavery would help those who harbour resentment to come to a more balanced view? Quite deliberately some are seeking to create problems where none exist. The UK is, in my experience, the least racist country in the world. We have a proud history of reform. The only attempt at banning slavery in antiquity seems to have been by the Emperor Ashoka the Great who ruled most of the Indian subcontinent 268 to 232 BC and was a convert to Buddhism. Although it is generally accepted that slavery ceased to exist in England by the 12th century and common law cases from the time of Elizabeth 1, support this, it was not until the 19th century that an attempt was made, by Britain, to ban slavery worldwide. In 1807 it was made illegal to buy slaves from the African continent. In 1833 slavery was abolished and the navy was tasked with policing the decision. "Between 1807 and 1860, the Royal Navy, West Africa Squadron seized approximately 1600 ships involved in the slave trade and freed 150,000 Africans who were aboard these vessels." During this period some 1,600 sailors lost their lives from a variety of causes: including disease and killed in action. The operation continued until 1870 and it is of note that in 1862 the Lincoln administration gave the UK full authority to intercept US ships. Britain led the way not only in the abolition of slavery, but its enforcement too. By establishing the Sierra Leone colony in 1808 it provided a home for freed African slaves, a project copied by the American Colonization Society in 1822 with the establishment of Liberia. Why then should the UK be singled out as evil? Why should statues be destroyed, street names changed all in act of contrition when, in fact we should be celebrating our leadership in changing the world.

We dealt with slavery. Africa has not. Sadly the history of black persecution of black people continues. According to the Global Slavery Index, in 2016, 9.2 million Africans were enslaved in Africa. The figure may have been more because they could not survey in Libya, South Sudan, and parts of Nigeria. Slave markets still exist in Africa. According to a CNN report in Libya a man cost $400.00. An OZY.Com investigation revealed that young girls cost $14.00 in Uganda. Why are these facts not taught? Why is BHM used exclusively as a means of denigrating the UK and not to provide pupils with the tools they need to form their own opinions. Opinions that would lead many to value their British heritage and, later in life, fight against the ethnic violence and slavery that blights Africa in the 21st century.

The Woke movement is intent on destroying our culture and its freedoms. They are aided by powerful institutions and, it seems, most politicians and religious leaders. They twist truth and rewrite history to suit their purpose. Unless the majority wake up and fight we will lose our inheritance. Not just ours, but our obligation to preserve and pass it on to our descendants.

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