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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The EU Mask Has Been Ripped Away


 For years they were told that they were wrong, ignorant or xenophobes. They were excluded from power, and treated largely with contempt by the media. However, when the Second World War broke out the anti appeasers were totally vindicated, took over at the very top, and eventually saw the utter defeat of the barbarians running Nazi Germany.

Although the opponents of UK involvement with the European project were thankfully not facing an evil on the same scale they nevertheless were treated in much the same way as those who tried to raise the alarm in the 1930s. For decades they were accused of being stupid, uninformed, even racist, for daring to say that the putative single European state was undemocratic, incompetent and run by third class bureaucrats, and failed national politicians. The bulk of the media either ignored their arguments, or just abused them personally, and the political elite were quite happy to see the development of career paths for themselves as toothless MEPs, or overpaid, unelected Eurocrats.

The reaction to the British people finally calling a halt to the betrayal by voting to leave the EU in 2016 was hysterical, mendacious, and a disgrace to a democratic nation. Even when the electorate confirmed their views, by giving Boris a massive majority, the deranged Remainers continued to snipe away, seizing on every opportunity to blame Brexit for any problems which were bound to occur when a nation is making a significant alteration of course after nearly half a century. In addition the morons who infest local letters columns, and social media, have learnt nothing.

However the actions of the European Commission concerning the supply of vaccines has at last opened the eyes of the Remainers, except those possessing limited intelligence, with commentators known for their anti Brexit views now admitting that they were wrong and that we were right all along. The President of the EC, Frau Ursula von der Leyen, upheld the reputation of her nation for being both arrogant and bullying, as she threatened to, in effect, illegally grab the vaccine supplies which the UK had ordered, and paid for, while trying to use article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, part of the agreement that governs the country's trading arrangements with the European Union and the rest of the UK after Brexit, to force submission from the UK.

This protocol was one of the toughest barriers in agreeing the recent deal, and was designed to keep trade flowing smoothly on the island and avoid checkpoints. It was supposedly designed to prevent a hard border in Ireland, something the EU claimed the UK was intending to create, but which the hypocrites of Brussels immediately made concrete when it suited them. Brexiteers always knew that the EU was using the Irish as dupes in order to attempt to negate Brexit, and they have now proved our case.

One of Frau Leyden's compatriots Dr Peter Liese, a senior MEP from Merkel's party, compounded the Teutonic nature of the threats by saying "The UK had better think twice. When we see Europe not treated well, it's time we begin to show our weapons.".Those of us who have never believed that the Germans have fundamentally changed have had their suspicions confirmed, but they will be no more successful this time than they were the last twice they tried. Perhaps they would like to see our weapons. Anyway the EU is not Europe, merely a bureaucratic construct.

Frau Leyden managed to successfully unite all the parliamentary parties in the UK, with the exception of the EU's lapdogs, the SNP, plus all the parties in the island of Ireland, in outright opposition to her actions, something of a first. Even Michel Barnier, no friend to Britain, felt it necessary to protest. The mask has been ripped away, and the truth about the EU laid bare, its sclerotic nature being an inbuilt property of the organisation, while the inability of the European populations to hold these corrupt incompetents to account is a direct result of the way it was structured by those who created it, arrogant politicians who refused to trust democracy, preferring that people such as themselves should rule without challenge.

The German Chancellor, and the French President, have made themselves look very foolish by questioning the efficacy of the AstraZeneca vaccine, but clearly their motives are connected with the fact that their own electorates are angered by their incompetence, and readiness to put the European project before the health of their own people.

The UK government has responded to these threats, and lies, in a measured way, too measured some of us would say. Number 10 made public the concerns in London, saying they did not expect the EU, a "friend and ally", would do "anything to disrupt the fulfilment of these contracts." While understanding that Mr Johnson is being ironic it is about time we stopped referring to the organisation in these terms, as it is neither a friend, nor an ally, but an opponent, and clearly to many in Germany, an enemy.

We should not forget that the Europhiles in the UK, particularly the leadership of the Labour party, were, only a few months ago, criticising Boris for refusing to hand over the whole process of obtaining the vaccines to the EU. Catherine West, Labour's shadow minister for Europe, called the decision 'dumb and dumber'. Her colleague, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, accused the Government of 'yet again putting ideology before saving lives'. The Lib Dem's then leadership contender Layla Moran claimed the wicked Tories were favouring 'Brexit over vaccines', while the party's Health spokesperson Munira Wilson declared this 'stubborn unwillingness to work with the EU' was 'unforgivable'. David Schneider, the Left-wing comedian,told his 500,000 followers we were witnessing 'this week's episode of Who Cares if You Die as Long as we Brexit', adding that it showed Brexit to be a 'death cult'. Activist Bianca Jagger reckoned the decision was one of several that had 'endangered people's lives'.

Let us be clear. These people are moronic idiots, who should be condemned, but will no doubt be excused by the Left liberal elite, represented by the BBC and the Guardian. In complete contrast the heroine which should be applauding is Kate Bingham, the former head of Britain's vaccine task force. Although highly qualified for the job, as one of the nation's foremost experts in life science, she faced a campaign of misogynistic criticism from left-wing critics who claimed she'd been offered the (unpaid) role only because her husband, Jesse Norman, is a Tory MP. She proved them all wrong, and underlined how so many in public life are a disgrace.

For the moment, the EU has been forced to back down. The reaction among the nation states being slowly absorbed by the Brussels monster has been remarkably firm in disavowing the European Commission, so perhaps some of them might yet find the courage to follow the UK in leaving before it is too late for them.

Coincidentally, Britain has now applied to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) which at the moment has eleven members viz: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. It may seem strange for an Atlantic island to seek to join, although no stranger than Australia taking part in the Eurovision song contest. As it is several of the current members are members of the Commonwealth, and we have historic ties to a number of them. Of course we could not even have taken the first step had we remained in the EU, but Brexit has set us free. This Pacific group requires no surrender of sovereignty, or the acceptance of diktats from a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats, being concerned only with trade. The potential for the future is enormous, unlike that of the declining EU, and will allow the concept of Global Britain to be further enhanced.

The vindication of the Leaver case is complete, and, although milksops say it is wrong to indulge in triumphalism, Leavers should have no hesitation in saying to those who voted Remain, "We told you so!".

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