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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

An Unavoidable Exit


European technocrats and their British supporters have been left aghast by the government decision to present the Internal Market Bill, designed to protect the integrity of the United Kingdom.

The remainer machinery, which has remained largely dormant over the past few months, has awaken in defence of international law and the United Kingdom's standing on the world stage following the government's decision to protect the country's borders and sovereignty by introducing the Internal Market Bill. It absolutely beggars belief that one of the fiercest critics of the current government is Theresa May, the former Prime Minister whose political decisions ultimately undermined parliament, led to much of the political paralysis, and the decisive mandate won by Boris Johnson in December 2019.

Get Brexit Done

Tory MPs would do well to remember that Brexit has been going on for over four years, with the European Union alluding earlier this Summer of a potential extension to find a compromise on presumably key issues, naming fisheries and level-playing field. The pandemic outbreak has given Boris a mandate to end the stalemate over Brexit to concentrate on Covid-19 and its aftermath. It is an absolute masterstroke to play the European Union at its own games. This is an international organisation, which almost took over our parliamentary system through a cabal of MPs who thought it was perfectly appropriate to liaise with a foreign power in an embassy to discuss ways to introduce legislation designed to stop Brexit. We must respond in kind.

This is what led Jeremy Corbyn's Labour voters straight into the arms of Boris Johnson following his promise to: Get Brexit Done, which is exactly what he is doing with the introduction of the Internal Market Bill. One would absolutely take notice that Keir Starmer has steered well clear of this debate for fear of further alienating Leave Labour voters.

As Tom Luongo wrote so eloquently on his blog: " Section 38 of the Withdrawal Act asserts the sovereignty of the U.K. parliament over the whole of the U.K. and the EU threatening to revoke a food export licence to Northern Ireland from the rest of the U.K. is an application of EU law over a part of the U.K. itself."

The resignation of civil servant Jonathan Jones is designed to undermine the government's move but this time it will not work. Civil service is becoming increasingly synonymous with disobedience, and they should be reminded that their primary role is to implement legislation passed in parliament, and they should not rebel against elected representatives. New top civil service boss Simon Case has got his work cut out.

No Backing Down

The European Union's daring habitus to issue ultimatums to countries determined to exercise their sovereignty is further testimony that we are better out of this nonsensical superstructure. Boris Johnson cannot back down for fear of losing faith, and his supporters up north. We must stand firm and respond in kind to these empty threats, and continue our march towards the exit in the face of EU expansionism.

It is mind boggling to hear Brussels top negotiator Michel Barnier argue that we cannot sign a trade agreement like the one Canada has because of our geographic positioning. The European Union fears competition: France is concerned about access to UK waters and its impact on fisheries, Germany's economy would be painfully affected by tariffs and the list goes on. The European Union has no desire to have a powerful and independent United Kingdom at its doorsteps. A Singapore on Thames would be the death knell of the European Union.


It is up to the United Kingdom to write its own history and one has yet to hear a valid argument against breaking away from the European Union and proceed with negotiations once we are out. There is no valid reason why we should be tied to the superstructure for longer than necessary. The European Union is acting like a wounded animal desperate to hold on to the power it has amassed in the United Kingdom. European countries have seen first-hand what European solidarity means when the pandemic broke out. They have turned to foreign countries for support because borders were erected to fight the spread of the virus and protect citizens. Cases are rising once more across Europe and no one would dispel the myth that countries will do all they can including signing bilateral agreements to protect their economy whilst the European Union figures out a way to hand out its promised recovery cheque.

The United Kingdom holds all the cards in this game, and now at last it is aware of it. Boris Johnson cannot concede Northern Ireland to an international organisation, that would be the end of Boris, and the Tories. The Prime Minister has saved the Conservative Party from certain death following Theresa May's stint. He is now left to clear her mess. It is Boris Johnson, who with the support of Labour voters, won a decisive majority and he must remind his MPs of this reality, and tell them that they should either support the legislation or have the whip removed with no way back in. The country has made its choice and recalcitrant Tory MPs must be shown the door.

There is no such thing as a conservative broadchurch, instead the reality is there is a mandate representing Conservative and Labour voters alike eager to conclude the Brexit chapter. One question remains why are some MPs allowed without consequences to undermine the Prime Minister who is following a clear mandate?

The United Kingdom must move on from the Referendum, which took place over four years ago. The time has come to build a competitive and independent Kingdom that the European Union is so fearful to have at its doorsteps. 

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