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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The Multiculturalism Fallacy

The Multiculturalism Fallacy

 Let me tell you a fact:

The population of the United Kingdom rose officially by nine million between 2000 and 2023 from 59 million to 68 million, due to documented immigration and not including the millions more undocumented illegal immigrants.

take that information how you will at face value, but it is a genuine concern to be worried about this information or surprised about this, for myself however the biggest concern is at what cost to Britain's social fabric. This is more than an argument against the number of people coming in, this is a battle of preserving the culture of Britain.

Now I am not arguing that assimilation doesn't work (that would mean the whole Royal Gurkha history of 200+ years with the British never worked) but what I'm trying to say is the narrative produced by the Woke left with increased free movements of people, has organically allowed for the erosion of the centuries built British traditions and way of life.

Often the narrative is that with the acceptance of any migrant or immigrant populous, we need to hold the values of tolerance and promote "multiculturalism" because multiculturalism is the beating heart of most nations. While that is not entirely wrong, the problem is that it's built on a misconception resulting in an insufficient conclusion to the whole mass immigration debate.

What is this misconception of the whole debate then?

Contrary to popular belief, Progressives like to portray multicultural with the idea of multiculturalism, allowing for the impetus of the definition of multicultural having (multiple cultures in a country) with the ideology of multiculturalism.

However, that is an inadequate liberal proposition on multiple grounds because if multiculturalism is the case that all nations of past and present have multiple cultures, then it would make every nation uphold the ideas of multiculturalism and its inherent woke diversity, which is not true at the slightest, many nations of the past with multiple cultures would scoff at such an idea.

So if having Multiple cultures is not Multiculturalism, what exactly is multiculturalism?

To put it bluntly, it's when all cultures are of the same worth and value plus treated with the importance of the rooted hegemonic culture. Now the biggest threat to multiculturalism here is not that it is alien to our values, the bigger issue presented is the idea to insert every culture or lifestyle into a given state to make them equal to others and if there is already an existing primary culture which built that government, traditions and customs, which most of the productive members are a part of, the only way to achieve multiculturalism at that rate is to break down that dominant culture and pass out its virtual territory to the non-hegemonic culture.

This is a clear win for the Left as it is easy for them to destroy what was given to them.

It is no surprise the UK has a fundamentally implicitly Christian European culture at its core, resulting in one conclusion, to achieve this so-called multiculturalism you would need to destroy this Christian-rooted society on which the foundations of Europe were built on. For those who espouse multiculturalism, it is evident most of them attack that exact Christian identity(not surprising it is the modernist left).

we have seen that since the Enlightenment and more recently the progressive attacks on Christianity in the West, it seems commonplace even in your homeland to bash your culture and values out of a way to be more tolerant and favourable to other cultures but all that being said Britain is a nation with culture and tradition , contrary to progressive beliefs, our culture has been shaped through our Christian religious life, battles fought for defending our land against the foe, and our perseverance in hard times.

There is a famous quote to solve this progressive Issue:

"When in Rome do as the Romans do"

Simply put it , even though one might grow up with non-British mannerisms, you can manage to grasp the ropes by integrating with the local community, recognising the importance of British culture and managing to incorporate your values with the nation. It is up to a Conservative government to stop Illegal immigration and now create an effective migration policy that allows for a custom of promoting our heritage and way of life from the highlands of Scotland, the dales of Yorkshire or the green pastures of Wales (It would have to be authentic tradition, none of this Faux "British Culture")

To summarise this article, we can use a good example of my family.

I was raised with a Nepali Gurkha culture by my mother and father, while holding similar values to our British counterparts such as loyalty to the crown, it is innately different to Anglo culture, Scottish and Ulster Gaelic culture. It was always the view especially to the British Army at the time of the Anglo-Nepali Treaty in 1814 that Nepali Culture was not the same as a unified British Culture because it was inherently different from the European way of life. However what made up for that was the Gurkha opportunity to work bravely with the British and fight under the banner of God, King and Country for this beautiful nation for over 200 years, it's an organic and natural relationship, that has been tested times and time again.

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