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Tel. +44 (0)20 7287 4414
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Amazing Kitchen Décor Ideas You Should Try In Your Home

The trend in kitchen décor now is creating customized spaces that are functional and aesthetic, and display your preferred style. Some people like vintage-style décor with some modern elements thrown in.

Others prefer a completely modern look with sleek, smooth lines and sophisticated accessories. Whether you are into traditional décor or prefer a contemporary look, our experts provide you with some of the trending ideas that make your kitchen comfy, attractive, and cool to be in.

1. Lighting ideas

For homeowners who prefer modern and streamlined décor, lighting plays a vital role. A mix of track lights and pendants is an excellent way to create a practical and ambient atmosphere. Pendant lights are best placed above the kitchen island.

Use opal or frosted bulbs for warm lighting and a stylish appearance. Spotlights are advanced lighting options that are energy-efficient. You can change the light intensity as per your needs. For statement light pieces, consider using abstract or vintage-style lighting. Make sure they are big enough to attract attention.

2. Kitchen sink

A kitchen is not complete without a functional and aesthetic sink. You need to choose the right design of the sink for smooth functioning. Stainless steel sinks are the most popular as they go well with granite countertops.

Porcelain sinks are also popular due to their easy maintenance. Grohe is a renowned brand in kitchen and bathroom sinks. It offers a diverse range of products based on material, style, and type preference. Letta London offers the best selection of Grohe sinks for the kitchen. Find out what makes Grohe sinks special at Letta London.

3. Aesthetic walls

While a single colour for the walls and ceiling is a good way to make the space appear bigger there are other décor options. You can use two complementary colours so they do not clash with one another.

Add wooden and brass elements for the cabinets, stools, and other accessories to provide a good balance. Choose bold colours that make a statement while still looking chic and classic. White, blue, green, and red are the key colours popularly used for kitchen walls. Light brown colour for the wall with proper accents for the island and countertops is also a great look you can try.

4. Bar stools

Bar stools provide extra seating and are also a great way to add appeal to the kitchen décor. You can find bar stools of varying heights and styles. While the choice is based on user preference, here are some ideas:

  • Bar stools with backrests are ideal and safe when you have children. The backrests are comfortable to sit in for adults.
  • For a vintage look, you can add stools with fabric upholstery that matches the colour of the walls and other kitchen elements.
  • Wooden-legged stools provide a classic look and add charm to the kitchen.
  • Bar stools with white leather when used against wooden floors give an elegant and polished appearance.
  • Swivel stools, metal stools, and fully upholstered chair-style stools are other designs that can stand out in your kitchen.

5. Kitchen tiles

Patterned kitchen wall tiles add a bright touch to the décor. While they may make the space crowded, you can match the wall tiles with plain coloured tiles on the floor that are mixed with the patterned tiles.

To make a small kitchen appear bigger, you can split up the wall space with two different coloured tiles. The contrasting colours will look trendy. They also allow you to use more than one tile when you are undecided on which colour works best for the space.

You can use tiles with natural stone patterns to give a rustic and organic touch to the décor. Porcelain tiles that mimic exposed brickwork also help to add a rustic look to the space.

6. Storage hacks

A kitchen island is ideal for adding storage space to the kitchen. The island is great as a prep space. Other storage ideas include

  • Use a hanging shelf over the worktop for stacking kitchen essentials.
  • Baskets help to reduce clutter. They are ideal for storing aprons, tea towels, oven gloves, and more.
  • A rail on the splashback is ideal for hanging utensils. A copper piping with S hooks for hanging the utensils is a perfect choice.
  • Instead of going for covered storage, you can opt for open storage shelves. The beautiful crockery, cookbooks, etc. can be stored in open shelving to give a unique look.

Final thoughts

When it comes to kitchen décor you can find endless possibilities. The key to finding the right décor is to customize the choices to suit your working style and aesthetic preferences. With the expert tips above, it is easy to decide on the décor type for your kitchen and implement them successfully. The right updates can help you achieve a wonderful kitchen space that grabs attention and is fully functional. 

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