Black lives matter, so do white lives, Chinese, Asian and the lives of every indigenous population on our planet, they all matter equally, no one race should say their lives matter more than any other. Sadly, the Marxists who have organised the Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign and those alleged celebrities who like to jump on any trendy, politically correct bandwagon going, who are foolish enough to blindly follow the BLM as it is now the 'on trend' thing to do, are living in denial of reality.

Sometimes things come your way from an unexpected source such as an article which came my way and has shed light on the history of slavery which is featuring heavily in the BLM campaign who accuse all white people of being guilty of by dint of ancestry. Personally, I have no knowledge of my own family history past my grandparents. Had members of my long deceased family been involved in or profited from the slave trade, that was their business, not mine, I would not feel any guilt or any need to apologise as it was not me who was involved in that terrible trade of human suffering. The article that came my way, via my brother, was concerning Africa's role in slavery which was published in none other than a Jamaican publication called "Jamaica Gleaner" and written by Martin Henry who is a university administrator. Link

The article points out that many black Africans profited from slavery and how African kings who sold captives stated they were either criminals or prisoners of war and potentially destined for execution. White slavers then used the moral excuse that they were saving the lives of those destined for a life of toil and suffering as they would be able to live "better and more productive lives". It strikes me all our ancestors of all colours and races have the guilt of slavery against them, no one from those days can claim innocence.

As the article points out, ironically when the campaign by William Wilberforce and many others to abolish the slave trade in Britain succeeded and slavery was abolished in all its colonies, it was not only white slavers who objected, so did Africans, Arabs and Asians. It seems they put up a "monumental" campaign in defence of slavery, it was Western imperialism which through its might stamped out this evil trade in human suffering.

As the right on luvvies and those with agendas to impose their Marxist ideals upon a populace who innocently feel obliged to support BLM as it seems the moral and correct thing to do, a form of politically correct Fascism is attacking free speech and the peoples right to think for themselves and express their opinions. If those in BLM do not agree with what anyone says that person comes under verbal attack and is made to feel ashamed for expressing their genuine thoughts and concerns. When the black American actor,Terry Crews, stated the Black Lives Matter movement must not "morph into Black Lives Better", he came under sustained attack on social media, which is today's equivalent of Orwell's thought police. His crime was to tweet: "If you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister. I have family of every race, creed and ideology. "We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn't morph into #blacklivesbetter." Link

Those in the past accepted slavery as the normal way of life for those times, in our modern times of group-think and social media the normal way of life seems to be don't think and speak your mind, you must obey the current hysteria in vogue at the time.