The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Cameron must fulfil long overdue pledge

Press Release: For Immediate Release

Cameron must act quickly or risk losing credibility

Robert Oulds

Cameron must fulfil long overdue pledge

Mr Cameron's pledge was to leave the EPP within a matter of days. Those days became a gap of three and a half years.

In the face of questions on the future Conservative alliance in Brussels, the Bruges Group proclaims its vocal support for the rapid and determined establishment of a new centre-right grouping in the European Parliament; and re-launches its original Adieu-EPP campaign which advocated the case for separation from the European People's Party.

Although the Conservative Party are likely to have made gains in the European Elections, it must be remembered that a significant part of this success will have come as a result of Labour breaking its pledge to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution (a key plank of the Conservative's European Elections campaign). Cameron must not break faith with his pledge to form the new grouping in the European Parliament or it would burst the Cameron bubble at a time when trust in politicians and politics needs to be restored. Furthermore, the predicted success of UKIP shows that the voters are angry with the political class who have surrendered Britain's democracy to Brussels.

The tragedy of Gordon Brown should act as reminder that the people who put the politicians into their positions will not tolerate those who break faith with them.

As the website details, and private conversations have confirmed, the Conservatives have long had enough friends to have already made the move away from the EPP to a new group if the leadership had wanted to. Now Cameron must deliver. A failure to go through with it would be catastrophic.

Robert Oulds

Robert Oulds, Bruges Group Director, says;
"We know Gordon Brown does not keep his pledges, but to restore confidence in the political system Cameron must."



The Bruges Group has long campaigned for the move, and the background can be found on its special website, This site has been highly commended by campaigners as the key one-stop-shop on this important issue.

Leaving the EPP was a key pledge by David Cameron during the leadership election (see website for quotes).