The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Nice Treaty – Irish Referendum Result Vindicates Bruges Group

46.13% Yes - 53.87% No

Ahern’s misleading and slanderous attacks fail. Despite dirty tricks from the Britain in Europe lobby, and a rash of slanderous allegations from the Irish Prime Minister - Bertie Ahern, the people of Ireland have unequivably rejected the Nice Treaty and Ahern’s misleading claims. Most notably the Irish PM attacked the Bruges Group’s support for the ‘no’ campaign. He disgracefully implied that the Group is against Ireland - we have Irish members.

The lie, peddled by the European Union and also by both the Irish and British governments, that the Nice Treaty is simply about enlargement was also disbelieved by the people of Ireland. They know that Nice shifts the balance of power in the EU further away from the smaller states in favour of the Franco-German Axis. It also endangers Irish neutrality and contains deeply undemocratic provisions that can be used against member states and political parties that do not favour integration.

The Bruges Group’s assistance was small, contrary to the claims of Bertie Ahern, we only appealed to individuals to financially support the ‘no’ campaign in order that a counter weight would exist to stop the misleading government propaganda. However, we are proud to have helped the Irish people in the fight to preserve their democracy.

Conservative European Policy Vindicated. The Conservative Party’s policy on Europe, which includes re-negotiating the Nice Treaty, has been vindicated by the Irish. Labeled as extreme by New Labour and has-beens, like Messieurs Heseltine and Clarke, the Conservative Party proves to be in touch after all. Nice, which is now dead, should be re-negotiated and the powers that the EU has stolen should be returned to the people of Europe.

The people will not tolerate more losses of sovereignty. After successful results in Denmark, and now Ireland, The Bruges Group will now continue the fight to preserve Britain’s freedom from the emerging European State. Blair, enjoy the victory while it lasts but we will not let you ditch our national sovereignty by adopting the Euro. You have been warned!