The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Statement on the Conservative leadership election

Clarke is deluding himself that the Conservative Party lost the election because of its Eurosceptic policies. What is more, he is a Europhile extremist. Kenneth Clarke consistently denies that a single European state is on the agenda despite knowing full well that the Treaties that he supports are designed to bring this into being. Therefore, a vote for Kenneth Clarke is a vote for the UK to be governed by Brussels.

The Conservative Party policy should reflect the views of its members and the nation as a whole. If the party truly desires to be electable once again then its policies must be bold, imaginative and settle the European question once and for all.

*The Euro and further integration must be ruled out permanently and on principle.
*A fundamental re-negotiation of our relationship with the EU must be committed to and set in stone.

Kenneth Clarke’s proposed fudge of the Euro issue would take the Conservative Party back to the divisions of the Major era. How can someone of his alleged intelligence seriously propose that the Conservative Party not have a policy on the constitutional question of the Euro and whether or not Britain should join a European Federal State?

The Eurosceptic candidates should unite behind one standard-bearer. The issue of this nation’s future is too great to be sacrificed on the altar of personal ambition. If the Eurosceptic vote is divided then Kenneth Clarke could be let in via the backdoor.

Let us not forget how he foolishly shared a platform, alongside his Britain in Europe has-been crony (Michael Heseltine), with Tony Blair in Mandelson’s plot to permanently divide the Conservative Party.

Clarke must be stopped!