The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The EU Constitution: It is a muddle. It is dangerous. It is not for us.


The EU Inter-Governmental Conference will begin in Rome on Saturday, 4th October 2003.

Therefore, the Bruges Group has commissioned a leading Barrister – Leolin Price, CBE, QC – to give a legal opinion on the draft

As Leolin Price demonstrates the EU Constitution fails as a Constitution. Masquerading as a “Constitution”, the Giscard draft does not succeed in defining a permanent settlement for the European Union or any permanent or lasting balance between its powers and authority and those of its Member States.

“The practice hitherto of an escalator, carrying us further and further into an ever closer union with new competences constantly emerging is to continue… is not to abate at all. It is to roll on relentlessly.”

It is also a political text, whose jargon is designed to enshrine in law the current ideology of Europe’s left-leaning political elite. It is full of well meaning nanny-state platitudes. Is this why Tony Blair supports it?

The Bruges Group urges the Prime Minister to lead in Europe by championing the cause of the soon-to-be admitted Applicant States who desire to preserve their newly won freedoms. As Leolin Price argues,

“There may be amendments to it at the impending inter-governmental conference; but no conceivable amendments can make it acceptable to a responsible government of the United Kingdom… Let us therefore reject this document. It is a muddle. It is dangerous. It is not for us.”

The Conservative Party must seize the opportunity of their Conference in Blackpool to affirm before the Nation their commitment to offer the British people the chance to reject the EU Constitution. The Party must also chart a new future for Britain. Renewing Britain’s independence and freeing the UK from the burden of EU Control.