The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Galileo: The Military and Political Dimensions

The Bruges Group's Latest Paper Examining the EU's Militarist Ambitions

galileo The Military and Political Dimensions

The EU is not being honest about the role of its proposed Galileo satellite-positioning system.  It consistently claims it is being developed for civilian applications only, under civilian control, yet the system has considerable military potential.

The high-accuracy signal proposed by the EU can be used for high-accuracy all-weather weapons targeting (“smart bombs”) and enhanced command and control systems.  Not only is this intended to enhance the “European Military Identity” but the system is also being sold to potential enemies of the United States – particularly China, under conditions where control cannot be assured.

The development of this system, therefore, could threaten regional and even global stability.  Because of the UK involvement, it could weaken the “special relationship” between the UK and US – with the US threatening to boycott firms and nations which supply military technology to China.

Richard North’s paper is the first to explore the military implications of the Galileo system. It is based on original and detailed research and it also shows that Galileo will give the nascently anti-American EU the ability to influence and even interfere with US foreign policy decisions.

This is an important issue for Britain. Close militarily to the US and still claiming to support Nato, her participation in Galileo could force her to decide which side of the Atlantic her loyalties really lie. The project could well prove to be the Trojan horse that finally destroys the Atlantic alliance, as well as breaking up what is left of the special relationship between the UK and the US.

galileo The Military and Political Dimensions2

Gerald Howarth MP, Shadow Defence Minister, said that, "this is a timely document and raises important questions. Firstly, there is an element of doubt, to put it mildly, as to the intentions of our EU partners of how they see Galileo performing and secondly Galileo is another reason why the USA is becoming reluctant to share military information with Britain. We must not forget that the North-Atlantic alliance is paramount."