The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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No time to back down over the EPP misalliance

Press Release from

The EPP Misalliance

Dr Lee Rotherham

No time to back down over the EPP misalliance

"It would burst the Cameron bubble for good"

In the face of questions on the future Conservative alliance in Brussels, the Bruges Group today proclaims its vocal support for a rapid and determined Conservative withdrawal from the European Peoples' Party.

Some political commentators have suggested that the long-promised departure is now off. But the Bruges Group underlined the many powerful arguments (expanded upon, with named Shadow Cabinet support, in their newly-launched website

But as the website details, and private conversations have confirmed, the Conservatives have long had enough friends to make the move tonight if they want to.

EU expert Dr Lee Rotherham explained, "Those of us who have seen up close how the EPP operate understand that it is in our best interest to set up our own group, and the sooner the better. Sure, we will be part of a smaller group. But we will be in control of our own destinies, with millions more Pounds of the Parliament budget, greater control over policies and whipping, a voice at the Conference of Presidents, control over staff appointments, and freedom to stand up for what we bel ieve in.

"Better to be Captain of a steamship than purser on the Titanic."

He added that leaving the EPP was a key pledge by David Cameron during the leadership election (see website above for quotes), and that a failure by William Hague to go through with it would be catastrophic. "It would suggest we have been living through six months of dithering leading to a summer of incompetent failure. I cannot believe this is the reality. It would burst the Cameron bubble for good."