The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Everything you wanted to know about the EU

But were afraid to ask

Robert Oulds - 28th November 2013


With a Referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU now firmly on the cards it is time for an open, accessible and accurate book about the EU that is free from jargon. This is that book.

The book will explore the EU including explaining key issues to do with Britain and its European Union membership. It is a useful and user-friendly study that includes explaining the costs, the benefits, why the EU is supported, how it works and why it has the policies it does. The choices for Britain are also looked at, such as can the EU be reformed as are the issues of how Britain can leave the EU, the way out and the implications of withdrawal. The alternatives to the EU are also examined.

The author, Robert Oulds, is the Director of the Bruges Group, a very well-known think tank specialising in the EU. This has given him a detailed knowledge of EU affairs and has brought him into contact with the main players in both the EU and the British government. He has used these contacts and access to documents not usually seen by the public to produce this book. Robert is an experienced TV, radio and press performer.

Everything you wanted to know about the EU will tell you what you need to know to navigate your way through the debate that has seized the nation’s airwaves. A debate that will only become louder and more complex as the referendum approaches.

The book is published by Bretwalda Books but copies, signed by the author, are available through the Bruges Group.

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Everything you wanted to know about the EU
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