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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

Fahrenheit E1 11

Robert Oulds


Rumour has it that following on from his attacks on President Bush Michael Moore will soon start filming what will be a fact-based blockbuster documentary exposing the corrupt workings of the European Union at home and abroad.

We have an advanced copy of the film script.

Michael Moore will first argue that, "even though the American political system allowed Bush to steal the election at least the USA has elections and publicly scrutinised appointments to key positions, unlike the European Union".

His mocking of the European Union's political structures continues with, "it is ironic that the EU is insisting on democratic reforms in Turkey when the EU is itself so undemocratic that it could not join the EU if it applied to be a member".

Then he exposes how the House of Europe was built by deceit and subterfuge.

He then looks at that which is to come. Picture his alarm at the EU Constitution. He compares and contrasts the contradictory statements made by the British government and those made by European supporters of the Constitution.

All the time Michael Moore compares the emerging European Union and its Constitution with that of the United States. He poignantly says, "the EU Constitution is nearly 300 pages long, yet America's is only 16 and that includes the amendments!"

He explains that America's Constitution actually created limited government, something Europeans have struggled with. The EU's Constitution, however, contains the Flexibility Clause this will allow for the Council of Ministers to change the Constitution at will. He remarks that the Constitution's language is ambiguous allowing the European Court of Justice and its ally the Commission to build their House of Europe with no regard for the wishes of the EU's population and even the national Parliaments of its member states.

The focus shifts to civil liberties.

The Charter of Fundamental Rights, "a threat to human rights" he exclaims.

He warns that the Charter will supplant the role of national courts and the European Court of Human Rights as guarantors of liberty, giving this power to the European Union. And he warns that Article 54 can even be used to remove the right of free speech.

He looks at the European Arrest Warrant and how it creates many new crimes, such as the vague legal notions of racism and xenophobia. It will, Moore argues, "remove the elementary safeguards of any extradition policy".

What is worse, according to Moore, is that foreign Police and Judiciary from alien legal systems, which have less regard for the rights of the individual and little for the presumption of innocence, will have Jurisdiction over British citizens who will have no recourse to the Courts in Britain or the Police.

He continues, it is proposed that Europol will be transformed into a body resembling a mix of both the FBI and the CIA. Europol, with a jurisdiction over every citizen and subject in the European Union, "it will have powers worthy of any Police State".

Moore will then tell the by now riveted audience that Europol will be completely unaccountable to the Governments of member states and any democratic institution, even the European Parliament. And that its officers, unlike Britain's police, are immune from prosecution should they commit a criminal offence in the course of their duties. Europol will also have prevalence over our own security services, which shall be relegated to information gathering for this new hybrid organisation.

Then he hits us with the case of the German journalist Hans-Martin Tillack, who was arrested on 19th March on the orders of the EU's anti-fraud office OLAF. Hans-Martin Tillack, who was investigating EU fraud, was taken into custody and his personal papers, computer and archives confiscated in an effort to identify his sources for revelations about EU corruption.

Moore asks, "is 1984 emerging?"

This leads nicely into the topic of EU Corruption. He shows how the accounts have not been signed off for over eight years. Michael Moore says, "Not even Arthur Anderson can sign off the EU's accounts. Okay, we had Enron..." Moore declares "but at least they are being prosecuted. In the EU the pigs with their snouts in the trough are running the show".

Moore moves onto international affairs.

He is worried about the establishment of an EU foreign and defence policy. This he suggests will be French foreign policy writ large.

Moore will look at the EU's dealings with Putin's Russia and other unsavory regimes particularly the pressure for the lifting of the arms embargo on China. He then focuses on the EU's Galileo project which has ambitions to harness the key military technology of our age - the ability to use satellite-positioning technology making possible the development of high-accuracy all-weather weapons targeting and enhanced command and control systems. The EU's business partners in the Galileo project include the People's Republic of China. This, Moore suggests, could threaten world peace.

He then exposes how the European Union's aid program to the Palestinian Authority is being diverted to fund terrorism.

Great fun is made of French, German and Russian economic ties with Saddam Hussein's Iraq. He deviates onto the corruption of the UN's oil-for-food program. Moore really does leave no stone unturned. He even uses controversial sources that reportedly show the close personal relationship between the corrupt tyrant and the President of Iraq, i.e. Chirac and Saddam Hussein.

Apparently upon hearing of the capture of Saddam Hussein by US forces and learning of the terrible physical and mental state and the squalid conditions in which Hussein had been living Jacques Chirac remarked that,

'Obviously Saddam's gassing of Halabja, his draining of the Marsh Arabs lands and the attacking of his neighbours was just a cry for help. Could not America have seen that that he was suffering from low self-esteem? It was classic attention seeking behaviour. He made his plea for approval the only way he knew by lashing out. All Blair and Bush did was to reciprocate that negativity by attacking him. Why did the Anglese only hear Saddam's angry speeches but fail to search for the hurt little boy beneath those words? Inside that maniacal mass-murderer - beneath the veneer of evil and sadism - there was a scared little child searching for love. The war could have been avoided if only U.S. forces had met Saddam's emotional needs, giving him the love and approval he so desperately sought'.

Moore, supported by Bob Geldof, also attacks the EU's Common Agricultural Policy and French-inspired aggressive trade practices, such as the dumping of sugar on the world market. This, Michael Moore argues, is "literally killing people in the third world. In fact it is killing more people than all of Dubya's bombs".

This could all be coming to a cinema near you. Unfortunately, however, the factual world of the EU's unscrupulous activities is not as in vogue as America bashing.

This is taken from an article by Robert Oulds for The European Journal

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