The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Britain, the EU and the USA

Tuesday, 10th July 2012

Charles Moore

John O'Sullivan CBE


Charles Moore - Charles Moore on the EU

John O'Sullivan, CBE - The Crisis in the EU

With the speakers; Charles Moore, former Editor of The Daily Telegraph and John O’Sullivan, CBE, political commentator and journalist


Charles Moore is a British journalist and former editor of The Daily Telegraph. He was also a former editor of The Spectator (1984–90) The Sunday Telegraph (1992-5) and The Daily Telegraph (1995-2003); he stooddown from the last post to spend more time writing Margaret Thatcher’s authorised biography, which will be published after her death.

Charles Moore currently writes for a number of the publications that he once edited, The Spectator and The Sunday and Daily Telegraph. He was also the Chairman of the Policy Exchange think tank.

John O’Sullivan is the Executive Editor of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. RFE / RL broadcasts to 21 Countries in 28 Languages providing news, information, and responsible discussion of domestic and international issues to countries where free and independent media are not permitted, or not yet fully established.

John is also a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington. His previous posts have included Special Adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. John has served as editor of many respected international affairs magazines and was Associate Editor of The Times.

He is the founder and Co-Chairman of the New Atlantic Initiative, dedicated to reinvigorating and expanding the Atlantic community of democracies. The N.A.I. was formally launched at the Congress of Prague in May 1996 by President Václav Havel and Lady Thatcher. John is on the Advisory Council of the Social Affairs Unit and the Bruges Group. In 1991 John was awarded a C.B.E.