The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The Renegotiation That Never Was

Voting to leave the European Union

22nd March 2016
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The speakers:-
The Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Member of Parliament, Dr Ruth Lea, Economist, & John Baron MP, BBC Parliamentarian of the Year for 2013.
Scroll down for the videos of the speeches.


The Speakers

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The Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
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John Baron MP


Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
Dr Ruth Lea
John Baron MP


Flickr Gallery 22nd March 2016

Address of Event

Princess Alexandra Hall
Royal Over-Seas League
Over-Seas House
6 Park Place
St James’s Street
London SW1A 1LR

Map of Event