The Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI) exam certifies a participant's expertise of Cisco's SD-WAN solution, covering SD-WAN infrastructure, control system configuration, edge router operation, protocols, encryption, quality of the service, administration, and management. In both the cloud server and the office, you'll need to become a master of protocols. You must be confident in your ability to develop robust application-aware regulations. So at the SD-WAN scale, even transfers are more sophisticated and complex. Here's where you must be mentally alert for anything. Clearing the main exam and one specialization test is required to achieve the CCNP Enterprise credential.

This Cisco learning can be employed for 300-415 ENSDWI competitive exams, inducting system administrators, personal and team training, or even a Cisco reference tool for anybody who administers IT development. This training will benefit system integrators, network & system architects, network operators, and product designers.

Overview of the exam:

You will be charged USD 300 for the exam, and you'll have 90 minutes to finish it. The exam can be given in both Japanese and English. Cisco examinations are valid for three years at the associate and professional levels and two years at the expert level. Individuals will be got an email informing them of the following steps within 24 hours after completing their qualifying exam. To start the fulfillment process, you meet the requirements.

In Cisco 300-415 dumps all topics are covered, and it includes topics like:

  • Moving from a WAN to an SD-WAN
  • Configuring computing infrastructure and branch communication protocols
  • Improved management, database, and software regulations are being implemented.
  • Controller installation when deploying and transferring SD-WANs
  • Edge device deployment and replacement


Architecture 20%

Explain the Cisco SD-WAN Design, Elements, and WAN Edge System Forms and Features.

Controller Deployment 15%

  • Explain how to deploy a controller cloud.
  • Setup control-plane communication amongst controllers, validate licenses and troubleshoot

Deployment Of Routers 20%

  • Explain how to set up a WAN Edge setup.
  • Configure and analyze the OMP, TLOCs, CLI, and vManage features.

Policies 20%

  • Set up and test control strategies.
  • Data regulations, end-to-end division, SD-WAN application-aware routing, & direct Web access are just a few of the features available.

Security and QoS 15%

Configure and evaluate service installation, QoS management, and web filtering on WAN routers and Explain what an application-aware firewall is.

Management and Operations10%

  • Describe vManage maintenance, monitoring, and upgrades.
  • Set up and evaluate reporting and monitoring Describe the tracking of REST APIs.

Who Should Go ENSDWI Certification 300-415?

This CCNP Enterprise program is associate-level Cisco certification developed with network administrators. This SD-WAN skills training is for system administrators with three to five years of SD-WAN architecture expertise.

Engineers who are new or are in a period of growth. You're certainly coming from a career in system administration or network monitoring management if you're a new network engineer looking for your CCNP Enterprise. Expand your knowledge of enterprise solutions and software-defined techniques by taking the next step toward SD-WAN implementation.

Network engineers with a lot of experience. The CCNP Enterprise was intended for you unless you're a systems engineer with many years of expertise on a vast network. When this concerns your concentration exam, you have a few alternatives like Passleader 300-415. Still, if you're interested in controlling operating system networks at a market scale, the 300-415 ENSDWI is the one to take. 

Essential Topics In The Exam 

What is the easy way to schedule the Cisco 300-415 exam?

  • Visit Pearson VUE and register into your account.
  • Choose Proctored Exams, then type in 300-415 as the exam code.
  • To register, follow the directions.

Final Words:
If you want to specialize in software-defined WANs, the 300-415 ENSDWI is the exam for you. Many of the skills you've earned over your career will need to be improved and expanded on when it comes to building, deploying, implementing, and operating SD-WANs for complex systems.