The first thing we must do in examining the weakness of our government's current negotiating strategy is to look at the reality of the strength of our position as a nation. The first thing that everyone in Britain should know is the reason for this figure of 40 billion that we have agreed to pay to the EU. We do not owe them this money, in fact, we owe the EU nothing. No, we have agreed to pay this money, because, without it, the EU will be insolvent for 24 months! It also needs to be understood that we have a trade deficit with the EU of 70 billion per annum, meaning under WTO rules, they'd be paying us 13 billion a year. We have handed over 423 billion to date and the EU just haemorrhages this money. For example, the migrant budget has been increased from 2.4 billion to 43 billion in 2 years. This kind of growth is completely unsustainable. Even the government does not understand this. I spoke to a senior cabinet minister last week who told me that the government 'do not understand the strength of their own position.' They have bought into the fear mongering so absolutely that they can no longer understand their own strength.

The second thing we must understand is who it is who has undermined us and, unfortunately, it is those within our own government and civil service. These people are making a conservative effort to undermine the will of the British people by endeavouring to stay in the European Union in everything but name (e.g. Single Market, Customs Union, Freedom of Movement) and these are the people who would ruin any chance we have of getting a good deal. The Lords have had votes, the government has formed committees and the civil service has leaked information, all in an attempt to subvert our will. I believe that our position has been so undermined that we have no choice but to push for a no-deal.

This is the third thing. A no-deal outcome is not actually a failure. If we left with no deal, several EU industries would be completely destroyed (e.g. Denmark's flour industry) and their biggest customer would be gone, not to mention the economic crisis that the EU would be thrown into. The sad fact is that our government, CCHQ, is more scared of Jacob Reese-Mogg than it is of Jeremy Corbyn which is precisely why we may end up with a Corbyn government. There seems to me only one surefire way to get Corbyn as PM and it comes down to Brexit.

If the government does not deliver a clean break from the European Union, if we continue to cave in on fishing rights, if we remain a member of the Single Market and the Customs Union, if we continue to kowtow on the free movement of people and to pump even more money into the EU, then several things will happen. First, it will be seen as a failure by the rest of the Union and no one else will try. It will be seen as another win for the EU as it was with the other referendums that have been had (France, Ireland etc.) and we will have strengthened the EU's position in an unprecedented way and irrevocably damaged our own. The EU will build a European Army, Poland will be forced to accept the Euro (only 15% currently want that) and Hungary will be forced to take the migrants they don't want. From then on, Britain will be a head on a spike, held up as a warning to anyone else who tries to take on the European Union. The second thing that will happen is that the British public, both Remainers and those who campaigned to Leave, will realise that for the first time in modern history, the British Government completely ignored the will of the people. This, I believe, will have political consequences. Either UKIP will rise from the ashes or, probably more likely, a new party will form that promises to right the wrongs of this government. And the Conservative vote will split and if that happens, Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister of Great Britain.

If we continue to undermine our position and swallow the lie that a bad deal is better than no deal, we will let down our friends on the continent and we will have paved the way for the EU to expand and become even more tyrannical. We will have allowed the traitors in our own government to win and finally, this government will make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister. It is time for us to understand our strength, to say 'No!' as Baroness Thatcher once did and look forward to a shining independent Britain.

By Daniel Mcilhiney