As relentless as Boris Johnson's demise, the boundaries of the ridiculousness of Wokeism continue to be pushed.

At Durham University, the Chancellor faced calls to resign or be sacked by a tiny minority of students for allowing Rod Liddle a platform, despite him receiving a standing ovation for his speech, which leant substantially towards inclusivity.

In Scotland, rapidly becoming the world's largest Petrie dish for Woke extremism, Scottish rape victims face the ignominy of being recorded statistically as having been raped by a female with a penis from the summer of 2022 to appease gender indentitarians.

In New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern's totalitarian instincts have moved beyond COVID-19 lockdown extremism to making it illegal for over 14s born after a certain date from ever legally buying cigarettes or tobacco. She clearly knows nothing of the impact of prohibition.

Finally, as reported by the Jewish Chronicle, the most chilling and overt example of the suppression of free speech and censorship in the University system:

Jews and white people were banned from a student meeting at Goldsmiths, University of London, that discussed "defending Palestine".

The meeting last month, which was strictly limited to students who were "African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean and other black communities", was part of an effort by pro-Palestine activists to use a student strike against job cuts at the university to campaign for their cause.