May is still pushing her so-called Withdrawal Agreement, even though MPs voted it down by 432 to 202 on 24 January. She is demanding that MPs vote again on it, still using No-Deal as a threat not an opportunity.

Her chief adviser Oliver Robbins said, in a staged leak, that she will give MPs a choice - her deal, or a 'long' postponement of Brexit. Brexit has been delayed for far too long already! Extending Article 50 would keep us in the EU. So would her deal.

Extending Article 50 would solve nothing. A general election would solve nothing. Only leaving will cut the Gordian knot that MPs have tied.

May's deal is the deal that the EU wanted. Michel Barnier, the EU's lead negotiator, tweeted in 2016: "I would have succeeded in my task if, in the end, the deal is so hard on the British that they'll prefer staying in the EU." Juncker boasted that the EU got 'almost everything' it wanted. She is now openly aligned with the EU's leaders in trying to impose this deal.

Her deal is a Remainer Agreement, it is a con, it is BRINO, Brexit in name only, it is No Brexit.

Her deal would seal us back into the EU, back into the EU's single market and its customs union. As Oliver Robbins said, the backstop is not a 'safety net' but 'a bridge' back into the EU.

Under her deal, we would have to pay the EU whatever it wants, not just the £39 billion.

Under her deal, the EU would keep control of our laws, trade, borders and waters, and even of our defence.

Her deal would trap us without an exit. It is a legally binding international treaty that can only be changed by the unanimous consent of the 27 EU member states.

Her deal has no exit clause. As the Attorney General stated, "in international law the Protocol would endure indefinitely until a superseding agreement took its place, in whole or in part, as set out therein. Further, the Withdrawal Agreement cannot provide a legal means of compelling the EU to conclude such an agreement." So, we are locked into the deal unless the EU agrees to let us out. The EU does not want us to leave, so it could just block an agreement forever.

Under her deal, the EU bars the exit. The Protocol does not "enable the UK lawfully to exit the UK-wide customs union without a subsequent agreement. This remains the case even if the parties are still negotiating many years later, and even if the parties believe that talks have clearly broken down and there is no prospect of a future relationship agreement." Note, 'many years later'.

We the people voted to leave, but to leave, we must do far more. Most MPs do not want to leave. They are stringing us along, saying one thing and doing another. We must make them do as they pledged – do what we told them to do. We must spell out to MPs that they must vote down this con of a deal.

Our sovereignty is not theirs to give away. Our democracy is not theirs to give away.

Our decision to leave the EU raises the question, who rules? The people of Britain or Parliament? Parliament is sovereign only in the sense that no force outside Britain can tell it what to do. Parliament is not sovereign over the people. The people are sovereign, not Parliament.