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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The End of The Road

signpost-5274077_1920 Our future destroyed?

For over a century the UK has struggled with political realism and to an extent, its identity. In 1918 the Labour Parties pamphlet 'Labour and the New Social Order' set out an essentially communist agenda. Beatrice and Sidney Webb's 1920 book ' Constitution For The Socialist Commonwealth Of Great Britain' fleshed it out. Many were taken in by talk of workers' democracy and the building of a fairer world. Events in Russia and the crushing of a nascent democracy by the Communists, rang few alarm bells. The obvious lesson that socialism in any form required total obedience was drawn by few. Militant unions did understand and began a campaign to undermine and destroy democracy. A campaign that still exists. Many were, and are, controlled by hard line communists. Before Hitler invaded the USSR, unions under orders from Moscow had sought to sabotage Britain's war production. With the USSR's entry into the war their orders changed and they cooperated.

The left were rewarded in 1945 with the election of Attlee's government. Its manifesto was clear. "The Labour Party is a Socialist Party, and proud of it. Its ultimate purpose at home is the establishment of the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain - free, democratic, efficient, progressive, public-spirited, its material resources organised in the service of the British people." It also stated, "Labour believes in land nationalisation and will work towards it". There was nothing new in these ambitions. Attlee was determined to bring the new state into being. Trade Unions were an essential part of the new order. In the 1951 General Election, the public tired of control, poverty and being preached at voted in a Conservative government under Churchill.

Churchill was one of the few who realised the threat posed by socialism. He was blamed by many for proclaiming that threat and thereby losing the '45 election. Britain faced terrible problems and, no longer a well man, Churchill seems to have lost the will to deal with the state created by Attlee. The unions had no such scruples. Militant Unions, many under orders from Moscow, deliberately destroyed swathes of British Industry. Union members blindly followed a leadership which held them in contempt. Members were used for political ends at the cost of their livelihoods. A succession of Tory governments abjectly surrendered. Indeed, Union barons famously dictated policy over beer and sandwiches in 10 Downing street. Not until the Thatcher government was there any attempt to free the country from this tyranny.

Thatcher was removed before she could complete the task. Since then we have had a succession of governments all either institutionally favouring socialism or frightened to deal with it. In fairness, Blair did seek to water down Labour's socialism, but failed to transform it into a centrist 'Liberal' force. As a result, but for the brief Thatcher interlude, the UK has been subjected to the virus of socialism since 1945. It is a virus because being incompatible with free enterprise it can only succeed by attacking the countries fabric. It is incompatible with democracy too. The parliamentary Labour party has sought to present itself as democratic. They have left office when defeated at the polls. However, the systems set up by them have made reform a too frightening agenda for successive Tory governments. Militant Unions have never given up on a Socialist Commonwealth Of Great Britain and are again flexing their muscle. They know that they can only achieve socialism by destroying the capitalist system and that means democracy too. Jeremy Corbyn, who Starmer supported was fairly honest with his left-wing agenda. Of course no socialist or union boss is going to be completely honest. Why would you tell the fatted calf you were going to kill it?

Starmer supported Corbyn wholeheartedly. Despite his seemingly emollient attitude he is from the hard left. In July 1986, Starmer wrote in the first issue of Socialist Alternatives that trade unions should have had control over the "industry and community". He wrote in Socialist Lawyer that "Karl Marx was, of course, right" in saying it was pointless to believe a change of society could only be achieved by arguing about fundamental rights. The passage of time has not softened his view. In a January 2020 interview, Starmer described himself as a socialist. Those true to socialism say he is a Political Chameleon, certainly he seems to have advanced by agreeing with whatever seemed to help his career.

Rather, like Cruella De Vil's assistant, Frederick, in 101 Dalmatians. When asked about spots:

- Frederick: "I thought we liked stripes this year."
- Cruella De Vil: "What kind of sycophant are you?"
- Frederick: "What kind of sycophant would you like me to be?"

Starmer is intent on being all things to all men. From a man who tried desperately to overthrow democracy to a champion of dealing with immigration and reversing his party's support for cheap immigrant labour.

Democracy has many advantages. Its disadvantage is that it is open to those who would destroy it. Those who, when in power, take democracy away. Its other main disadvantage is that it allows the ill-intentioned and incompetent to flourish. To flourish and like a cancer eat away at its heart. An example is George Osborne's misuse of the civil service to support the pro EU BREXIT campaign. In this he was ably assisted by the OBR. An organisation he created to mark the treasuries homework and, of course, provide successive chancellors with a get out of jail free card. A three man team make OBR's decision. All have institutional, corporate and big bank backgrounds. One of them, Prof. David Miles, is a Member of the Commission of the Central Bank of Ireland. The Central Bank of Ireland is Ireland's central bank. It is part of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). The OBR is privy to UK government economic planning. Is it sensible to have an EU functionary as part of a Triumvirate that now makes UK policy? Indeed. is the OBR worth while? We elect politicians to govern and take responsibility for their actions, not create shields to hide behind. David Smith, the Sunday Times Economics Editor publishes an annual league table of forecasting organisations. In 2021 The OBR were correct in two out of ten predictions and came 18th out of 34. Even worse, the BBC's favourite doomsayers the EU one out of ten and number 30. The OECD also one correct out of ten they were 33rd out of 34. That most forecasting organisation are worse at their trade than Mystic Meg does not deter politicians from hanging on their every false prediction.

Lis Truss, is now subjected to endless abuse bordering on character assassination. She was for a few weeks a beacon of light in the fight against the virus that afflicts us. She was brought down by a combination of the Blob, Global financial interests and a Tory party that is still predominantly pro EU. It is sickening that in our supposedly mature democracy, democracy can be overthrown by those who pretend to protect it. Tory MPs opened Pandora's box wide Taking advantage the civil service is now intent on finishing off this government.

Truss's plan to create a low tax high growth economy is our only hope. Instead of assisting her those paid to do so, worked against her and the country. The result is that we have a sieve for a government, ruling by leak and backstabbing. Hunt delightedly has increased our tax burden to its highest level since Attlee. His Risus sardonicus is that of an unelected man who is enjoying revenge. He and Sunak with the craven support of Tory MPs seem set on a mission to destroy our future. Corporation tax is higher than other G7 countries. Already major investors are looking elsewhere. There is no reform of electricity pricing. The reintroduced ban on fracking continuers the subsidy of green energy. There is no reform of VAT. No progress or intent in respect of Supply side reform. Tax free zones are no longer mentioned. The CBI want more immigration to hold down wages and the government's half-hearted immigration policies make it clear they will have their way.

We are suffering from an hysterical response to covid that closed our economy for two years. Internationally things are bad and impact us. However, the real problem is lack of proper and timely action. We have protected the NHS with oil gushing sums to the point that most of it is no longer fit for purpose. The problem can only be solved by root and branch reform - not shovelling endless sums down a never quieted squawking throat. The public sector has ballooned without any discernible benefit. Waste, for example £30 billion spent on test and trace and the £16 billion lost to Covid fraud is shrugged off. Indeed, Sunak's self created black hole is the result of government incompetence. Why on earth should we believe it will get better? Why would anyone believe that it was actually caused by Truss's attempt at conservatism?

The world has not really recovered from the 2007/8 crash. The Bankers and Markets that caused it and were bailed out by taxpayers and now making out like bandits. Why no windfall tax on them? Why is the UK paying interest on QE money given to banks? The BOJ and ECB don't. Why is the life blood being squeezed out of our future when there are obvious and legitimate mean that do not require that?

If we had a government that was remotely interested in a decent future we would not still be fiddling around with finishing BREXIT. We would not be ignoring the treasure under our feet that requires fracking. We should not be paying the French and Chinese to build Power Stations when we have a domestic answer. Rolls Royce's small modular reactors are safe, efficient and would create high value jobs and export potential.

In my view we are cursed with incompetent venal politicians of all parties. We desperately need a reset. We need democracy restored. I, together with millions of others voted to leave the EU. I did so to restore democratic accountability and the potential that it would unleash for all our citizens. Conservative MPs have stolen that future and imperilled our democracy. Plainly they wish to cling on to their jobs. There is a way they can redeem themselves. Those who claim to support democracy. Those who pretend to believe in our future. Those who pay lip service to the idea of a low tax, high pay and skilled economy can resign the whip. They can form a new party with real conservative pro British values. For the next two years they can mitigate the Sunak/Hunt disaster by agreeing to keep them in power - at a price. The price is democracy and the Countries future. If there are any decent people left as MPs and Ministers it is beyond time they stood up and were counted. 

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