By Daniel Bullen

I outline in my book The Occupation of Britain that the two main political parties are split on the European issue. We are led to believe that it is only the Conservative Party that is split on the issue. We all know about the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 whereby John Major's government was wrecked over the issue. Intra-political party splits on the European issue is not confined to the Conservative Party (not defending them at all) but also to the Labour Party, but on a more behind-closed doors basis.

Why am I writing about this? This is because recently, we've see a lifelong Eurosceptic Labour politician (Jeremy Corbyn) who made a speech saying that he wants to ignore the Brexit vote by wanting to stay in what most Labour politicians call 'a' customs union. It is basically the Customs Union, but labelled differently. They're hoping that you, the voter, the reader doesn't get what they mean. Labour, like the Conservatives, stood on the podium during the 2017 snap General Election that they wanted out of all the EU's institutions, from the EU itself to the Customs Union as well as the Single Market. Guess what. Labour got some seats in the House of Commons from 232 to 261. In August 2017, they changed their minds and since then, they've been doing all they can to wreck the government by opposing everything that would take Britain out of the unelected EU, including the Customs Union.

Back to the point, the Customs Union is a construct that basically means that member states can't go sign trade deals independently. In most cases, as part of the EU occupying Britain, the British government weren't allowed to speak and in some cases, not even allowed in the room whenever the World Trade Organisation (WTO) would meet. This is the kind of thing Labour wants. The likes of Michael Foot, Tony Benn, Hugh Gaitskell and Peter Shore along with others must surely be doing somersaults in their graves.

Back to the cynicism of Corbyn wanting Customs Union membership just for the sake of appeasing the Blairites in the Labour Party and the whack-jobs in Momentum, who are most likely to be on Adderall. Before Corbyn's speech, Labour was accused of failing to clarify its stance, and many Labour MPs tried to make their leader commit to Single Market membership thereby also ignoring the vote. For example, interviewed on the BBC's Andrew Marr programme in January 2018, he explained that he wanted to maintain the closest possible relationship with the EU and maintain regulatory alignment. We also heard about the Labour Party pretending to accept the referendum result but keep wrecking a piece of legislation that provides legal certainty just so they can laugh and flirt their way into power. Take that anti-British scum Chukka Ummuna who added his amendments in the hope that the vote will be ignored.

This is what I think will happen if Corbyn continues on the path of forcing Britain to stay in the Customs Union. Traditional Labour voters will drift away from the Labour Party as they realise Corbyn is more intent on pandering to the wishes of middle-class, Marx-loving, university students and speaking at rock concerts, than actually addressing issues of real concern to them, such as immigration and leaving the unelected EU. It should therefore have come as no surprise that the Conservative Party achieved wins in former Labour strongholds such as Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent South in the 2017 General Election. The gaping chasm in place is between the national Labour Party and the Party at a local level. Despite having strong control over the Parliamentary party, Momentum were unable to dictate to constituency parties in areas such as Morecombe, Southend or Carlisle, who they should select as their candidate. They then suffered a string of stinging defeats. Leave voting towns such as these were being profoundly let down by the liberal, Remoaner snobbery which infested the management echelons of their party. Voters will not stand for it. I think that most of those voters will likely go to UKIP, as I can't see them going to vote for the Conservatives. Potentially, they might surprise us by holding their noses up and reluctantly voting for the Conservatives just to give Labour a big kick in the teeth. If that were to happen, 2022, or whenever another snap general election takes place, the Conservatives, I think would win 300-400 seats in the House of Commons with Labour winning between 100-200. This is because of the European issue. A lot of people will remember Labour in the 1960s right the way to the 1980s that they were against the EEC. I talked about the 1983 general election, whereby Labour would leave the EEC, which was dubbed the longest suicide note in history. For more information, but my book using the link below:

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