‚ÄčContrary to the mainstream point of view, a post Brexit Britain is an open Britain.

While Brexit is portrayed as a very isolationist, nationalist vote, Sir Desmond Swayne MP said it's a very much outward-looking event.

"United Kingdom is going to re-establish its place in the world and it's an attempt to actually maximize that," Swayne said. "Remember we're not leaving Europe, we will continue to want to cooperate on a whole number of very important strategic questions and issues with our allies and partners in the European Union."

In an interview with The Bruges Group, Swayne commented on the current status of negotiations, EU militarization, and the unique precedent the United Kingdom is setting for other EU countries wanting out of the union. He also discussed policy possibilities of Brexit under a government that strongly embodies Leave beliefs. 

Watch the interview above for the full conversation.