• 1.Why are you plotting to thwart the democratically mandated instruction of the majority in the United Kingdom - to leave the European Union – its customs union, single market, court and ECB dictates? You lost the 2014 referendum. Scotland's people voted to remain part of the UK. You have a dictator's attitude to the people: twist their arm, nag and bully them till they fall into line.
  • 2.Why are you using your personal expertise to thwart a democratically made decision? Your anti-democratic behaviour is not just repetitive, but Orwellian; your plan being to bury the result of the 2016 referendum because it wasn't the one you wanted. By the by, north of the Border, the vote to remain in the EU was NOT unanimous. A good third of the population (particularly from fishing communities) voted to leave the EU.
  • 3.The ECJ agreed quickly to your article 50 issue because the EU and its court want to reverse the Brexit referendum decision – as is their anti-democratic and anti-nation habit. They change or keep whatever rules they wish; no 'people's vote' needed at the ECJ!You can take no credit for anything and a reduction in your crowing is called for. Stop your vainglorious boasting.
  • 4.The SNP's craving for freedom of movement is already leading to the downfall of the Scottish government since current immigration into Scotland by poor people from the EU is ALREADY putting strain on local authority budgets, schools, housing and the NHS. Not everyone from the EU is a Rumanian who accepts work in the Highlands and Islands. Together with the SNP's disastrous anti-CO2 energy policies, the EU non-negotiable 'pillar' of free movement will soon lead to a crisis for Scotland's economy. Are you aware that freedom of movement is incompatible with a strong national economy – especially an economy that punishes fossil fuel use?

The SNP used to be a progressive party, but your behaviour over Brexit proves it to be intolerant and anti-democratic. May be in the EU you see similar characteristics.