Having listened to the ravings of the men from Brussels as they become increasingly afraid of a 'no deal' scenario, it is heartening to hear the latest outburst from a man who is supposed to show responsible leadership to the EU and the rest of Europe. I am outraged (but rather pleased) by the highly inflammatory comments that Donald Tusk made. I am outraged by his boorish behaviour, blatant display of disrespect, rudeness, lack of education, tact, and diplomacy, and by his crass stupidity. However, at the same time I am also rather pleased that the man has finally shown his true colours: an anti-UK bigot. As I have been arguing for some seven months in various blogs and books, we cannot hope to ever arrive at a deal when dealing with (in the words of Nicholas Ridley) "…unelected reject politicians with no accountability to anybody, who are not responsible for raising taxes, just spending money…" and who are not subject to a democratic voting process. Tusk has shown himself to be an inconsequential moron; the country would do well to remember, however, that he is representative of the sort of politician/civil servant with whom our government is forced to deal.

For other examples of boorish behaviour, one only has to examine the record of Guy Verhofstadt, who for some reason feels his vocation is one of a stand-up comedian. Some time ago he mocked the UK's desire to replace our EU passports with the traditional UK passport, saying that: "If we had known in advance that blue was so important to the UK, we could simply have replaced our passports by this one." In February 2018, he called UKIP a 'racist' party, and in January 2019, he stated that he hoped Mrs May and Mr Corbyn would do more than simply 'eat biscuits and drink tea'. Such mockery is typical of the man and typical of the people with whom we are dealing. Allied to these two morons is the self-confessed liar Jean-Claude Juncker, plus the Anglophobe Michel Barnier. Anyone who wonders why we have taken so long to even come close to an agreement should examine the record of these individuals, and then they will understand. They are snide liars and bullies, and if they are representative of the sort of person who EU members deem fit to represent them, then I for one feel that my decision to vote 'leave' has been vindicated. I do not want these arrogant, unelected racists representing me or my country at anything, let alone an international forum.

But, why am I pleased by this latest outburst? It shows, as I have argued over the last two years, that a 'no deal' will hurt the EU far more than it hurts us. Under a 'no deal' we could revert to WTO terms of trade (as does most of the world), and as for the Irish 'backstop' – as nobody on the island of Ireland wants a hard border, nor do the UK and Irish governments, why are we even talking about it? Hopefully we will leave without an agreement, and if Brussels wants to build (and police) a hard border – them let them do it. As we will no longer be a member of the EU, they could not build border controls on UK soil, so would have to do so on the soil of the Irish Republic, and this would have to be staffed by an EU police force, or Army. I would love to see the reaction of Irish citizens were this to happen! David Cameron's prophecy of a war in Europe would have come true – but not, perhaps, in the way he envisaged it!

The truth is that the 'reject politicians' who control the EU are beginning to lose their nerve, as the date for our departure is just around the corner. My message to the government is to ignore the Fifth-Column EU –sponsored traitors such as Blair, Mandelson, and Clegg, and hold out for what we have always wanted: a free trade deal, and no other connections with the EU. If May holds her ground, the EU will blink first; if they do not, then go for a 'no deal' exit, which will leave us without any obligations to the EU, and we can take our £39 billion and invest it in the future of the United Kingdom. Whatever the government does, remember that one NEVER gives in to bullies.