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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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Spearheading the intellectual battle against the EU. And for new thinking in international affairs.

Hatred and Hypocrisy, Froth and Wobble


As Boris hatred reaches yet another crescendo the media, opposition parties and remainers in the Civil Service and assorted Quangos hugged their self perceived purity. Like a pack of crazed Wolves scenting blood, they moved in for the kill. The impending power disaster. Possible wars in Ukraine and Taiwan. The woke destruction of culture and free speech. NHS failure. Continued EU obstruction. All paled into insignificance compared with whether a bunch of people working in a bubble held a virtual quiz or had a few drinks.

Of course, many joining the bash Boris feeding frenzy may well be as pure as the driven snow. Others may regret breaking Covid restrictions to drive hundreds of miles for a birthday party. Spreading the disease to the Isles. Who knows, even regret that their tenure as DPP was marred by a failure to act against sexual predation. Could some even regret being part of an attempt to overthrow democracy? Tony Blair was elected partly as 'Mr. Clean' vowing to clean up Tory sleaze. Some, unkindly, remember that within six months he'd been forced to disgorge a million pounds taken to exempt F1 racing from the tobacco advertising ban. It is doubtful that any of this will give the Wolves a moments pause. Sadly, there are none so pure and innocent as those who have just discovered their purity.

None of this froth matters much in the great scheme of things. It does matter that it diverts attention from the catastrophic mistakes and omissions of the Johnson administration. Like so many, I voted for Boris because I believed that at last we had a potential leader who would put country first. Someone who would roll back the Woke sludge that threatens to suffocate the culture and democracy he was elected to defend.

There are many reasons that the Tory party and it's leader must change direction. A reset is needed, but it has nothing to do with Cheese and Wine. It concerns serious threats to our democracy, rule of law and future prosperity.

BREXIT a FIASCO? The EU has pursued a policy designed to undermine the UK. The French fishing tantrums are simply the tip of a vengeful iceberg. It was obvious that this would be the case. Despite that, our government persists with the 'Our friends' nonsense. The EU means us harm. There is no point in negotiating with a bully. He will never be content with an Olive branch. He wants the whole tree. Faced with this our government threaten and retreat, posture and prevaricate. They have cried wolf so often, not even the wolves believe it. The supine response to EU bullying is embarrassing. Worse it damages us politically and economically. The only way to free ourselves and unleash a Brexit dividend is to scrap the hostage deal and go WTO. Frost knows that. Time that Boris did too.

THE BBC is MALIGNIt has broken the contract based on which its licence was renewed. Having raised the issue through my MP, I received via him, an answer from Julia Lopez MP, Minister of State for Media, Data and Digital Infrastructure. Mrs. Lopez wrote that the Government is "Deeply disappointed with the BBC's decision to restrict the over 75's licence fee concession". She explains that the BBC is independent and the government cannot act. No comment on the evidence of deliberate discrimination and the horrific belief that supports it. No, according to Mrs. Lopez the only avenue is to pursue the BBCs complaints procedure. A procedure in which the BBC, as Judge Jury and Executioner, exonerates itself daily. The fact that the BBC has broken its contract is ignored. Mrs. Lopez has only ever worked in politics, like so many MPs. Perhaps in politics, contracts have no meaning. Does that explain this governments ineptitude?

CLIMATE CHANGE: Recently, the Bruges Group has published a series of articles on Climate Change. Also, a book, Climate, all is well, all will be well. It is plain from the scientific evidence that there is no 'Climate Emergency'. Rather, the Green agenda is driven by a coalition of far left anarchists and rent seeking businesses and landowners. Despite the evidence, our government not only pursues the Green agenda, but, proudly leads the way. The policy is madness. It will lead to energy poverty. A decline in our economy and, potentially serious health implications for society. The governments conduct of the Pandemic has been based on the 'Science'. Pandemics are important events, but will pass. Condemning our country to a preindustrial future by ignoring Science is inexplicable. The Green agenda is a criminal attack on democracy, freedom and the future prosperity of all.

THE SACRED COW: Having elevated the NHS to god status, the government has had to fight health unions over delivery of vaccines. Maybe Boris believes that pouring endless streams of cash into the NHS is the secret to holding the red wall. If so it shows just how desperately out of touch he is. Most people I know (and friends tell me the same about their circles) are furious that most GPs have been in hiding since the start of Covid. People are not stupid. They know that Hospitals are struggling because GPs are not working properly. Having to pay GPs extra to do their job is insulting. Giving money to a bloated bureaucratic NHS without demanding efficiency or improvement is absurd. Despite repeated statements that it's to early to say anything definitive about Omicron it was not too early for yet another attack on the efficacy of the AZ vaccine. Do the government and its bloated Civil Service really think that we don't notice that the daily scares orchestrated by the NHS and Big Pharma are conducted by those who benefit so much from continuing fear?

There is no doubt, in my mind, that vaccines are good. The governments latest push for more regulation however, smack rather of a mindset that has enjoyed the time in the EU. They seem to relish Civil Law and its ability to impose rather than our own Common Law that requires consent. Most people wear a mask when it's sensible, because it's sensible. They consent. That is the British way. Any government that seeks to govern without consent (as Mrs. May did) is heading for an almighty fall.

Hospital medical staff are brilliant. It is grotesque that idle GPs and bloated managers bask in the glow of that deserved glory. The NHS needs radical reform. Pretending all of it is 'Overstretched and Saving the Nation' makes that task nigh on impossible.

MAGIC MONEY TREES: Economic history proves that low taxes stimulate economies and produce more for everyone, including the tax man. It also teaches that debased currencies lead to raging inflation and economic disaster. Quantitative Easing is Money Printing by another name. It debases monies worth just as assuredly as clipping coins did. No one doubts the challenges presented by the pandemic or, seriously question the assistance that was necessary at the start. We are no longer at the start. The government's current fiscal policy has shades of Dennis Healey. Healey, famously declared he was going to "Squeeze property speculators until their pips squeak". Of course, to the far left owning a home is a class crime. He raised the top rate of Income Tax to 83%. Those that could, left the country. Others stopped producing. In the end the IMF arrived to restore order to Labour's banana economics. Is that what Boris and Sunak want? Why have they adopted a high tax high spend agenda? Wasting money on White Elephants like HS2 and Wind/Solar Power and Heat Pumps. There is a frightening lack of Critical thinking and focus in the governments actions.

THE BLOB: We were promised that the Civil Service would be shaken up, made accountable. Some Shake! Having got rid of Cummins an attack dog that turned to bite its master. No replacement has been appointed. The same old same old cushy comfortable situation has returned and the public are suffering because of it. The fact that the blob cheerful stab Boris in the back at every opportunity ought to tell him something.

THE CURSE OF WOKERY: Only a fool or anarchist could claim our schools and universities are fit for purpose. No platforming. Abuse of those who hold different opinions. Denial of scientific biology. Rewriting history. Suggesting that white people, especially British ones, were entirely responsible for slavery. All this while ignoring the history of slavery in Africa and persecution of minorities. Those happy to protest and deface our monuments are curiously reluctant to protest at the abuse by others. This anti British attitude is reinforced by the BBC. They have just announced an eight part re-imagining of around the World in 80 Days. According to David Tennant, who plays Phileas Fogg, "In many ways, Phileas Fogg represents everything that's alarming and peculiar about that old sense of British Empire. Potentially, it's a story about an England that should elicit very little sympathy". In the novel, written by a Frenchman, Fogg rises to a challenge and forgoes his comfortable life to risk his entire fortune on an adventure. During it, he saves an Indian Princess from Suttee and protects her when her distant relative is found to have left Hong Kong. He shows great resilience and common sense throughout. Finally he marries the Princess. And that's the story of a damaged man from a damaged society? Has Tennant read the book? Detective Fix, is replaced by Abigail Fix, an intrepid journalist. It's not just Fix whose replaced with a Woman. In the latest re-imagining of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure at the Globe theatre. Vincentio, the Duke of Vienna is a woman and in the end proposes Lesbian marriage to Isabella. I really don't care if people want to put on homosexual plays or attack what they perceive to be our rotten history. It's (still) a free country. What I object to is trashing other people's work. If they have a story - then tell it. Put it to the test. But of course, that would not allow the warped seed to be sewn in, especially, young minds.

It is not the government's job to censor. It does have two clear duties though. Firstly, to defend our history and culture by clamping down on vandalism. Secondly, to ensure that schools teach a fair and balanced curriculum that encourages children to research and debate. For example. Black History Month could usefully teach the affinity and patriotism that drove so many black people to join the struggle against Hitler. It could teach the facts of black African slave ownership and sales both historically and in modern times. It should encompass Barbary slavery of white people. The continuing ethnic strife and genocide in many African countries would also provide a better understanding of the issues.

We live in a time when a vociferous minority, probably less than 1% dictate to the majority. If the majority object, or just state facts, it is they who are condemned. Those who wish us harm, march at the drop of a hat. Deface monuments, prevent citizens going about their peaceful business. They never March to protest child sexual exploitation, the burning of Yazidi women, for example. Not a burnt in protest Burqa at the treatment of Women. In answer to this mob, the government hides behind 'Human Rights'. The nonsense of 'Gender Neutral' toilets is tacitly supported and those who reasonably oppose them labelled homophobic. It is right that diversity exists. It is wrong when those who hold 'normal' opinions based on science, biological fact and the mores of decent society are stigmatised because the government is to scared or lazy to speak the truth.

I voted for Johnson: He served his purpose (partly) in getting us out of the EU. He has, it seems, neither the wit or courage to complete the task. His Green pandering and high tax policies will destroy us. Short of him having a Damascene conversion I will have to admit I was wrong. Boris is in thrall to a green woke blob. Frankly, I don't care if the Tory party survives. On present form it does not deserve to. I do care about my country. Unless there is a dramatic change, it's time for Johnson to go and hand over to someone who can do more than talk. 

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