The media is trumpeting a very scary tune about a 'no deal' Brexit. Perhaps it's the swansong in their dark and gloomy concert. There will be hurdles, but we in Britain, will use our initiative and people are always at our best when we have to use our initiative.

For those who would like to rename 'no deal', the Bruges Group is welcoming suggestions. May be, 'leaving on World Trade Organization terms' or 'our deal' (as opposed to the current EU one on the PM's desk) or 'open trade' or 'Independence Day' or simply 'Brexit at last.' After all, as Robert Oulds points out, 'no deal' is a misnomer as the EU and UK are already signed up to arrangements that facilitate trade.

In January last year, the Bruges Group published the following on how Brexit can be made to work:

 Finally, if you would like to sign the petition demanding that we actually leave without a deal, you can find it here:

 The number of signatories has grown from 154,020 in the afternoon of 16th December to 232,379 at 9 p.m. on 18th.