The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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The Street Stall Trilogy (Part II)

The operation of the street stall

David and Serena O'Dea
8th April 2016

Street stall video

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This is the second tutorial on Street Stalls concerning the actual operation of your stall. The others are on the construction of the stall, and, the role of the stall in campaign armoury.

This tutorial is aimed at local activist commanders but should also be useful to regular activists. It does not assume that you have done this kind of thing before so it is aimed at giving confidence to those who have not and encouraging strategic thinking for those who have.

No tutorial like this can give an instant expertise and it is aimed at outlining some of the major considerations and really leaving it down to you to develop a thorough strategy based on your own local conditions.

So, please take the weight off your sling-backs for a little while and watch this little video.

One of the main things considered in the film is the deployment on the street of your activists. But there cannot be rigid rules. For instance, we were out with Andy in Folkestone and he had his activists out in the text-book deployment but so many people were coming to the stall to sign up and discuss various things that he had to pull some of his people back in just to cope. We need to be flexible.

Serena mentions midweek meetings to discuss how to deal with various issues, arguments and types likely to be encountered on Saturday.

Bruges Group leaflets come with a briefing document so that you can defend them in interview with local media or whatever.

This brings us to something not mentioned in the film and that is local papers and social media. Not only do your people need to be ready but we also need to be prepared with photos to send to local papers who are not going to pay a photographer Saturday rates to come and see us. We should come back to this in another tutorial.

This referendum will be won or lost on the street and this places a burden on the front-line activist to do his job well.

We hope this quirky little film will get you thinking strategically and searching for excellence in street campaigning.

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