The Bruges Group spearheads the intellectual battle against the notion of "ever-closer Union" in Europe and, above all, against British involvement in a single European state.


The EU and Sport: EU Commissioners are the new Referees
Chris Heaton-Harris MEP 

EU bureaucracy is burdening sport, just like it has burdened business; and as the EU seeks to regulate the beautiful game football is now facing a financial crisis. José Mourinho, the Chelsea Manager, may think that Referees are a problem but wait until the EU regulations start to bite

Football is once again put at the EU's disposal
Dr Helen Szamuely 

Spain will be the first country to hold a referendum on the European Constitution on February 20. The vote is expected to be a resounding yes. Nobody can accuse the Spaniards of having any doubts about a system that provides the country with enormous funds and about which they, actually, know very little.

Sport: the Marathon to Integration
Dr Lee Rotherham 

This week Britain's Olympic heroes celebrated their success by holding up the traffic in London, but the European Commission is making sport an issue that is no longer the preserve of the nation-state

The golf-ball as a symbol of integration
Dr Helen Szamuely 

The Ryder Cup and Federalism. As an attempt to build a European identity the EU has managed to impose itself on a sporting event Ė the Ryder Cup

It's that game again
Dr Helen Szamuely 

It seems that it will not be Sven that undermines the beautiful game. The European Union's Bosman ruling threatened lower league clubs, the EU then threatened Sky's television rights and the financial support this brings. And now the EU Competition Commissioner and the EU Constitution is seeking to control football


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