The Bruges Group spearheads the intellectual battle against the notion of "ever-closer Union" in Europe and, above all, against British involvement in a single European state.

Press Releases

Response to the Prime Minister's speech on the EU

Unfortunately the Prime Minister’s speech was laden with pro-EU rhetoric. David Cameron should recognise that membership of the Single Market hurts the British economy because it leads to excessive interference from Brussels. Furthermore, membership of the EU and its Single Market is not a prerequisite for trade with businesses and consumers on the continent

Why the election pledges must be honoured
Roger Helmer MEP 
Melanie Phillips 

The manifesto commitments to take back powers from Brussels and to protect the UK from the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights have been quietly dropped. To make matters worse the pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty was abandoned. At the 2010 Conservative Party Conference the Bruges Group made the case as to Why the election pledges must be honoured

MEPs should reject Baroness Cathy Ashton
Gerard Batten MEP 

It is ironic to say the least that Baroness Ashton who worked to unilaterally remove Britain's nuclear weapons is now the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Security and Defence Policy and responsible for the foreign and defence policies of the European nuclear powers: Britain and France

The City of London Under Threat
Professor Tim Congdon 

Bruges Group research shows that the EU’s proposed financial services regulations are set to destroy thousands of well-paid jobs in the City of London. These jobs – like those in manufacturing – will be forced out of the UK; losing Britain many talented professionals. Almost certainly the financial services industry will go to Asia. The EU now threatens the long term prosperity of the City of London and, by extension, the London and UK economies

Taxpayers to lose £9.7 billion

British taxpayers will lose at least £9.7 billion due to rulings by the European Court of Justice. These tax blows to the nation’s finances, coming at a time when the Government is struggling with our huge national debt, could have been prevented. However, Ken Clarke and his successor, Gordon Brown, as Chancellor failed to act on advice to amend EU tax rules. Now the only option to protect British tax law from EU interference is for the UK to regain its freedom

Does the EU have anything to fear from Cameron?
Barry Legg 

Having failed to deliver on his promise to oppose Lisbon in office, David Cameron now promises to oppose future treaties transferring power. The whole point of Lisbon is that it does away with such treaties in future. Does David Cameron really not understand this, or is he again trying to play games with words? David Cameron refuses to say how he’ll able to convince every single other EU state to agree to hand back powers to Britain. He refuses to say what he’ll do if they don’t. He refuses to say what timescale he is working to. He refuses to say what he expects to give up in negotiations

Cameron is breaking his pledge to hold a Lisbon referendum
Barry Legg 

The Bruges Group made the following statement in response to the news that David Cameron intends to renege on his pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

Are the political parties failing the voters of Britain?
Simon Heffer 
Peter Hitchens 
Barry Legg 

As faith in our elected representatives is at an all time low, the Bruges Group invited the broadcasters and columnists Simon Heffer and Peter Hitchens to discuss, alongside Barry Legg, the topic of; Are the political parties failing the voters of Britain? This event was reported on Newsnight and in a number of newspapers

Bruges Group wins battle to divorce Conservatives from the EPP
Robert Oulds 
Dr Lee Rotherham 

For the past 15 years, Conservative MEPs have been shackled to a political group that does not share their beliefs - the centrist and corporatist European Peoples Party. That body is strongly in favour of an "ever-closer union" and the gradual establishment of an EU superstate - anathema to true Conservatives

Cameron must fulfil long overdue pledge
Robert Oulds 

Mr Cameron's pledge was to leave the EPP within a matter of days. Those days became a gap of three and a half years. In the face of questions on the future Conservative alliance in Brussels, the Bruges Group proclaims its vocal support for the rapid and determined establishment of a new centre-right grouping in the European Parliament; and re-launches its original Adieu-EPP campaign which advocated the case for separation from the European People's Party

Immigration: The Impact of the EU
Sir Andrew Green KCMG 

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK, will speak to the Bruges Group on Wednesday 20th May. The meeting will be at 7.00pm at the Foreign Press Association. Sir Andrew Green will also outline a research paper published by Migrationwatch on the same day, which gives a full survey of EU asylum policy over the last 20 years

The EU and what the Conservatives should be doing about it
Fraser Nelson 
Stuart Wheeler 

As a result of Labour surrendering our nation’s democracy any future Conservative government will find itself to be in office but not in power. At this event the Bruges Group discussed their EU policy and looked at what the Conservative Party should be doing to reclaim our independence

Comment on the return of Ken Clarke
Barry Legg 

The apparent decision by David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, to allow Kenneth Clarke to return to the Shadow Cabinet but to be able to continue to disagree with the leader’s policies on the European Union is unprecedented

The EU’s Credibility Crunch: Creator of economic downturn, Impediment to recovery
Damon Lambert 

After the EU agreed its 'Economic Recovery Plan' José Manuel Barroso said “Europe has passed its credibility test”. Yet, the Bruges Group’s detailed examination of the EU’s economic policies in The EU’s Credibility Crunch finds that the European Union has been a major contributor to the economic malaise in Europe and is not a credible body to face the challenges of the downturn. And is using the economic crisis to expand its power; particularly by using it as an excuse to push for the Lisbon Treaty to be ratified and even to re-start the debate in Britain on joining the euro

How much does the European Union cost Britain? 2008
Gerard Batten MEP 

The price of the combined direct and indirect expenses of EU membership in 2008 costs Britain £55.775 billion. Set out in the latest Bruges Group research by UKIP MEP Gerard Batten, the full financial burden to Britain has now been calculated. They show a dramatic increase in the costs of the EU - A price Britain cannot afford

Dinner in the Presence of Baroness Thatcher
President Václav Klaus 
The Rt. Hon Lord Tebbit of Chingford, CH, PC 
The Rt Hon. Baroness Thatcher LG, OM, FRS 

It is time for the principles so eloquently set out by Lady Thatcher in 1988 to be embraced. Norman Tebbit called on the Conservative Party to take early action and resolve the European question. Calling on a Conservative Government to show ‘Thatcherite courage and determination’

Costly, Complex and Counterproductive: The Case Against a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base
Damon Lambert 

How proposed changes to corporation tax will damage the UK economy by reducing GDP by £73 billion and cutting investment by £58.4 billion over 10 years

20th Anniversary of the Bruges Speech
Robert Oulds 

Saturday, 20th September 2008 was the twentieth anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's seminal Bruges Speech in which she outlined an alternative vision for Britain and Europe. Margaret Thatcher’s speech is as true today as it was twenty years ago

Are the British a Servile People? Idealism and the EU
Professor Ken Minogue 

In this paper it is explained how successive British governments have surrendered our democracy to layers of international bureaucracy which have acquired completely unaccountable power over our legal, political, economic and social decisions. At the heart of the matter, Professor Minogue argues, is the curious form of idealism that disdains pride in Britain and British culture, preferring to give allegiance to a far more vaguely defined ideology of internationalism. This rejection of national sovereignty, and the subsequent embracing of unaccountable transnational institutions, as advocated by our political establishment, has led to the British people submitting to more and more authority which comes dressed as virtue

Welcoming the Irish No Vote
Robert Oulds 

British eurosceptic think-tank, the Bruges Group, has welcomed the Irish 'No' vote to the Lisbon Treaty, which is nothing more than the Constitutional Treaty Mark II. The Constitutional Treaty had been rejected by the people of France and Netherlands. Now the people of Ireland, the only country that had a referendum on Lisbon, have also rejected the re-heated EU Constitution. The peoples of other member states were refused a say on the Lisbon Treaty

The Costs of Regulation and How the EU Makes Them Worse
Robert Oulds 

This paper looks at the development of the regulatory structure and the forces that drive it – political ambition, the need for officials to make a mark for their career, single-issue lobbying organisations that do not have to deal with the consequences and, above all, the European Union. It analyses the sorry state of affairs we have found ourselves in, gives examples and even provides the solutions of how to create a freer and more harmonious society - better able to help each individual achieve his or her potential

Press Release: Politicians are fuelling distrust
Robert Oulds 

In 2005 every major party promised that the people of the United Kingdom will have a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty. The Lisbon Treaty is clearly no different from the previous one. This has been affirmed by numerous political leaders and commentators. Yet the government, Labour MPs and the Liberal-Democrats do not intend to honour their promise and vote for the referendum amendment

2007 Conference
Gerard Batten MEP 
Christopher Booker 
Bernard Connolly 
Professor Anthony Coughlan 
Marc Henri Glendenning 
Roger Helmer MEP 
Martin Howe QC 
Dr Ruth Lea CBE 
Cllr Steve Radford 
The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 

The conference showed how the EU's revived and renamed constitution threatens you and exposed what the EU plans for us next

Miliband's 'Bruges' Speech: Rebutted
Robert Oulds 

On Thursday, 15th November, the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband MP, made a speech on the European Union. This was made in the College of Europe, Bruges – where Margaret Thatcher delivered her famous Bruges Speech, from which the Bruges Group derived its name. Referring directly to Margaret Thatcher’s original Bruges Speech the Foreign Secretary set out his vision for the EU in 2030. In short, David Miliband’s attempt to set out his vision for Europe is in reality just a weak attempt to sidestep the debate about the government’s failure to keep their promise on a referendum and divert attention away from the facts of EU membership. In this he will surely fail.

Analysis of the European Court of Auditors Report
Dr Lee Rotherham 

An EU whistleblower vindicated; calamitous mistakes by British ministers that threaten to land farmers with major bills; railway companies receiving CAP grants; and the tale of the pampered sheep. Dr Lee Rotherham for the Bruges Group takes the reader on a whistlestop tour of the latest European Court of Auditors Report

The EU Constitution: Context and Predictions
Robert Oulds 
Dr Lee Rotherham 

Two years ago the Bruges Group predicted the path of the EU treaty and warned of the consequences of railroading integration on Britain. Now the Bruges Group looks at what will happen next. And how Britain can finally resolve the EU question and become a good neighbour to the continent, rather than being an overcharged lodger

The Economic Implications of the Revived and Renamed EU Constitution
Robert Oulds 

Gordon Brown’s surrender in Portugal will sign Britain up to a Treaty that will allow the European Union to undermine the last vestiges of Britain’s competitive free market, bringing to an end the reforms introduced by Margaret Thatcher.

Immigration, Asylum and the Revived EU Constitution
Robert Oulds 

The Bruges Group has uncovered that the revived and renamed EU Constitution will blow a hole wide open in Britain’s borders allowing the EU to take full control over Britain’s asylum and immigration policies

The Revived EU Constitution Breaches the Justice and Home Affairs Red Line
Robert Oulds 

Gordon Brown’s Government has watered down the UK’s opt-out on justice & security matters so that it becomes almost meaningless. As the text of the new treaty to be decided at the IGC Summit this month has become available, no doubt can remain in anybody’s mind that this is the same treaty that was rejected two years ago by the electorates of France and the Netherlands. The Bruges Group has pointed to many aspects of the text that show that those politicians who maintained that the constitution had been saved were right and our own government has been economical with the truth

The Bruges Group calls on the Conservative Party to stand firm
Robert Oulds 

As the Conservative Party Conference gets underway the Bruges Group calls for the Conservative Party to stand firm on the subject of the referendum and to make it central to their political campaign

How much does the European Union cost Britain? 2007
Gerard Batten MEP 

Gordon Brown's Government is handing-over billions of pounds of taxpayers' money to the EU. The combined direct and indirect costs of EU membership will cost Britain this year over £114,000 per minute. As a result of the Government's surrendering of the UK's rebate, and the mounting costs of pointless EU regulation, this figure is set to rise even further

European Council usurps powers of governments
Dr Helen Szamuely 

The Bruges Group has today pointed out that the European Council has, in effect carried out a coup d’état in the European Union by usurping the powers of the member states’ governments. In its conclusions and attached documents, the European Council has issued a mandate to the Inter-Governmental Conference, something it has no right to do.

Reform Treaty to revive EU Constitution
Robert Oulds 

Referring directly to the once thought dead EU Constitution the IGC mandate agreement, under the guise of bringing forth a new treaty to reform the EU, will bring in the key aspects contained in the Constitution that were rejected in the French and Dutch referenda

In advance of the Scottish Elections Lord Tebbit speaks up for the Union

Tuesday 1st May 2007, is the Tercentenary of the founding of Great Britain. The Bruges Group will be hosting a gala dinner to mark this auspicious date, and to send a powerful message to those that want to divide it

Bruges Group Conference

On Saturday, the Bruges Group will be holding a major conference in Kings College London. This conference will pave the way for withdrawal from the European Union and begin forcing this important issue onto the political agenda

EU Unfit for Purpose: So EU Court of Auditors report indicates

The European Union Court of Auditors released on Tuesday, 24th October it’s key assessment on how our money is spent. In a damning indictment of the Brussels institutions, the clear message of the EU’s very own Court of Auditors report is one of fraud, mismanagement and waste.

No time to back down over the EPP misalliance
Dr Lee Rotherham 

In the face of questions on the future Conservative alliance in Brussels, the Bruges Group today proclaims its vocal support for a rapid and determined Conservative withdrawal from the European Peoples' Party

The Yvonne Watts Case: EU encroaches on health care
Robert Oulds 

The European Court of Juctice ruling delivered on Tuesday, 16th May regarding the case of Yvonne Watts. The British Government attempted to argue that the unique nature of the NHS meant that it was not an area in which EU was relevant has been overturned. This leaves the EU free to begin interfering in British health care matters. In short, NHS health care now has the legal status of any other commodity and service which can be bought and sold and will therefore become a subject for EU regulation just like every other transaction

Another Hole in British Tax Sovereignty

On Thursday, 6th April 2006 the Advocate General issued an opinion today, which if followed by the European Court of Justice, will poke another hole in British tax sovereignty. It will mean that dividends paid from EU companies to the UK should be exempt from tax, rather than taxed as they currently are under UK law

The Yvonne Watts Case: The EU and Health Care
Robert Oulds 

The Advocate General on Thursday, 15th December, gave his long awaited ruling on the case of Yvonne Watts who, because of the long NHS waiting lists had to go abroad to recieve treatment. This decision is set to be ratified by the European Court of Justice in the spring. Combined with provisions in the EU treaties this decision covers much more than allowing one person to have the costs of a hip operation reimbursed. It paves the way for the EU to extend its powers into the area of health care

The Marks and Spencer Case: EU forces changes to British tax law
Robert Oulds 

Today the ECJ ruled on British tax law. The long awaited judgement from the unaccountable ECJ could cost the British taxpayer billions of Pounds. The fact that the EU has overturned UK tax law shows that Blair’s famous red-line, which he claimed he secured when the EU Constitution was being drafted, was in fact a red-herring. British governments had already surrendered the UK’s right to determine about 20% of this country’s taxation. The decision today shows that the EU has usurped the right to make UK tax laws. The ECJ has struck-out well-established UK rules in pursuing the Brussels goal of tax harmonisation. This will cause uncertainty for business and government funding. The government has known about this risk since at least 1999, and should now act to bring back control of the UK’s tax affairs

Logo embarrassment for Government
The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 

Lord Lamont demands answers from Jack Straw for possible infringement of Bruges Group copyright. Astonishingly, the British Government has started its Presidency of the EU by producing a logo that is strikingly similar to one owned by the Bruges Group

Plan B For Europe: Lost Opportunities in the EU Constitution Debate and the petition to Tony Blair

Alternatives to EU federalism and Conservative MPs and the Bruges Group deliver a petition to No. 10 Downing Street demanding that the PM halts implementing elements of the EU Constitution

Photo opportunity: Petition to No. 10 Downing Street

The EU Constitution is meant to be dead yet the Government is allowing the EU to implement key aspects of the Constitution despite it being rejected in two referendums. If the Prime Minister were to block the implementation of those costly measures there would be less need to surrender any of Britain’s rebate

Comment on Jack Straw's Referendum statement

A referendum is still urgently needed. The British people still need to be consulted on the EU Constitution

Lord Lamont comments on the French Referendum and the EU Constitution
The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 

The Europe of Delors, Mitterand and Kohl is dead. No means no. Europe’s self-serving political elite will make a profound mistake and create an awakening of bitterness if they try to sidestep France’s historic vote

Election analysis: The effect of UKIP/Veritas
Dr Richard North 

The failure to develop a fully Eurosceptic policy and the missed opportunity of making "Europe", in just a small way, a part of the Conservatives Party's election campaign has handicapped them and allowed Labour to retain a sizeable majority. Clearly, the Conservatives cannot afford to ignore neither "Europe" nor UKIP at the next election, if they are to stand a chance of winning and forming a government

The election issue should be Who Governs Britain?
Robert Oulds 

To highlight the importance of the European question as an election issue a senior member of the Bruges Group, Dr Lee Rotherham, is standing against the Europhile Europe Minister Denis MacShane in the constituency of Rotherham. The voters will be invited to decide Who Governs Britain? Westminster or Brussels?

The Bottom Line

A Government with guts can turn rejection of the EU Constitution into a positive vision of Europe: democratic, open, and popular, with Parliament's role restored. The Bruges Group have provided a blueprint to turn defeat of the Constitution into an enduring victory for democracy. This is Europe's last chance

The Bruges Group will fight for a no vote

The Signing of the EU Constitution: a typically undemocratic day for the EU. The Constitutional Treaty that Tony Blair signed today is not a tidying up exercise – it is the latest and biggest step in the creation of a country called the European Union.

Court Decision Reveals EU Power Vacuum to be Filled by the EU Constitution

The decision by the European Court of Justice reveals the power vacuum at the heart of the European Union's aspirations", - says Professor Tim Congdon CBE, author of the Bruges Group pamphlet, 'Will the EU's Constitution Rescue its Currency? Oliver Letwin MP said that, "The decision shows the direction of thought of the ECJ, armed with the EU Constitution, it will be all to likely to interpret the Constitution as giving a large amount of power over the economies of the member states to the central EU institutions"

Galileo: The Military and Political Dimensions

The European Union's Galileo project is a threat to peace and could force Britain to decide which side of the Atlantic her loyalties really lie. Galileo could well prove to be the Trojan horse that finally destroys the Atlantic alliance, as well as breaking up what is left of the special relationship between the UK and the US

The end of Britain's independent economic policy

Blair has surrendered control over Britain's economic and employment policy. This undermines democracy and threatens prosperity. It is a strange state of affairs that in the week when the Labour Party celebrates a 30,000 drop in unemployment its leader agrees to a Constitution that will, if ratified, lead to the enforcement of policies that are responsible for the high unemployment in France, Germany and Spain.

Welcoming the ten accession states

We take no pleasure at all in welcoming the countries that more than ten years ago courageously defeated Communism into another, though not so oppressive, supranational, centralised, over-regulated, over-bureaucratised state

The EU Constitution: Threat or Opportunity?

Tony Blair has little choice but to call a referendum on the A referendum on the EU Constitution in Britain, along with those taking part on the Continent, will clearly show that many EU member states manifest destiny is not to be part of a centralised EU. The long term implications of Tony Blair’s failed European policy (trying to influence integration by capitulation) will be to divide the EU. Tony Blair has pushed the British people too far.

Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, threatens the European Court of Justice with the UK's withdrawal from the European Union
Robert Oulds 

In the House of Commons on Tuesday, 30th March 2004 Jack Straw envisaged that the UK may withdraw from the European Union if it follows through with its policies to standardise health care provision

The EU threatens the UK's right to run and reform health care

The UK is increasingly in the position where we cannot take action to improve health care without first tackling the ‘European’ question

The Economic Consequences of the EU Constitution
The Rt Hon. Oliver Letwin MP 

The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer speaking to a Bruges Group seminar on the economic consequences of the EU Constitution

Oliver Letwin, MP exposes the EU Constitution

The Rt Hon. Oliver Letwin, MP exposes the Criminal Justice implications of the draft EU Constitution

Subsidiarity and the Illusion of Democratic Control

John Bercow seeks to analyse the history of subsidiarity. He rebutts the claim that the EU Constitution safeguards the role of national Parliaments, instead he says that it will accelerate the EU’s legislative imperialism

Giscard's draft: A Constitution to destroy Europe

The probable economic consequences of the draft EU Constitution, the already present economic disaster of European integration and future developments

The EU Constitution: It is a muddle. It is dangerous. It is not for us.

The EU Inter-Governmental Conference will begin in Rome on Saturday, 4th. Therefore, the Bruges Group has commissioned a leading Barrister – Leolin Price, CBE, QC – to give a legal opinion on the draft

Response to the Prime Minister’s speech

Tony Blair talks to the Conference Hall but fails to address the nation

Tony Blair makes his century: The Prime Minister has handed over to Brussels 100 ways to say ‘No’
Dr Lee Rotherham 

The close of the European Convention

Statement on the final draft of the EU Constitution
Robert Oulds 

Future British Governments must become leaders in the quest for a European and global free-trade association. The positive alternatives to the EU exist and must be vigorously pursued.

Tony Blair must not surrender Britain’s democracy to gain favour with Europe’s political class

At the Thessalonica negotiations Tony Blair must veto Valéry Giscard d’Estaing’s plans and push for the positive alternative of a Europe of co-operating, democratic and freetrading nation-states FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 20th JUNE 2003

The Rt Hon. Oliver Letwin MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Home Affairs, to address the Bruges Group

Mr Oliver Letwin will discuss the EU Constitution and the threat it poses to Britain’s legal system. Mr Letwin will also increase the pressure on the Government to call a referendum on this issue

Response to Gordon Brown's euro statement
The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 

Statement by Lord Lamont of Lerwick, Co-Chairman of the Bruges Group on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s statement on the euro. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9th JUNE 2003

The forthcoming announcement on the euro:

Statement prior to Gordon Brown's 'political' decision about the euro Embargoed until midnight 8th June 2003

The latest draft EU Constitution: Obscure Eurospeak hides serious consequences for Britain

Comment on Valery Giscard d'Estaing's plans for European Union FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 26th MAY 2003

Launch of Bruges Group paper Free Speech: The EU Version

Oliver Letwin, MP supports the Bruges Group paper which voices our concerns regarding the threat to free speech posed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 21st MAY 2003

The Extradition Bill
Robert Oulds 

Tony Blair’s Government is steadily signing Britain up to the illiberal and authoritarian Unitary European Superstate, where civil liberties do not apply

30 years of membership of the European Union – 30 years of hurt
Robert Oulds 

On the 30th Anniversary of the United Kindgom's Accesion to the European Union the Bruges Group assesses the consequences of membership EMBARGOED UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON 31ST DECEMBER 2002

Statement supporting Iain Duncan Smith, MP as leader of the Conservative Party

Iain Duncan Smith comes out fighting and the Bruges Group come out in support. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 7th November 2002

Britain and the euro ten years after the ERM – is history repeating itself?
The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 19TH SEPTEMBER 2002. Extracts from a speech by Norman Lamont, Vice-President of the Bruges Group, to the Allied Irish Bank in Dublin at 6.30pm on Thursday 19th September 2002. Where he talked about the lessons of the ERM for Britain and the euro.

European politicians speak-out to support the fight against EU propaganda

The Bruges Group's campaign against EU propaganda finds support on the Continent EMBARGOED UNTIL MIDNIGHT 19th June 2002

The Brussels propaganda machine

The propagandist activities of the European Union come under fire in the new Bruges Group paper No. 45 'Federalist Thought Control: The Brussels Propagands Machine EMBARGOED until midnight 18th June 2002

Press conference launching latest paper No. 45

John Redwood, MP will take part in Bruges Group press conference attacking the Brussels propaganda machine EMBARGOED UNTIL 10.30am Tuesday 18th June 2002

No Reason To Celebrate

Statement by the Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick on the EU’s celebration of Europe Day – 9th May

Democracy in Crisis: The White Paper on European Governance by Nigel Farage, MEP

Launch of New Paper No. 44

“Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice that we are not part of it.
The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 

Statement by the Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick, Vice-President of the Bruges Group, on the introduction of euro notes and coins

Launch of paper No. 43

In a new Bruges Group Paper, Dr Cris Shore details the way a ‘culture of supranationalism’ has been used to advance European Union integration. Dr Shore’s studies of the EU bureaucracy itself reveal a culture mired in scandals, corruption and nepotism – a stark warning for the peoples of Europe.

Alternatives to the European Union

Discussed at the Bruges Group’s International Conference, November 2001

Launch of new paper No. 42

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3rd October 2001 Britain and Europe: The Culture of Deceit by Christopher Booker

Response to the Prime Minister's speech: Tony Blair Can Not Win A Euro Referendum


September's political events

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 17th September 2001 Terrorist attack on US | Election of Conservative Leader

Leadership election: Bruges Group Attack Ken Clarke

Stop-Ken-Clarke-Camapign For Immediate Release: 20th August 2001 Political supporters throughout the UK are lobbied to prevent the Europhile Ken Clarke from taking over the Conservative Party Statement distributed to Conservative: MPs, MEPs, Welsh AMs, Constituency Chairman and PPCs

Statement on the Conservative leadership election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 17th June 2001 Clarke’s Proposed Fudge of the Euro Issue Will Take the Conservative Party Back to the Divisions of the Major Era

Nice Treaty – Irish Referendum Result Vindicates Bruges Group

Dirty tricks from BiE and Irish PM's attacks on the Bruges Group's support for the ‘no’ campaign fail, as Irish reject the Nice Treaty. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9th June 2001

The Metric Martyr Judgement - The Constitutional Implications

Lord Lamont Vice-President of the Bruges Group says: "...this case was a tragic, illiberal, unnecessary and appalling waste of public money." FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10th April 2001

Danish vote: Who do you think you are kidding Mr Blair?

Release date: 20th October 2000

Danish vote: Bruges Group Vindicated!

Release date: 29th September 2000

The Nice Treaty
The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 

Extracts of a speech to the Bruges Group on the Treaty of Nice

William Hague's European Policy

Launch of Latest Paper No. 40 by Dr Martin Holmes Co-chairman of the Bruges Group


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Criminal Justice and the draft Constitution

Subsidiarity and the Illusion of Democratic Control

A Constitution to destroy Europe

Giscard d'Estaing's "Constitution": muddle and danger presented in absurd prolixity

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