The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.

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European Parliament report on the Reform Treaty

Robert Oulds

The European Parliament approves the mandate for the Reform Treaty and exposes the fact that it is a guise for reviving the EU Constitution.
The European Parliament has recently approved a report by Joe Leinen, the German socialist chairman of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, on the proposed Reform Treaty. The report was approved by 500 to 111 against.

Key elements are listed below:

    Reform Treaty IS the EU Constitution revived and the Charter of Fundamental Rights is binding
    8. Welcomes, nevertheless, the fact that the mandate safeguards much of the substance of the Constitutional Treaty, notably the single legal personality of the Union and the suppression of the pillars structure, the extension of qualified majority voting in the Council and co-decision by Parliament and the Council, the elements of participatory democracy, the legally binding status of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the enhancement of the coherence of the external action of the Union and the balanced institutional package;

    Reform Treaty mandate derives from the Convention
    9. Observes that all positive results in terms of the strengthening of democratic procedures and citizens rights, in terms of enlargement of competences and in terms of definition of the EU's values and objectives derive exclusively from the work of the Convention on the Future of Europe;

    EU still pushing for the adoption of the euro
    10. Welcomes the fact that economic and monetary union was introduced in the Treaty on European Union as an objective of the EU;

    Control over energy
    11. Welcomes the fact that the mandate provides for the introduction of certain new elements in the treaties, such as the explicit mention of climate change and solidarity in the field of energy;

    EU Flag and anthem should have official status
    23. Invites its competent committee to study the introduction of a modification of its Rules of Procedure so as to lend official character to the European Union flag and hymn contained in the European Constitution in its activities and premises.