The Bruges Group spearheads the intellectual battle against the notion of "ever-closer Union" in Europe and, above all, against British involvement in a single European state.

Recent Events

The Referendum Choice: Who Governs Britain?

Sir Bill Cash MP 
Professor Anthony Coughlan 
James Delingpole 
Kelvin Hopkins MP 
Rt Hon. Peter Lilley MP 
Patrick O Flynn MEP 
Ewen Stewart 
Mary Ellen Synon 
The Rt. Hon Lord Tebbit of Chingford, CH, PC 

With Lord Tebbit, James Delingpole, Patrick O'Flynn MEP, Peter Lilley MP, Sir Bill Cash MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP, Ewen Stewart, Mary Ellen Synon and Professor Anthony Coughlan

Britain in a Global World

Philip Davies MP 
Professor David Myddelton 
Rt Hon. Owen Paterson MP 

Rejecting renegotiation, leaving the European Union; with Owen Paterson MP, Philip Davies MP and Professor David Myddelton

Life After the European Union

Daniel Hannan MEP 
Jim Mellon 

An address and question time with Daniel Hannan MEP, Conservative Member of the European Parliament, and Jim Mellon, international billionaire investor and supporter of the campaign to exit the European Union

The future of the euro

Professor Bernd Lucke MEP 

An address and question time with Professor Bernd Lucke, founder and leader of the Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland) political party which opposes the euro. Recognising that the Single Currency is harming the economy Bernd Lucke gave a very interesting perspective on the crisis in the eurozone. Professor Lucke will be discussed the future of the euro

The EU and the Future of Britain

Tim Aker MEP 
Peter Oborne 
The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 

With the speakers; Peter Oborne, Associate Editor of The Spectator, Rt Hon. John Redwood MP, Chairman of the Conservative Economic Affairs Committee and Cllr Tim Aker MEP, UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Thurrock

Democracy, the EU and the Future of Britain

Douglas Carswell MP 
Gordon Henderson MP 
Lord Stoddart of Swindon 

The Three Main Parties Debate

Restoring Self-Government to Britain

The future for Britain outside the EU

UKIP and the Future of the Conservative Party

James Delingpole 
Charles Moore 
The Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP 

With the speakers; Charles Moore, biographer of Margaret Thatcher and Former editor of the Telegraph, The Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Member of Parliament for North-East Somerset & James Delingpole, journalist, columnist, novelist and Executive Editor of

The EUís attack on Britainís most successful industry

Lars Seier Christensen 
Professor Tim Congdon 
Dr Gerard Lyons 

The Bruges Group in partnership with Bloomberg were pleased to host an address and question time with; Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Adviser to the Mayor of London, the economist Professor Tim Congdon CBE, and Lars Seier Christensen, CEO and Founder of Saxo Bank

British Politics After the European Elections

Kate Hoey MP 
Diane James MEP 
The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 

The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP, Chairman of the Conservative Economic Affairs Committee, Kate Hoey MP, Labour Party Member of Parliament for Vauxhall and Cllr Diane James MEP, recently elected UKIP Member of the European Parliament discussed British Politics After the European Elections

How the EUís Climate Alarmism is Costing You Money

Christopher Chope OBE MP 
Roger Helmer MEP 
Graham Stringer MP 

St George's Day Meeting with three leading climate sceptics from the three main political parties

Europe, UKIP and the 2015 Election and Britainís Place in a Changing World

The Hon. Bernard Jenkin MP 
Dr Ruth Lea CBE 
John Mills 
Lord Willoughby de Broke 

The Hon. Bernard Jenkin MP will talked on "Europe, UKIP and the 2015 Election", Ruth Lea discussed Britain's place in a changing world and spoke alongside the Labour supporting businessman and author of 'Europeís Economic Dilemma' John Mills who discussed the slow road to Brexit and Lord Willoughby de Broke, UKIP member of the House of Lords.

The EU: A Crisis of Democracy and the Economy

Lars Seier Christensen 
The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 
Professor David Myddelton 

Lord Lamont, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Lars Seier Christensen, CEO and Founder of Saxo Bank, and Professor David Myddelton, Economist, author and IEA Chairman discussed; the crisis of the euro and the Eurozone and the EU's undemocratic handing of power to an unaccountable technocratic elite

Which Way Out?

How Britain can withdraw from the EU. To win a referendum on leaving the EU we need to show not just why we want out but how we can best maximise the positive benefits of withdrawal

Conservatives and UKIP: enemies or allies?

Sir Bill Cash MP 
Nigel Farage MEP 
Peter Oborne 

Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of UKIP, and Peter Oborne, The Daily Telegraph's Chief Political Commentator. And Bill Cash MP, Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee discussed Conservatives and UKIP: enemies or allies?

Baroness Thatcher Tribute Evening

Dr Robin Harris 
The Rt. Hon Lord Tebbit of Chingford, CH, PC 

Lord Tebbit, former Chairman of the Conservative Party, and Dr Robin Harris, biographer of Baroness Thatcher and political author, pay their respects to the former Prime Minister and President of the Bruges Group

Germany and the euro - with Professor Bernd Lucke

Professor Bernd Lucke MEP 

An address and question time with Professor Bernd Lucke, founder and leader of the Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland) political party which opposes the euro

Immigration: Can we control it?

Gerard Batten MEP 
Sir Andrew Green KCMG 
Philip Hollobone MP 

Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch UK, alongwith the Conservative MP Philip Hollobone and the UKIP MEP Gerard Batten, discussed the important issue of immigration. A topic that is of great importance in the on-going debate surrounding EU membership

The EU, the British Economy and the City of London

Roger Bootle 
Professor Tim Congdon 
Terry Smith 

An address and question time with Terry Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of the City of London firms, Tullett Prebon and Fundsmith, the economist Professor Tim Congdon CBE, and Roger Bootle, the Managing Director of Capital Economics

From Here to the Referendum

Peter Bone MP 
Sir Richard Shepherd MP 

As we approach a referendum on the EU the MPs Sir Richard Shepherd and Peter Bone MP discussed From Here to the Referendum

Europe: The Shattering of Illusions

President Václav Klaus 

President Václav Klaus, of the Czech Republic, launched his book - Europe: The Shattering of Illusions - at a meeting of the Bruges Group in the House of Commons

Dinner celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Maastricht Rebellion

Sir Bill Cash MP 
Barry Legg 
Mark Pritchard MP 

In November 1992 26 Conservative Members of Parliament defied the government on the Paving Vote for the Maastricht Treaty. Maastricht provided the framework for European government and the establishment of the eurozone. Those who defied their own government set-out the dangers that Maastricht posed for this country and the rest of Europe; the full implications of which are being played out today. Tragically the division was lost by only three votes. This was one of the most important votes in the House of Commons in the twentieth century. We believe that celebrating the original fight to save the democratic nation-state will encourage politicians and opinion formers to demand an end to the damage done by the EU to our economy and our democracy

International Conference: Saying No to the Single Market

On the 20th anniversary of the creation of the EUís Single Market the Bruges Group exposes how membership of the customs union is hurting our economy and preventing Britain from competing on the world stage. We slay the myth of EU Single Market membership

How Britain Can Exit The EU

Professor Tim Congdon 
The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 
Gisela Stuart MP 

With the speakers; Rt Hon. John Redwood MP, former Cabinet Member, and Gisela Stuart MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham, Edgbaston. And Professor Tim Congdon CBE, one of Britainís leading economic commentators

Britain, the EU and the USA

Charles Moore 
John O'Sullivan CBE 

With the speakers; Charles Moore, former Editor of The Daily Telegraph and John OíSullivan, CBE, political commentator and journalist

Freedom from the EU

Hjörtur J Guðmundsson 
Roger Helmer MEP 
Mark Pritchard MP 

Roger Helmer MEP, Member of the European Parliament, Mark Pritchard MP, a Member of the Joint National Security Strategy Committee, & the Icelandic Journalist and Historian, Hjörtur J Guðmundsson, spoke to the Bruges Group

President Václav Klaus addresses the Bruges Group

President Václav Klaus 

The President of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus, spoke to the Bruges Group on 'European Integration Without Illusions'. President Klaus is Europeís leading statesman opposing European centralisation. He argues that, ĎThe manifestations of transnational progressivismóglobal governance and the European Unionóare supplanting liberal democracy and nation-states and driving us into the stage of post-democracy'

Shackled to the failing EU

Dr Ruth Lea CBE 
The Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP 

The Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, member of the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee and the economist, author and broadcaster, Ruth Lea spoke to the Bruges Group

The Political Class and their support for the EU

Dr Robin Harris 
Simon Heffer 

The author, broadcaster and political commentator, Dr Simon Heffer, talked to the Bruges Group alongside Dr Robin Harris. Dr Harris is an advisor to Baroness Thatcher and a political author


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After the euro

The euro is at the heart of the economic crisis within the European Union. The Bruges Group hosted an international conference to advocate the dismantling of the Single Currency, prevent the impending disaster of Fiscal Union and halt taxpayers' money being used to bailout the euro

Euroscepticism or Secession?

David Campbell Bannerman MEP 
Peter Hitchens 

The damage that the European Union is having on our economy and democracy as well as the harm it is inflicting on the continent of Europe is now accepted by many bar those from the international bureaucratic class. However, what is the answer to these undeniable problems? Some are advocating that the UKís terms of EU membership should be renegotiated; others maintain that withdrawal from the EU is the only realistic way to address the damage inflicted on Britain by the EU

Europe: Time for Action

Mr Timo Soini 
Dr David Starkey 

The historian and broadcaster, Dr David Starkey, spoke at the Bruges Group's fringe meeting at the Conservative Party Conference. Also addressing this event was Mr Timo Soini the leader of the anti-EU bailout The Finns Party

Excessive Governance and the Suffocation of Britain

Professor Ken Minogue 

The European Union and the international bureaucratic class is a deadweight around the UK suffocating inventiveness, economic growth and snuffing out prosperity. The author and academic Professor Kenneth Minogue spoke at this meeting on Excessive Governance and the Suffocation of Britain

The EU and the Undermining of Democracy

Zac Goldsmith MP 
Kate Hoey MP 
David Nuttall MP 

The European Union has enfeebled our parliamentary democracy. This Bruges Group meeting had three important MPs who discussed the EU and its undermining of our democracy. The author, environmental journalist and the Conservative Member of Parliament for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith MP, spoke at this meeting alongside Kate Hoey MP, a former Labour Minister. David Nuttall MP, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Bury North; who was formerly a lawyer and local government Councillor also addressed this event

Britain Beyond the EU

Kelvin Hopkins MP 
Derek Scott 

This Bruges Group meeting had important, influential and informative speakers that are prominent in Britainís Labour movement. The respected economist and former economic advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair, Derek Scott, spoke at this event. Derek is the author of Off Whitehall a book on the economics of EMU and the politics of Europe. Speaking alongside him was Kelvin Hopkins MP a Labour Member of Parliament and member of the European Scrutiny Committee

Parliament, the EU and National Sovereignty

Sir Bill Cash MP 
Peter Oborne 

Britainís democracy and sovereign independence, as well as our economic wellbeing, have been grievously wounded by the UKís membership of the European Union. And according to many experts the Governmentís EU Bill, contrary to what has been claimed for it, at best does little to address this and may actually weaken Parliamentary Sovereignty. To explore this the Bruges Group instituted this meeting to discuss the important issues of Parliament, the EU and National Sovereignty. The speakers were Bill Cash MP, Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee, and Peter Oborne, columnist for The Daily Telegraph and author of The Rise of Political Lying and The Triumph of the Political Class

Exit Strategy

Working towards taking Britain out of the European Union

A meeting with Lord Tebbit & Richard Shepherd MP

Sir Richard Shepherd MP 
The Rt. Hon Lord Tebbit of Chingford, CH, PC 

Lord Tebbit, a key figure in British public life, and the respected Parliamentarian, Richard Shepherd MP, flew the flag for democracy, freedom and the nation-state

Why the election pledges must be honoured

Roger Helmer MEP 
Melanie Phillips 

The manifesto commitments to take back powers from Brussels and to protect the UK from the EUís Charter of Fundamental Rights have been quietly dropped. To make matters worse the pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty was abandoned. At the 2010 Conservative Party Conference the Bruges Group made the case as to Why the election pledges must be honoured

The EUís latest financial threat

The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 
Gabriel Stein 

John Redwood MP discussed the threat to the City of London from the EU's AIFM Directive. Also at this event the respected economic commentator Gabriel Stein talked on the current economic outlook/problems for the euro area, including looking at the history of previous monetary unions and the technicalities involved in leaving the euro

Is the eurozone breaking up?

Douglas Carswell MP 
Professor Tim Congdon 

The leading economist Professor Tim Congdon discussed the crisis in the eurozone and whether or not it will break-up. Also addressing this event was the prominent campaigner for democratic reform, Douglas Carswell MP who talked about why we need an in or out referendum

Demanding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

Nigel Dodds MP 
Stuart Wheeler 

Itís time the three party leaders kept their partiesí promises that there would be a referendum on the European Constitution. Nigel Dodds, MP, presented a private members` bill to hold just such a vote

New Year's Reception

The Rt Hon. Baroness Thatcher LG, OM, FRS 

Exclusive New Year's Reception with Baroness Thatcher, Honorary President of the Bruges Group

2009 Conference

With the EUís drive for power over our democracy and everyday life continuing unabated the Bruges Group held this conference to oppose the surrendering of our freedoms to Brussels

The City Under Threat & Britain and the EU: The Crunch

Professor Tim Congdon 
Daniel Hannan MEP 

The leading economist Professor Tim Congdon warns of the dangers posed by the EUís unwarranted interference in the City of London, Britainís most successful industry; which is under threat from the EU. Professor Congdon discussed the EUís latest power grab where Brussels is aiming to complete its project to take full control over financial services. Daniel Hannan MEP discussed the Lisbon Treaty and the continuing assault on our democracy and our freedom. He also talked about the coming crunch between Britain and Europe

Are the political parties failing the voters of Britain?

Simon Heffer 
Peter Hitchens 
Barry Legg 

As faith in our elected representatives is at an all time low, the Bruges Group invited the broadcasters and columnists Simon Heffer and Peter Hitchens to discuss, alongside Barry Legg, the topic of; Are the political parties failing the voters of Britain? This event was reported on Newsnight and in a number of newspapers

euro Vice

Professor Anthony Coughlan 
Edward Leigh MP 

How EU corruption, the euro and the Lisbon Treaty are putting the squeeze on Europe

Immigration and the European Union

Sir Andrew Green KCMG 
Sir Richard Shepherd MP 

Sir Andrew Green, Founder and Chairman of MigrationWatch UK, discussed immigration and the European Union and launched at this meeting MigrationWatchís report on how the European Union is affecting immigration into Britain. Richard Shepherd MP spoke on the constitutional failings affecting British politics which are preventing the voice of the British people being heard by the political class

The EU and what the Conservatives should be doing about it

Fraser Nelson 
Stuart Wheeler 

As a result of Labour surrendering our nationís democracy any future Conservative government will find itself to be in office but not in power. At this event the Bruges Group discussed their EU policy and looked at what the Conservative Party should be doing to reclaim our independence

Quantitative Easing, the Credit Crunch and the EU

Professor Tim Congdon 
The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 

At this key time for the economy John Redwood MP, Chairman of the Economic Competitiveness Policy Group, and Professor Tim Congdon, one of Britainís leading economic commentators, discussed the EU and the Credit Crunch

The Destruction of Parliamentary Democracy

Martin Howe QC 
Rt Hon. Peter Lilley MP 

As the European Union makes most of our new laws the Rt Hon. Peter Lilley MP and Martin Howe QC discussed the EU and the destruction of Parliamentary democracy

Bruges Group Conference: How EU and Government Waste is Costing You Money

Well meaning, but misplaced, environmental policies, corruption and waste by the European Union and the British government is costing you money and threatening jobs. The Bruges Group conference looked at those issues and discussed the solutions to the problems that the European Union is forcing upon us.

Dinner in the Presence of Baroness Thatcher

President Václav Klaus 
The Rt. Hon Lord Tebbit of Chingford, CH, PC 
The Rt Hon. Baroness Thatcher LG, OM, FRS 

It is time for the principles so eloquently set out by Lady Thatcher in 1988 to be embraced. Norman Tebbit called on the Conservative Party to take early action and resolve the European question. Calling on a Conservative Government to show ĎThatcherite courage and determinationí

The Political Economy, the Financial Crisis and Anglo-American Strategy

Andrew Roberts 
Dr Irwin Stelzer 

Historian and broadcaster Andrew Roberts spoke alongside Dr Irwin Stelzer who is a respected economic and political commentator

Will a Conservative Government Deliver on Europe?

Nigel Farage MEP 
Simon Heffer 

At the 2008 Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham the Bruges Group asked the key question of whether or not a future Conservative Government will be able and will have the will to roll-back the decades of surrendering our sovereignty to Brussels; or will it settle to be just in office but not in power?

Europe, America and Democracy

John O'Sullivan CBE 

John O'Sullivan founder and Co-Chairman of the New Atlantic Initiative and Executive Editor of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty discused Europe, America and Democracy

Waterloo Day Meeting

Gerald Frost 
Lord Willoughby de Broke 

On the day of the final vote in the House of Lords on the Lisbon Treaty, Lord Willoughby de Broke spoke on the EU, the House of Lords and the Lisbon Treaty. Gerry Frost discussed the topic of Euroscepticism: Why has it failed?

Repealing the Lisbon Treaty and Independence from the EU

Douglas Carswell MP 
Frederick Forsyth 

Frederick Forsyth discussed continuing the opposition to the Lisbon Treaty and why the Conservative Party must hold a post-ratification referendum to repeal the Treaty. Douglas Carswell will talked about direct democracy and independence from the EU

Campaigning against the Lisbon Treaty

Sir Bill Cash MP 
John Hayes MP 
Lord Pearson 

Bill Cash MP, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, and John Hayes MP speak on the campaign against the Lisbon Treaty, its progress through Parliament and why there must be a referendum on the revived and renamed EU Constitution

2007 Conference

Gerard Batten MEP 
Christopher Booker 
Bernard Connolly 
Professor Anthony Coughlan 
Marc Henri Glendenning 
Roger Helmer MEP 
Martin Howe QC 
Dr Ruth Lea CBE 
Cllr Steve Radford 
The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 

The conference showed how the EU's revived and renamed constitution threatens you and exposed what the EU plans for us next

The EU's Threat to the City of London

Professor Tim Congdon 
Professor Ken Minogue 

Professor Tim Congdon CBE delivering a eurosceptic critique of the EU's FSAP and MIFID plans. Professor Kenneth Minogue also discusses the European Union

Conservative Party Fringe Meeting 2007

Syed Kamall MEP 
The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 

John Redwood MP, Champion of lower taxes and smaller government, and Syed Kamall MEP, Member of the European Parliament and trade expert, demand that the public have a say on the EU

Rally for a Referendum

Nigel Farage MEP 
Daniel Hannan MEP 

MEPs Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage demand that the British people have the final say on EU integration

EU corruption and EU environmental policy

Chris Heaton-Harris MEP 
Julian Morris 

Chris Heaton-Harris MEP discussed, CORRUPTION AND THE EUROPEAN UNION. And Julian Morris spoke on environmental policy in the EU, discussing, DO WE NEED A EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY?

The EU moving forward, but holding the world back

The Rt Hon. David Heathcoat-Amory MP 
Dr Brian Hindley 

David Heathcoat-Amory speaks on, THE EU - WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING FOR US. Brian Hindley talked on how the EU is holding-up trade liberalisation, discussing, THE EU AND THE COLLAPSE OF THE DOHA ROUND

Tercentenary Dinner with Lord Tebbit and Andrew Roberts

On 1st May 1707 The United Kingdom of Great Britain came into being. The time has come for us to recognise the positive influence the UK has in the world and assert our independence by celebrating our nations's 300th birthday

Bruges Group Conference

Christopher Booker 
Barry Legg 
 John Midgley   

Developing policies for a post-EU Britain

Conservative Party Fringe Meeting with Douglas Carswell MP and Christopher Booker

Christopher Booker 

Radical thinker and MP, Douglas Carswell, talks alongside the acclaimed journalist and author, Christopher Booker, at the Bruges Groupís meeting titled The EU: Options for Britain

Andrew Roberts addresses the Bruges Group

Andrew Roberts 

Andrew Roberts speaking on his latest book, A History of The English-Speaking Peoples Since 1900, which covers the four world-historical struggles in which the English-speaking peoples have been engaged ó the wars against German Nationalism, Axis Fascism, Soviet Communism and now the War against Terror. Just as Churchill did in his four volumes, Roberts also deals with the cultural, social and political history of the English global diaspora.

Frederick Forsyth addressed the Group

Frederick Forsyth 

The author and political commentator Frederick Forsyth spoke to the Bruges Group about the incompatibility between the destination of the EU and the desired destiny of the UK and he discussed when it will no longer be possible for any honest British politician to refuse to accept this

Luke Johnson and Dr Irwin Stelzer

Luke Johnson, the Chairman of Channel 4, and Dr Irwin Stelzer of The Times and the Hudson Institute spoke to the Bruges Group on Wednesday, 24th May

Christopher Booker and Lord Tebbit address the Bruges Group

Christopher Booker 

Two stalwarts of the movement to protect democracy, prosperity and the British nation-state addressed the Bruges Group on Tuesday, 25th April 2006

Conference: Integration marching on

Christopher Booker 
Dr Ruth Lea CBE 
Professor Ken Minogue 

As the EU project continues it is time to think outside the box and explore the alternatives to the EU

Fringe Meeting: The Conservative Party, Where Next?

The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP 

The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP and Steve Richards, Chief Political Commentator of The Independent, debated which direction the Conservative Party should take and its future

Simon Wolfson, CEO of Next plc, addresses the Group

Simon Wolfson 

Leading young businessman Simon Wolfson, the youngest CEO of a FTSE100 company, addresses the Bruges Group

Where does Europe go now?

Derek Scott, Economics Advisor to the Prime Minister, 1997-2003, examines the response of the British government and the rest of the EU to the French and the Dutch No votes

The EU Constitution: Why Britain Should say No

With the Rt. Hon Oliver Letwin, MP - Shadow Chancellor, Cllr Steve Radford - President of the Liberal Party and Marc Glendenning - Campaign Director Democracy Movement

International Conference

The ultimate question, The European Union: In or Out? Debated with the pro-integration Federal Union

European Problems and Their Non-Solutions

President Václav Klaus 

Václav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, speaking to the Bruges Group. Let us move to Europe of economic freedom, to Europe of small and non-expanding government, to Europe without state paternalism, to Europe without pseudomoralizing political correctness, to Europe without intellectual snobbism and elitism, to Europe without supranational, all-continental ambitions

Conservative Party Fringe Meeting

The Rt Hon. David Heathcoat-Amory MP 
The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 

The EU and the US and Washington's view of European integration

Tuesday, 13th July 2004

Sir Andrew Green KCMG 

Sir Andrew Green KCMG, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, discusses immigration to the UK and analyses the European Union dimension and the implications of the EU Constitution

Wednesday, 9th June 2004

Professor Roland Vaubel 

Why the European Conventional wisdom is a threat to freedom. Simon Heffer and the German Economist, Professor Roland Vaubel

Wednesday, 19th May 2004

Gisela Stuart MP 

Gisela Stuart MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Edgbaston and the UK's representative on the Praesidium of the Convention on the Future of Europe opposes and exposes the EU Constitution

Wednesday, 5th May 2004

Jeffrey Donaldson MP 
Carl Mortishead 

Carl Mortished, International Business Editor of the Times, 'Tax harmonisation and EU Competition policy'. And Jeffrey Donaldson MP, 'The European Union - an Unionist/Ulster perspective', address the Bruges Group

15th Anniversary Meeting

Professor Ken Minogue 

Andrew Roberts, historian and broadcaster, 'The Malcontente Cordiale: 100 Years of Anglo-French "Alliance"'. Professor Kenneth Minogue, writer on international affairs, discussed 'Britain as a moral example to the nations'.

The EU Constitution and the UK's Role in Europe and the World: International Conference 2003

Lord Blackwell 
Christopher Booker 
Hynek Fajmon MP 
Dr Ruth Lea CBE 
Barry Legg 

Britain is approaching decision time. Will Britain follow a free and global future or become an EU Province? This International Conference focused on the EU Constitution and the UK's Role in Europe and the World

Conservative Party Fringe Meeting

David Heathcoat-Amory, MP and Norman Lamont to Expose the EU CONstitution

Tuesday 8th July 2003

An audience with Lord Rees-Mogg discussed the draft EU Constitution

Wednesday 11th June 2003

The Rt Hon. Oliver Letwin MP 
Professor Patrick Minford CBE 

The Rt Hon. Oliver Letwin, MP, Shadow Home Secretary, discussed the draft EU Constitution and Criminal Justice. Professor Patrick Minford, CBE, economist and author of 'The Cost of Europe' lectured on the economic consequences of EU membership and the EU Constitution.

Wednesday 14th May 2003

Frederick Forsyth - author and political commentator plus Martin Howe, QC - Constitutional lawyer and co-author of 'Better of Out?' discuss European integration, the British Constitution and the draft EU Constitution

14th Anniversary Meeting

The Rt Hon. David Heathcoat-Amory MP 
The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 

Rt Hon. David Heathcoat-Amory MP, Delegate to the Convention on the Future of Europe, and Lord Lamont discuss the EU Convention

What future the EU?

Professor  Albert Leone Ganado 
Lindsay Jenkins 

As the Convention on the Future of Europe attempts to push the EU towards federation; as the European Union faces the challenge of enlargement;as the CAP and CFP fall apart; as the eurozone economies slow down, we ask "What future the EU?"

Alternatives to the EU

Professor Anthony Coughlan 
Professor Christie Davies 
Margit Gennser 
Roger Helmer MEP 
Dr Brian Hindley 
Dr John Hulsman 
HE the Rt Hon. Don McKinnon 
Professor Ivar Raig 
Dr Helen Szamuely 

This International Conference, always a major newsworthy event in the EU-sceptic calendar, was intended to further push forward the boundaries of debate regarding the European Union. It did not disappoint. The Conference not only criticised the push towards further integration but most importantly it promoted the positive alternatives, for Britain and the nation-states of Europe, to membership of the European Union. To this end the Bruges Group gathered together in London many influential and internationally renowned figures to discuss the positive, dynamic alternatives to the status quo, which are on offer. The conclusions of this event left everyone convinced that a free trade alternative model for Europe and the North Atlantic should be vigorously pursued.


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