Britain was a leader in international trade for centuries, long before the EU was even thought of. As an EU member state, the UK cannot now trade on our own terms with the rest of the world. Decisions are made for us, based on the interests of the EU 28 - not the UK.

Today, the UK is still a member in its own right of over 100 international organisations, including a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, the G7, the G20, and many more.

These memberships and affiliations give us influence around the world. Leaving the EU, we could immediately reactivate our existing seat at the World Trade Organisation.

EU membership threatens these other memberships. It denies us the freedom to trade internationally on our own terms. Contrary to what we are frequently told, the EU tends to isolate us from the world. This is because it deliberately blocks the UK having its own relationships. 

By William Dartmouth MEP