In the latest round of Brexit negotiations, the European Union called on Britain to pay a hefty bill before commencing with trade talks. 

Negotiators are asking the UK to commit paying 14 percent of the EU's budget until 2020, a pledge that could cost British taxpayers billions of pounds.

Prominent reclaimer Gina Miller argued Britain should concede to the EU's demands during a Sky News debate with Bruges Group director Robert Oulds, citing the difficulties of negotiating with 27 other EU member states. 

"I think the most realistic thing going forward is to say 'yes we must reach an agreement'," said Miller. 

Britain isn't negotiating with 27 countries since final deal is voted on by a qualifying majority, Oulds said. It's an expensive and excessive proposal. 

"In Article 50 there is no staged process where there is one stage following another – Britain paying the money and then we talk about the trade, that doesn't exist," said. "Who is Gina looking after? Whose interests is she looking after? Is it the British taxpayer or the European Union?" 

Britain already agreed to pay bills the EU is responsible for such as staff pensions.

This morning, EU budget commissioner Gunther Oettinger declared the UK "must continue to make payments to the EU" until 2023.

Robert Oulds and Gina Miller Debate Brexit Bill