‚ÄčConservative Member of Parliament for Wokingham, Berkshire, John Redwood discussed UK's stance on Brexit negotiations as well as Britain's future relationship with the EU after Brexit.

Redwood affirmed that the UK will only make an agreement after examining all the issues instead of settling specific issues as a prerequisite to move forward with a deal.

"Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed," Redwood said. "We've made a very generous offer and we hope the EU will respond."

Trade is a key component of the deal. If the EU does not proceed with free trade talks, the UK might opt for the World Trade option, trading the EU under limited tariff guidelines set by the World Trade Organization.

In terms of security, Redwood assured that Britain is fully committed to defense collaboration through NATO.

"Britain will remain the second biggest contributor to NATO after the United States of America and will continue to make a very important contribution to European defence," Redwood said.