Robert Oulds and Alison McGovern MP debate Brexit and its effects on British business. Robert made it clear that there are many positives which will deliver favourable outcomes to Brexit for businesses, including access to markets around the world which would boost productivity and the economy.

For businesses dealing with the EU and experiencing uncertainty, agreements need to be made. The UK's good and growing level of employment is one the many benefits since the referendum of 23rd June 2016. However, unlimited immigration from Eastern Europe has led to poor pay for the least well-off. Scare stories about the future of the British economy are just Project Fear 3.0.

There is evidence that leaving the bloc would boost our economy and open doors to new markets. Politicians need to look at the positives of Brexit, and first and foremost they need to respect the referendum result. And if we adopt free trade, when we go global, we will gain access to markets around the world. This will boost our economy, it will boost productivity and make the country a lot better off.