Every nation has its flag, here in the UK we have an assortment of flags, one each for the different parts of the Union. Scotland has its saltire, Wales has its red dragon, Northern Ireland its Ulster Banner and England the cross of St George which, despite being seen flying on many traditional churches, is the one flag that those on the left of politics hates. Overriding them all is the Union Jack which is the flag that represents the whole of the United Kingdom.

Sadly, for many years, another flag has been flying over Britain, which is the EU's blue flag with its noose of gold stars. The first time I really became aware of this flag was in the days before I realised just how powerful the EU had become and how much this unelected offshore "Empire" controlled our everyday lives.

One Sunday my wife and I went into the Broad Street area of Birmingham where the canal system of Gas Street Basin has become a visitors attraction with its lively bars and places to eat. When there we ventured into the International Conference Centre (ICC) which also houses Birmingham's excellent Symphony Hall. As we walked into the central atrium I noticed, everywhere we looked, hanging down from above, were blue banners with the EU's ring of stars. There was something quite creepy and unnerving seeing all these banners, they reminded me of the films and photos of Nazi occupied Europe with Swastika banners hanging from buildings - this uncomfortable scene was worryingly similar.

Over the last 28 years since I came to the campaign to free the UK from being occupied by the EU, that blue flag with its stars has been something I have found increasingly offensive. Seeing all those gullible fools who obviously know little about the devious workings of the EU, waving their EU flags outside Parliament, to me, is a frightening scene. They are actively campaigning for the total destruction of that very Parliament, their own democracy and the very right for their own country to remain self governing - they are campaigning for serfdom under EU rule, yet they scream that those of us who want to preserve all the things their actions will destroy are the extremists. However, what is more extreme is wanting to destroy democracy and the sovereignty of their own nation. In past times these people would have been arrested for treason, yet now they act as if they are superior.

My flag and the only ones I respect are those of my nation, the EU flag is a flag that represents an EU occupied Europe, because of this terrible flag of inconvenience I not only worry about the occupation and takeover by the EU of our great nation, but as someone who also loves the cultures and variation of the whole of Europe, I worry for them too as all the nations trapped in the European Union are being brought to heel under its bureaucratic jackboot. Like the words from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, under that blue flag with its ring of stars there is: "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring all and in the darkness bind them".