In the last year we have seen the ordinary person take on the establishment and win. Not just here in the UK, but also across the pond in the USA. Against great odds both Brexit and Trump became victories. The blatant lies that mainstream media carried included the fact there would not be an EU Army. In the USA women who had yelled rape with regards to the towering figure of now President Trump vanished quietly into the wings.

Politics is indeed on a new course in both the UK and USA. However, there are some – let's call them bargain basement salesmen and women – who denounce both of the aforementioned victories. Why? When you separate the wheat from the chaff, the Selfie generation seemed to have redesigned what it is to be human. Gone is reasoned argument supported by fact. Nowadays if you do not like what someone else is arguing you simply yell 'racist' or something equally unpleasant.

Not My Brexit? I chose that title as a joke. I fail to see how it can be funny though. The bargain basement sales force have pushed their brand (dodgy as it was) to the fore. The EU is not to be messed with they argue. So, we have the BBC in the UK showing EU flags on a daily basis, but failing to show the Union Jack. It is a lame duck presentation base they appear to be working from. Other media have supported the attacks on democracy with equal zeal. Ofcom appear largely powerless to take on these media beasts and the term 'despite Brexit' has almost become a mantra.

But then we come to you. Someone who is interested in truth. Someone who abhors human trafficking and money laundering via Open Borders. Someone who either voted Leave or is now a Beleaver. And that is perhaps the point. While the majority who voted leave have carried on with their lives, it appears that a bitter few in the Remain camp still fail to accept a democratic vote. They even argue it was advisory. I would argue that the vote slip did not contain the word 'advisory.' They have simply come to the conclusion that at all costs Brexit must be stopped. Shall we consider their objections?


£350 million?




Immigration was a sore point during the referendum campaign. Nigel Farage was lambasted by many and again the 'racist' card was played. Yet, the man endorses the Commonwealth and as far as I am aware the Commonwealth is definitely not a club of 'white privilege.'

£350 million pounds written on the side of a red bus? Many in Remain including the media and political heavyweights decried this figure. However, a recent article by Bruges Group put the figure at over £600 million a week.i

Japan, Australia and Canada have all shown a willingness to trade with the UK in a post-Brexit world. It can be argued that trade on WTO terms would be of significant benefit to the UK, but would adversely impact the EU.

With the attacks in Italy, Germany and France an argument could be made that leaving the EU will undoubtedly make us far more secure without the millstone that is Open Borders.

President Trump is also aware of how Open Borders have added to human and drug trafficking in the USA. How they add to spiralling crime rates too. Perhaps that is what unites 2 of the 5 Eyes. Both have been known to lead the way throughout history and it appears that they will both continue to do so.

'Project fear' do not phase me. They simply ignore the historical successes of both the UK and USA. They also suggest they wish to see both fail, simply for having the temerity to strike out for a better deal. And that is perhaps why the EU negotiators are truly on the back foot. They have failed to understand in both instances the driving force. Freedom!

iHow Much the UK Actually Pays the EU, Ahana Dave, 2017