The Bruges Group spearheads the intellectual battle against the notion of "ever-closer Union" in Europe and, above all, against British involvement in a single European state.

Dr Richard North 

The Norway Option
Dr Richard North 

Norway, as a member of the EEA – outside of the EU but with influence over it in exchange for some obligations - is often dismissed as lacking in influence, taking its orders from the EU in what is known as “fax democracy”. As this report demonstrates, though, that is a wanton distortion of the true situation. Norway has far more autonomy and influence, and for a relatively small country, it punches massively above its weight. As an independent country, using the “Norway Option”, the UK could do likewise

Election analysis: The effect of UKIP/Veritas
Dr Richard North 

The failure to develop a fully Eurosceptic policy and the missed opportunity of making "Europe", in just a small way, a part of the Conservatives Party's election campaign has handicapped them and allowed Labour to retain a sizeable majority. Clearly, the Conservatives cannot afford to ignore neither "Europe" nor UKIP at the next election, if they are to stand a chance of winning and forming a government

Defence integration - by stealth?
Dr Richard North 

The choice of a European supplier for British Army trucks may be a politically driven decision that will put the whole of the US special relationship at risk, with untold political consequences

The mythology of the EU - Countered
Dr Richard North 
Dr Helen Szamuely 

EU propaganda predominantly relies on vacuous general statements. These assertions will be used to try and make Britain warm to the EU prior to a referendum on the EU Constitution. Here we shatter those myths

Propaganda: How the EU uses education and academia to sell integration
Martin Ball 
Dr Richard North 
Robert Oulds 
Dr Lee Rotherham 

Billions are being spent in the EU's battle for the hearts and minds of Europe's citizens.

The end of independence: The implications of the “Future Rapid Effects System” for an independent UK defence policy
Dr Richard North 

The Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, is committing Britain to a potentially disastrous military system. However, no procurement contracts have yet to be awarded so, before we are finally committed to spending huge amounts of money and going down a road from which there is no return, we should have that debate. If we go ahead it could mean the surrender of the independence of our armed forces and the nation, so we owe ourselves that

Galileo: The Military and Political Dimensions
Dr Richard North 

The EU has ambitions to harness the key military technology of our age - the ability to use satellite-positioning technology, which has revolutionised military operations, making possible the development of high-accuracy all-weather weapons targeting and enhanced command and control systems. This will give the EU a greater role on the world stage but at what price to the Trans-Atlantic Alliance? Furthermore, the EU’s courting of business partners, in particular the People’s Republic of China could also threaten world peace

The Brussels Agreement on the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe: A "user-friendly" analysis
Dr Richard North 

Summit briefing: Analysis of the agenda items discussed at the IGC Summit in Brussels concluding the negotiations to the EU Constitution

Building a political Europe
Dr Richard North 
Dr Helen Szamuely 

Analysis of a European Commission document setting out the EU's agenda over the next 20 years. It argues that the European Union is in crisis and can be saved only by turning it into a fully fledged "political union", with a European tax, minimum wage and pan-European political parties. Here the report admits that the constitution is only a first stage of building a political Europe. "Real but limited progress" is the round table's verdict on that Constitution, undeniably an important step forward. But it is not the end of the process. It is the beginning.

A new fog of uncertainty
Dr Richard North 

The EU faces the possibility of the embarrassing failure, especially just after its biggest ever enlargement, of not being able to agree the EU Constitution at the supposedly final IGC summit on 17th-18th June. More and more, it is looking like the baton will have to be passed to the Dutch Presidency, which starts on 1st July, with a final summit rescheduled for mid-December.

The EU Constitution: Threat or Opportunity?
Dr Richard North 

Tony Blair has little choice but to call a referendum on the EU Constitution – a referendum he cannot win – the political implications for him are immense and to not call a referendum will bankrupt the whole legitimacy of European integration. A referendum on the EU Constitution in Britain, along with those taking part on the Continent, will clearly show that many EU member states manifest destiny is not to be part of a centralised EU. In essence, the government - and the nation - needs to make plans for the contingency of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, not as a result of a 'big bang' occasioned by a conscious decision to leave, but as part of a gradual process of realignment. We need credible and realistic alternative structures and arrangements to replace the EU, ready to put into action as the need arises. Tony Blair, bring on the referendum.

Galileo - implications for the United States
Dr Richard North 

An assessment of the latest development in the EU's Great Game. In conjunction with some unsavoury business partners with appalling human rights records, most notably China, the European Union is pushing ahead with the Galileo satellite navigation system. Allowing other states to have control of this technology will be a major blow to America’s pre-eminence and will boost the military capabilities of potential enemies of the United States and its allies.

Agriculture and the Mad Officials
Dr Richard North 

Reform of the CAP is simply not an option, it must be recognised that the real choice for farming is between a limited, inadequate, tardy and wholly unsatisfactory sham ‘reform’ which solves nothing and creates still more problems, or a ‘clean sheet of paper’ exercise that could only be implemented on our withdrawal from the EU.


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